Key findings

  • Newark has a Livability Score of 52/100, which is considered poor
  • Newark crime rates are 59% higher than the New Jersey average
  • Cost of living in Newark is 8% lower than the New Jersey average
  • Newark real estate prices are 30% lower than the New Jersey average
  • Rental prices in Newark are 19% lower than the New Jersey average

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      Newark, NJ

      Newark, New Jersey, stands as a highly populated area and is known for its convenient location to New York City. It operates as an administrative center of Essex County. The high population is growing as a result of crucial shipping, air, and rail hubs. Its strategic locale at Pacific River source makes the city's waterside a fundamental part of the New Jersey and New York Port. Port Elizabeth New York stands as the leading cargo shipping terminal of the East Coast U.S.

      Newark, New Jersey, with its waterfront at the source of Passaic River, it's an integral part of the countries importing and exporting business. Both New Jersey and Port New York use the port for transporting cargo. It stands as the United States' first municipal, commercial port. More so, it is engaged with bustling activities, making it the busiest port in the country. Many high profile industries base their headquarters in Newark city. Such companies include Panasonic Corporation,, Manischewitz, IDT Corporation, and many more. You can also access other educational institutions such as Rutgers University Newark Campus, Institute of Technology New Jersey, Institute of Jazz Studies Rutgers, and Seton Hall University.

      With numerous means of transport, you cannot get stranded in the city. It is a home of road, air, rail and ship traffic. The universal transport system makes the city a significant gateway into the Mid-Atlantic U.S. and metropolitan areas in New York. You can reach Penn Station in New York City from Newark Airport within 30 minutes.

      Newark airport was the first city airport in U.S. Newark bay and Port Newark, which are the 15th busiest ports across the globe. More so, they hold the most massive containers in East Coast United States.

      With Newark, New Jersey transport, you quickly navigate through the city. You will access numerous highways, including interstate 78, interstate 95, route 22, Route 21, Garden State Parkway, and interstate 280. With a quasi grid kind of local street formation, many streets radiate from the downtown side. Most of the roads in the city are named after the towns they lead. For instance, you can find the Springfield Avenue, Bloomfield Avenue, and South Orange Avenue. You cannot miss a primary train station in the city known as Newark Penn Station.

      The town is a home for numerous parks such as Branch Brook Park, home of blossom trees. The Weequaick Park in South Ward is characterized by Weequaick Lake, the biggest Lake in Essex County. You will be exposed to sports and unique entertainment areas.

      The city's inhabitants are friendly. You can ask anything without feeling disappointed or lonely. While taking a ride at the Newark New Jersey, you will experience unique and comfortable treats.

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      Newark Reviews

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      Never want to come here again
      I've been to this city many times. Every single time I hated it. Let's start with the issues.
      1: it's in New Jersey- i despise this state. The rudest people I've ever met in my home state are from Jersey
      2: airport- this is one of the worst airports in the country, and is probably in the top 20 worst in the world
      3: it's dirty- very polluted. Also it's not too far from a Superfund site
      4:it's in Jersey(part 2)- all Jersey cities suck. That's all
      5:crime- I know crime is a challenge for every major city,but Newark isn't even that big for the issues it has.
      6: limited job opportunities
      7 -10
      Newark: Noteworthy, Nostalgic & Notorious
      I lived in Newark for one year while doing some internships for financial companies in the downtown district. I've resided in the historic Ironnbound neighborhood and definitely appreciated the character of this working-class area. The best part about the city was the superior public transportation system. Few cities in the world of Newark's population size boast a functional light rail network. Additionally, the NJ Transit trains at Newark Penn Station take you directly to hundreds of stops in New Jersey and also provide quick trips to Manhattan. The entire Newark downtown pedestrian friendly and it's convenient to grab a bite or buy some apparel and electronics on the busy Market Street.

      The worst thing about Newark is the rampant urban blight that is devouring much of the city's residential districts. The sight of wooden boards blocking doors and windows in abandoned homes is common throughout the city. Additionally, traffic along the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway can be a nightmare during rush hours. The sounds of constant police sirens during the late evening hours is something that Newark residents can consider a daily part of life.

      In my short time living in Newark, I've learned to appreciate the great attractions it has to offer including the displays at the Newark Museum. Catching the NJ Devils at Prudential Arena or the NY Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena was something I always looked forward to when tickets were within my monthly budget. The New Jersey Performing Arts Center is also one of the top performing arts venues not only in the Garden State but the entire Tri-State area. Another feature to admire about Newark is the rich architecture in the downtown district that's lined with Art Deco skyscrapers have been built before the iconic Empire State Building in neighboring NYC.
      5 -3
      Wasn't the greatest Experience
      I went to Newark for a job training. I was afraid to walk alone because how wrongly i was treated. It started off where i would wait for the bus and random men would start asking if i could walk with them and show me something. I told them that couldn't because i have to get home and they would continue to drag on a conversation asking "Where are you from?" "What's your name?"

