Pittsfield, MA

Population: 43,632 livability score shield

Key findings

  • Pittsfield has a Livability Score of 53/100, which is considered poor
  • Pittsfield crime rates are 65% higher than the Massachusetts average
  • Cost of living in Pittsfield is 20% lower than the Massachusetts average
  • Pittsfield real estate prices are 50% lower than the Massachusetts average
  • Rental prices in Pittsfield are 29% lower than the Massachusetts average

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      Top Rated Schools in Pittsfield

      Name Grades Students Proficiency
      WilliamsKG - 531965%
      Pittsfield High9 - 1285250%
      EgremontKG - 542348%
      Robert T. Capeless Elementary SchoolPK - 521645%
      StearnsKG - 524540%
      AllendaleKG - 528837%
      Morningside Community SchoolPK - 538730%
      Theodore Herberg Middle6 - 864327%
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      Pittsfield Reviews

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      Abandon Hope All Who Enter
      I've lived in Pittsfield for 18 months, and my experience has been unspeakably bad. I would strongly counsel anyone considering moving here to take the propaganda about the area's much-publicized cultural renaissance with a grain of salt and instead to look into recent crime statistics and job listings. This is a poor, crime-ridden city (violent crime) that is also terribly isolated and under-served in terms of services and amenities. This is no place to raise a family, no place to find a peaceful retirement. For those who are looking for the quaint experience of a New England town, look points south of Pittsfield. For those who are looking for a burgeoning artist colony, look elsewhere, possibly to Providence, RI or even Lowell, MA. There are virtually no jobs here, and the few professional jobs are at the medical center and a handful of other locations. Dating, epic fail. The city has had its day, and despite some cosmetic surgery on the downtown, together with a few seriously over-billed arts events, it's not likely to be able to reinvent itself along the lines of Brooklyn or Providence. Since I've moved here, quite a few restaurants and shops (several among those touted in feature news stories promoting the place) have shut down. What's left? Two coffee shops, four bars, a handful of passable restaurants. You live here, you're an hour's drive east or west to anything like a viable city. Depressing place, and most people I've met who live here are here until their kids finish school or their parents move to Arizona. Seriously.
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      A Terrible Mistake I Made Moving Here
      I moved to Pittsfield in the fall of 2017 from eastern MA seeking some peace and a more relaxed pace of life after experiencing a number of health issues that culminated in my leaving work for a period of recovery. I was slightly acquainted with the Berkshires, having been to Tanglewood, MassMoca and the Clark over the course of a number of years. More than that, much has been made of the Berkshires' being an artistic mecca, further, of Pittsfield's being reinvented as the capital of said artistic mecca. I regret to tell you that such is not the case.Okay, so I am living in very modest circumstances, marginal circumstances -- take this with a grain of salt ...:* The crime in Pittsfield and North Adams is bad, and I do mean bad. Bad and quite brazen. I'd say it's on par with Lawrence, probably not as bad as Brockton. * There are no jobs here (none apart from the state, Berkshire Medical Center ... General Dynamics has a small footprint. Don't move here expecting to work.) * There are virtually no services here, plumbers etc. Unreal.* The cost of living isn't appreciably less than in eastern MA. Obviously, home prices are lower. Good luck finding an apartment, though, and be prepared to pay $1600 if you want something nice in downtown Pittsfield. * Dining, nightlife ... don't believe the propaganda. Sure, there is a handful of nice restaurants. But that's it. * The arts. This was the biggest let-down for me. Yes, there are some real gems here, and I love them. But, seriously, you're talking a weekend in the summer, maybe a long weekend. It's just not worth it. As to community, good luck finding it. I'd encourage anyone considering moving here thinking s/he might find kindred spirits writing or in the arts to check out meetups and every other clearinghouse for such information out there -- simply, there is nothing between Albany, NY and Northampton, MA. It's unreal, I mean, I've never lived any place that didn't have something. Relative to eastern MA, there are only a few colleges in the Berkshires, and I'm guessing that would account for the lack of intellectual capital (together with the loss of the manufacturing job base over the previous decades).If you're dead set on moving to the area, or are compelled to move here for other reasons, I would strongly encourage you to look to places in the southern Berkshires, such as Lenox, Great Barrington, etc. Those towns are far more evocative of what I'd expected and hoped for. Good luck!
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      Pittsfield, MA - Loads to Do
      One of the most exciting cities that I have ever lived in has been Pittsfield, MA. This city has everything a person would want in a town. From considerate people to aesthetically pleasing sites, this town has it all. Through the course of my six years of living here, I have noticed how much there is to do in this town. There are attractions and sites to see that will keep people entertained for hours.

      Another thing that sets Pittsfield apart from other cities is that it is not too densely populated. This is great because it gives people a chance to breathe every once in a while, and also makes the community a nice one. The people are friendly and not consumed in the rat race of life, which is something not many towns can say.

      There are many lakes and rivers around the city, which makes it great for outdoor enthusiast and fisherman. The lakes have an abundant number of fish, and people do not have trouble catching them at all. People can take their boats out on the rivers if they so choice, and they can also enjoy nature. Camping sites and hiking trails are also located around the lakes, which makes it perfect for family vacations and get always.

      A forest is also located nearby, which makes it great for those looking to camp out and share an adventure. There are also parks located throughout the town, and they are great spots for family picnics and for the children to play on.

      There are also many golf courses located throughout the city, which makes it an ideal spot for golfers and sports fanatics. These greens are clean and the community is friendly as well, which makes it a better golfing experience for everyone. People who live in Pittsfield, MA always have something to do.
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      Source: The Pittsfield, MA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).