Cities in Massachusetts

Population: 6,949,503

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Largest cities in Massachusetts by population

Massachusetts Overview

Statistic Value
Population 6,949,503
Population Density 894 ppl. / sq. mi.
Median Age 39
Male To Female Ratio 0.94 : 0
Married (15yrs & older) 52.87%
Families w/ Kids under 18 43.17%
Speak English 77.27%
Speak Spanish 9%

Massachusetts Demographics

Statistic Value
White 79%
Black 7%
American Indian 0%
Asian 6%
Hawaiian 0%
Other Race Alone 4%
Multi Racial 3%
Hispanic Or Latino 11%

Massachusetts Education

Statistic Value
Completed eighth Grade 88%
Completed High School 87.16%
Bachelors Degree 49%
Masters Degree 3%
Avg. School Score 52%

Massachusetts Employment

Statistic Value
Median Household Income $70,954
Income Per Capita $38,069
Median Earnings Male $45,946
Median Earnings Female $32,028
Unemployment Rate 5%

Massachusetts State Facts

What is the largest city in Massachusetts?

In terms of population, Boston is the largest city in Massachusetts, boasting a population size of 658,279 residents. Following behind, Worcester is second on the list with 183,677 people, and Springfield claims the thrid-largest city title with 153,991 people.

What are the best cities to live in Massachusetts?

Lexington ranks as the top-rated city and has an impressive Livability Score of 92 and is considered the best place to live in Massachusetts. Following closely behind is Winchester, which has a Livability Score of 91 and is considered the 2nd best place to live in Massachusetts. Norwood, with a Livability Score of 89, is the 3rd best city on the list.

What is the most affordable city in Massachusetts?

Athol, MA has a cost of living that is 31.31% less than the Massachusetts average and 1.01% lower than the National average, making it an economically attractive choice for residents.

What are the safest cities in Massachusetts (over 10,000 population)?

Franklin Town takes the top spot and is the safest place to live in Massachusetts with a crime rate that is 833.79% safer than the National average. Arlington and Hudson are also very safe cities in Massachusetts, offering residents secure and low crime living environments

What are the states that border Massachusetts on the map?

Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont are bordering states to Massachusetts.

What is the capital city of Massachusetts?

The capital city of Massachusetts is Boston. It has a population of 658,279 people.

What is the size of Massachusetts?

Massachusetts has a land area size of 10,554 square miles and is 26.1% water.

What is the state nickname of Massachusetts?

The state nickname of Massachusetts is "The Bay State".

What is the population of Massachusetts?

The population of Massachusetts is 6,949,503.

What are the demographics in Massachusetts?

The median age in Massachusetts is 39.4, 52.87% of people are married, 43.17% of people have kids under the age of 18, 77.27% of people speak English and 8.6% of people speak Spanish

Massachusetts: More Than Just Chowdah

The "Bay State," stands as a cradle of American history and a center of cultural and intellectual innovation. With a legacy dating back to the early colonial era, Massachusetts played a pivotal role in the formation of the United States and continues to influence the nation's social, political and economic landscape. From the historic streets of Boston, to the picturesque coastal towns of Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts offers a captivating blend of old-world charm and modern dynamism. Massachusetts also boasts a vibrant arts and cultural scene, celebrated through world-class museums, theaters and music venues.

Massachusetts Quick Facts

The Massachusetts state nickname is the "Bay State," owing to its significant coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and the Massachusetts Bay. There are a total of 351 Massachusetts cities and towns. Massachusetts is the 44th largest state with 1,554 square miles and is 26.10% water. The capital city of Massachusetts is Boston, one of the oldest and most historically significant cities in the United States. It is also the largest city in Massachusetts 689,326 residents. Massachusetts is renowned for its prestigious educational institutions, including Harvard University, MIT and other world-class colleges and universities. Harvard is also the oldest university in the United States. Massachusetts was the site of the very first Thanksgiving way back in 1621. Canadian James Naismith invented the game of basketball in Springfield. Boston was home to the first post office way back in 1639. The first subway system was built in Boston back in 1895, it was only 1.5 miles long. Famous people born in Massachusetts include Mark Wahlberg, Steve Carell, Matt Damon, John Krasinski, Chris Evans, Uma Thurman, Matt LeBlanc and Conan O'Brien.

The History of Massachusetts

Before European settlement, Massachusetts was home to various Native American tribes, including the Wampanoag, Massachusetts, Nipmuc and Pequot. In 1620, a group of English Pilgrims seeking religious freedom arrived in Plymouth aboard the Mayflower. In 1630, another group of English Puritans, led by John Winthrop, established the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Boston Tea Party in 1773, where colonists protested British taxation and the Battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775 marked the beginning of armed conflict with the British. In the 19th century, Massachusetts became a center for abolitionist and social reform movements, advocating for the end of slavery and women's rights. Prominent figures like Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony were associated with the state. The 19th century brought industrialization to Massachusetts, particularly in textile manufacturing. In the 20th and 21st centuries, Massachusetts continued to be a hub of education, technology, and culture.

The Geography of Massachusetts

Massachusetts is bordered by Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont. Massachusetts is also bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, providing the state with a beautiful coastline that stretches for about 192 miles. Cape Cod is a prominent feature of Massachusetts geography, forming a hook-like peninsula extending into the Atlantic Ocean. Along the eastern border of the state, there are low-lying coastal plains, including the Cape Cod Bay and Massachusetts Bay regions. The Connecticut River flows through the western part of Massachusetts, creating a fertile valley with rich agricultural lands and scenic views. The westernmost part of Massachusetts is dominated by the Berkshire Mountains, part of the Appalachian Mountain range. Boston is located in the eastern part of the state and is one of the most densely populated regions in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Relocation Guide

When talking about the state of Massachusetts, there is a lot to like about the state in general. With the way that its coast line is set up, there are many coves and beaches. If you take a look at a map of Massachusetts cities, you'd notice that the coastline extends to most of them. Some of the most incredible hotels and restaurants in the world are found in the capital city of Boston. There, you will find American history as vibrant and living as in any city in the entire country. On top of that, there are excellent attractions in Massachusetts cities, including Fenway Park, Cape Cod and other small coastal towns.

Travel in Massachusetts is a big deal, but the state has a lot more than that going on. Education in Massachusetts is some of the best in the country from the lower levels all the way up to higher education, where Massachusetts has two of the best universities known to man. One issue for people living there is that the cost of living can be quite high all over the state. That is the price that you have to pay for an awesome quality of life, though. Folks around the state are still finding job opportunities to be plentiful, which is a testament to how many resources are available there.

Crime rates in Massachusetts cities are some of the lowest in the US. Even larger cities like Boston, have lower than average crime rates for cities of that size. This is just another reason why Massachusetts is a great place to live.

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