      Then it was random boys walking past me and say hello to me and i didn't know them, then just left an went there marry way. Some older men came back to the same spot i waited for the bus and harass me. Some men who worked their gave me the disgusting eyebrows and smirked at me. It didn't matter the age, they were all disgusting. I had at least someone trustworthy to walk with me, but he left the training. The last thing that blew my mind was the 30 year old man who i walked past and he started yelling "Oooh shake that filthy ass, ooh i like that. Come home with me, i will show you a good time, come home with me" He was harassing me the next time i passed by so i called the police. He himself was being trained at American Works, they kicked him out but when he came back he threaten me.

      When i was finally leaving the building for the last time, the weirdest thing was when left the building a man their waited for me and said "Excuse me ma'am, I have a question for you" I left because i didn't want to deal with it anymore. I think No man has the ability to understand what it is like to be a women and be sexually harassed every time you were there, yea you can shrug it off but for me it more like a shiver down my spine.

      Another thing, don't ever go to American works, they promise you a job but you would be there more then a month waiting to get one.
      10 -1
      Newark, NJ Review
      As a business person I have had a chance to travel to New York City quite often. However, Newark NJ City has always been a personal choice in terms of where to stay. The city is just about 5 miles away from New York City and it has a lot to offer. I love the city because it has many hotels and restaurants that offer quality at very reasonable prices. The facilities may not be for those looking for lavish expenditures, but they can be sufficient for lower spenders especially for weekend getaways.

      Newark City is the third oldest city in the US, following the downward trend associated with World War II, the city is still trying to match up to other industrialized states. However, there are some huge developments that were established in the 19 the century that the city can boast about to date. The museums, parks, cathedrals, art deco architectures including an art deco train station remain the main attraction sites in the city. This being a small city it would take a day or two to visit all these places. Another reason why I would recommend staying in Newark Nj City is because of their transport system, particularly their subway system. Moving around is easy and it only takes about 10 minutes to reach New York City.

      The architecture behind their buildings caught my eye; they have very admirable churches, schools, museums and public buildings. There is a baseball stadium for those who love sports and an art center with a supreme concert halls; I hope one day I will be able to witness the world's best performers at the venue. I would also say the city has tight security systems since I had a chance to walk around freely and enjoy the night life from various entertainment venues.

      Generally, I will never regret having stayed at Newark; it has pocket friendly accommodation facilities and the city has always given me something to write home about when it comes to its major attraction sites.
      1 -2
      Newark, NJ: A Great Jumpoff to NYC...
      I have to be honest, I really haven't spent a lot of time in Newark, nor would I really want to. I've been to Newark on 5 or more occasions, but the majority of those visits were simply on my way to my final destination - New York City. The great thing about Newark is that for the most part, its very cheap to fly into. The flights are almost always cheaper into Newark than they would be into JFK or LaGuardia. Getting to New York City from Newark is a breeze and is also very affordable. For only $12 you can take the Air Train from Newark directly into Penn Station. It takes about 40 minutes, but is much more affordable than taking a cab for $50-$75. The Air Train leaves from inside Newark Airport, very convenient.

      Inside the city of Newark, the city really isn't filled with all that much to do. There are a handful of decent hotels that are affordable, most priced well under $100/night. I stayed at the Sheraton Airport hotel (128 Frontage Rd), which was clean conveniently located to the airport, obviously. I also visited the Newark Museum (49 Washington St), which had some great art collections and various other interesting exhibits. I didn't see much nightlife in Newark or many bars. The city is a bit of a ghostown, when I was there the streets were pretty empty. Maybe I'm just used to the hustle and bustle of New York City. The good thing is, if you're ever in Newark and you feel like heading over to the Big Apple, it's only a $12 train ride away!
      0 0
      Cheap Stay in Newark for a Trip to New York
      When three friends wanted to venture to New York for the ball drop, I couldn't help but think of the ridiculous tab we would be running up on a chic Manhattan hotel. With very little spending money, we decided to skimp on the New York hotel and stay in Newark, New Jersey.

      Although a bit run down, the city is convenient for quick travel from Newark to New York. Newark is a great jumpoff for New York City. There is a train from the Newark airport that will take you right into Grand Central Station or Penn Station.

      Newark also has plenty of cheap hotels for those travelers looking for a bite of the Big Apple but not out of their wallet. For me, the train from Newark to New York City was exciting because I was not use to public transportation being from Florida. Newark is only a hop and a skip from New York City which was unbelievably convenient. The only downside to Newark is that it is overridden with crime. I would definitely recommend traveling in groups. We came back home completely unharmed though.
      1 -1
      Source: The Newark, NJ data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).