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Boring and a dying town 0.5 rating By Anonymous ( Feb 14, 2020) Nothing to do for the youth and the old. School system is horrible and choose a child bully out. We seem to keep losing business hardly grow and I want out of this miserable place. Traffic is wild and the police force are never to be found when people are blowing red lights and c ...Read More an't wait in the turn lane almost hitting pedestrians. The attraction here are so lame we have a nice light pointing at a old bicycle... Most of our parks have no lighting at night so you can't see and they are closed at 11 so good luck doing anything if your young... Go to the bar and get hammered... Read Less
Alpena: On the Banks of Lake Huron 3 rating By Anonymous ( May 28, 2018) I call Alpena, Michigan home and absolutely love living in Alpena, Michigan. This place is located on Lake Huron in an area known as Thunder Bay. The best areas in Alpena, Michigan include areas located on the shores of Lake Huron. You will find lighthouses to explore and multipl ...Read More e wildlife areas including Michigan Islands National Wildlife Refuge.

Alpena is located along the Lake State Railway so rail transportation is a possibility if needed. The cost of living here is steep. Many people do have a problem finding a job here that actually pays enough to afford the apartments and homes in the area. This area could definitely use more job opportunities.

The area is slowly growing. I am sure some would like to see faster growth, but I love how this area is keeping its small-town feel. Everyone is just friendly to everyone here. The crime rate is relatively low and I have just fell in love with the area. It offers the basics and great view of Lake Heron with tons of recreational opportunities for water lovers. Read Less
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Alpena Island Park
Russel T Gleason Roadside Park
Thomson Park
Alpena Duck Park
Alpena North Side Skate Park


Thunder Bay Theater
Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center
Besser Museum

Food & Drink

Austen Brothers Brew Pub
Red Brick Tap and Barrel
John A Laus Restaurant and Saloon
JJ's Steak and Pizza House
Drive to Work

7% higher than the US average

Take Public Transit

4% lower than the US average

Walk to Work

1% lower than the US average

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