Springfield, MA

Population: 153,991

Key findings

  • Springfield has a Livability Score of 53/100, which is considered poor
  • Springfield crime rates are 150% higher than the Massachusetts average
  • Cost of living in Springfield is 21% lower than the Massachusetts average
  • Springfield real estate prices are 57% lower than the Massachusetts average
  • Rental prices in Springfield are 26% lower than the Massachusetts average

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      Springfield, MA

      Springfield, Massachusetts is a unique place in the New England area. It is located at a number of major man-made and natural crossroads, including the intersection of I-90 and I-91, and the confluence of four major rivers; the Connecticut River, the Westfield River, the Mill River, and the Chicopee River. It lies just 24 miles from Hartford, Connecticut and lies roughly between the major cities of New York City and Boston. Visitors to the city will find numerous unique attractions, including the Basketball Hall of Fame, the 386-acre Forest Park, and Six Flags New England (located in the adjacent city of Agawam). Springfield's historical significance and prime location relative to other cities and locations make it a prime destination.

      Founded in 1636 by Puritan settlers, Springfield quickly became one of the most important cities in the Northeastern colonies. In 1777, George Washington chose Springfield to be the location of the National Armory, and subsequently, the first American-made musket was made there in 1794. As time went on, however, Springfield became more known as a place of learning. It is the geographic center of the "Knowledge Corridor", an area ranging along the Connecticut River from Western Massachusetts into central Connecticut. This area is home to 32 colleges and universities, including UMass Amherst, the flagship school of the Massachusetts state collegiate system and the largest public university in New England.

      As far as living in Springfield goes, the mean rent there is far lower than many nearby cities, including Boston, Providence, Hartford, and Worcester. With that in mind, however, the mean income in Springfield is far lower than nearly every city and town in Massachusetts, ranking 350th out of 351. There are many distinct and diverse neighborhoods to live in in Springfield, including Sixteen Acres (home to Western New England University), the Metro Center, (home to the downtown area and other cultural neighborhoods), and the McKnight Historic District, which features distinctive Victorian homes and was the first planned neighborhood in the United States.

      Public transportation is a viable option in Springfield, with Amtrak lines going from Springfield to Hartford and New Haven, along with lines going to Washington D.C., Chicago, Vermont, and Boston. Additionally, the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority operates buses which can connect you to surrounding cities such as Agawam, Longmeadow, and Chicopee, with connecting services also going to Amherst, Northampton, and other parts of the northern Pioneer Valley region.

      Those who move to Springfield will find a city bursting with historical character and potential, along with convenient access to all that the rest of the New England region has to offer. Additionally, the quieter Western Massachusetts area makes for a good counterpoint to the hustle and bustle of the Metro Boston area. In Springfield, you will find a city with the best to offer of the New England region, without the high costs and general aloofness of the Metro Boston area. It's the perfect combination.

      Springfield Reviews

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      NOT Family friendly!!!
      Fist, the state of Massachusetts as a whole is very lacking in punishing criminals period! As for Springfield Massachusetts, it is absolutely not a place to raise a family. Why? First, drug/substance use is extremely acceptable by nearly everyone. Even many schools staff members are substance users. You could be at the gas station, grocery store, hospital or at a stop light and you will smell marijuana. Car accidents are extremely frequent as many drive high or impaired from a combination of drugs. Crime is ridiculously high. I've seen countless street fights, knife fights and shootings while attending AIC.
      People will curse you out, tail gate or even side swipe you for literally driving the speed limit. Nearly every car is doing 55 or higher on 30 and 35mph roads.
      Bullying is a horrid problem in the schools, and the fights are daily... DAILY!!! Many of the students are heavy drug users as well. Again, substance use is highly accepted and theirs many billboards marketing marijuana sales and use.
      Most homes are multifamily, so no one is going to respect your property as most residents are low income to no income section 8 renters. Again, nearly all are substance users. So, how do you think their kids behave?!? You wont be able to have anything nice without having it stolen or broken by the thugs who are not always teens, but drugged out middle age men and women!! Yes, women are as trashy as the men. Most thefts are actually committed by females, but don't bother calling the cops. Because if you do, your head will spin when you watch them tell the female perps to chill out and go home instead of arresting them. The makes get arrested asap only to have the judges let them walk. And you the homeowner have to bite your tongue and take the losses.
      The city also has an unbelievable population of sex offenders. That paired with drugs, open and accepted drug dealing and gangs. So think about that!!
      The city also has the biggest number of medical clinics I've seen in my life. Nearly all of down town consist of medical clinics for mental illnesses. That followed by lawyers. In the south end you got Baystate medical and Mercy. And whole blocks of more medical buildings. Mainly for heart, lungs, and mental health and addiction.
      Dog owners... yup, many many irresponsible dog owners in the city of mostly renters. Yes, your front yard will be used as a dog toilet and be careful if you ask these substance using freaks to pick up after their dogs. I saw one crazy take the dog waste and smeared it on the home owners door. Oh yeah, people are also allowed to go into your property. Yup, you read that right!
      What it's like to have a home in a city where most are low income, get government assistance and do drugs while you want to sleep at night in order to go to work. 11pm, 1pm, 3pm I wake up with the boom boom boom from the car speakers blasting away. Not being able to open your windows at night from the pot smell that enters throught the day and night especially the weekend and the first of the month. Again, it's a substance user paradise with liberal judges to pave their way.
      If you are not into substance use and the gangster lifestyle, does this sound like a place to raise a decent family??? Picture this as it has happened to friends who packed up and split within the year. You have a daughter and some nasty thug idiot in school assaulting her! Boys taking turns to go into the girls restroom to watch them do their thing as men are allowed in Massachusetts to use the girls/womens bathroom, locker rooms and even SHOWERS!! Alm they have to do, is claim they feel and identify as a female. Staff can't do much as most are sped kids as they say. In other words, they are the spawn of trash. Or your sons getting beat for not partaking in the lifestyle of those losers.
      For those who will post how much they love Springfield, I bet they won't give details on the why or if they are also into the lifestyle that this city openly supports and markets. Do some serious research, are you educated, your lifestyle and so on. Because this city and seriously every other city with low income and renters in this state is nothing but a nightmare, and honestly a shameful disgrace.
      4 -5
      Springfield, MA City Review
      I have lived in Springfield, MA for almost 20 years. There seems to always be something new to find that I haven't discovered in the area. The restaurants are amazing, and the shopping centers have a large selection of items for every budget. One of the things that could grow is the housing market. I live in an older house that has two bedrooms, and most of the new homes that I have seen built in the city are apartments.

