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Michigan: Automotive and so much more...

As the center of the automotive industry, Michigan has been in the news for all the wrong reasons over the last few years. Detroit is its heart and soul, but there is more to Michigan than just a bunch of automotive plants. Divided into two parts, the state features both a nice lower portion and an upper peninsula that is driven by a lot of tourism. People come to the lake cities in the upper peninsula during the summer, as it allows them to get away from the heat and enjoy some great locations. There are attractions in that part of the state, and you can find many great hotels in the major cities, too.

The local economic outlook for Michigan has been somewhat bleak, but it is still a great state in many ways. Michigan boasts a great educations system, with some of the top universities calling it home. Likewise, the cost of living in many of the cities has dropped to a point where it can make a lot of financial sense to live there. The home buying opportunities are plentiful for those people who can stand the biting cold that comes along with living near the Great Lakes.

If Michigan is a place that you are interested in really getting to know intimately, then we can help make that happen for you. We have information on the state of Michigan from many different angles, starting with our local business reviews and culminating with our question and answer forum.

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