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New Jersey: Jersey shore anyone?

When people think of New Jersey they think of pizza, the Sopranos, Bruce Springsteen and now Jersey Shore. What many don't see is what a great place New Jersey is to visit and live. Northern New Jersey is mountainous with ski resorts and small towns and plenty of employment opportunities. The east coast of New Jersey is a tourist haven with beautiful beaches and a massive tourism industry. New Jersey is home to a diverse population and a broad range of cultures. Sporting some of the best cuisine in the nation; you can find Italian, Hispanic and Chinese restaurants all over the state.

New Jersey's major cities struggle with crime but the closely located suburbs offer some of the safest communities in the nation. The public school system in New Jersey is considered to be one of the best in America. The climate is mild with warm summers and cool to cold winters that can see a moderate amount of snowfall. Public transportation is extensive and allows travel between virtually any town in New Jersey as well as New York City, where a large population of the community commutes to. There are many jobs to go around with New Jersey's large urban area and major industries.

A great town to check out is Morristown. Located approximately 25 minutes west of Newark, this small town has plenty of action yet maintains a quiet and safe presence. There are many small restaurants and pubs throughout the town and make a great place for young college graduates or families. If you are interested in vacationing or relocating to Jersey, check out our photos, local business reviews and our question and answer forum.

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