      The city has a lot of history. It's only a short drive to Washington, so I try to get to the museums as much as possible. One of my favorite places to go, especially in the winter, is Forest Park. The park turns into a winter wonderland with thousands of lights on fun displays. This is the perfect setting for a family to go to if they want to see lights for the Christmas season. When it's warm, I enjoy walking my dog in the large park and seeing all of the children playing.

      The schools in the area could use some improvements. I have talked to several children in my neighborhood who don't really feel like they are receiving a good education because the classrooms are overcrowded. However, there are numerous after school programs and educational centers in Springfield that teach about the history of the area and the arts, such as the Springfield Science Museum. The Basketball Hall of Fame is worth seeing if you like sports. You can sometimes get autographs if there are players in the city. The best time to explore the city is in the spring because the weather hasn't warmed up as much and people are still inside their homes for the most part.
      2 -2
      Springfield - Not as bad as media makes it out to be
      I moved to Springfield 4 years ago. I did so because of its central location and close vicinity to highways, shopping, entertainment and of course nearby family. Honestly I was a bit reluctant to do so because I was raised in a small Massachusetts Town and had only heard about Springfield through our reliable media. I can honestly say that living in Springfield has been a pleasant experience. I live in one of the best neighborhoods in the city, but unfortunately all of Springfield gets a bad rep. Please who are not from around here don't realize that good neighborhoods still exist. Yes there are very bad neighborhoods in Springfield where the crime rates soar, but this is the same in any large city.

      A couple things to note:
      *The picture provided for the cover of the review, isn't even of Springfield.
      *If you click on Springfield to "find more" it has bogus stats like gas prices are $3.96, and average summer temp is 69... All wrong.

      Positive things to note:
      *Very central! 5-10min from many neighboring Towns and highways
      *Fire Department is excellent
      *Realestate is very affordable
      *There are many charter schools and private school options in addition to the notorious public schools that get a bad rep.
      *Attractions such as Forest Park and Forest Park Zoo, and the Museums at the Quadrangle
      *Amazing restaurants
      3 -2
      good and very bad;!!
      You can get great heroin on main st.upper end. Also, lots of halfway houses there as well. Now, if you have money, lots of money, its a mecca of greatness. Like everywhere else, depends on where you l8ok and "want to look".Lived there a long time,reminds me of a small New York.when I was younger, it was this huge place that had something for everyone at every turn. After growin up around there,"chicopee" is where I started out, you see more and meet more people. Both good and bad is there. But ive lived in many places, and theres good and bad everywhere. It all depends where yiu look.
      1 -1
      springfield is a dump
      lived in Springfield ma and i can tell you its a real hole in the wall and i have lived in NYC and Philly this is probably one of the worst cities in America trashy people that want to fight all the time way past low class just one big loud hood there is trash every were people playing loud hip hop all night i saw some residents try to get hit by a car so they could try to collect insurance money i could go on all day but why just stay away from this dump of a town please
      2 0
      Springfield, MA - The Famous Little City
      I visited Springfield, MA about two years ago in 2008. Springfield, MA is a famous little city or at least it should be, yet nobody seems to know anything about it! Not to bore you but Springfield has an exciting history. In fact, Theodor Seuss Geisel; better known as Dr. Suess was born in Springfield! If that wasn't enough, James Naismith just so happened to invent the basketball in Springfield, MA as well! What more does a city need to be famous?

      Nature lovers should be warned that Springfield has an invigoratingly green atmosphere. In fact Country Home Magazine named Springfield one of the "Greenest Cities" in the country! I especially enjoyed Forest Park which is truly a wonderful and large "Green Zone" which is quite the surprise in a metropolitan city!

      There are several malls and shopping locations in Springfield which are sure to prove useful including the beautiful Tower Square. Dining in Springfield is very classy with restaurants such as "Big Mamou" and my favorite "A Touch of Garlic". If your after nightlife be sure to visit "Onyx Fusion Bar & Restaurant". Onyx Fusion is a great night spot, however sadly enough it is the only night spot! Overall Springfield, MA is a great little city with tons of history, beautiful scenery and some excellent restaurants and bars. So, lets all raise our glasses to Springfield, MA.
      0 -1
      Source: The Springfield, MA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).