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A Great Time in Lowell, MA 4 rating By Anonymous ( Jun 10, 2010) I recently traveled to Lowell, MA to attend a concert at the Lowell Auditorium. I had a wonderful time. Lowell Auditorium was a very good place to attend a concert. The location of the auditorium was excellent very conveniently located close to restaurants, shopping, and mostly i ...Read More mportantly, our hotel.

The city of Lowell offers numerous choices for dining in this location. We enjoyed a Greek restaurant we happened to notice while trying to locate our hotel. The name of the restaurant was Athenian Corner. While dining there I had the pleasure of talking to one of their regular diners. He was very polite and well informed on things to check out in Lowell and he also pointed us in the right direction of our hotel. He gave me the impression that the locals are very helpful and easy to mingle with.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Tewksbury. I was a little disappointed by the hotel location. I was initially led to believe the hotel was located across the street from Lowell Auditorium, but it was about 5 miles away. Nevertheless, I did not let that small issue ruin what was otherwise a nice trip to Lowell. I will definitely intend to go back for another visit. Read Less
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Lowell, MA

Lowell is one of the largest cities in Massachusetts and it was considered to be the cradle of the American Industrial Revolution. Indeed, Lowell has remained a heavy manufacturing town and that has supported the local economy through the beginning of the 21st century. It is also an emerging college town thanks to the two colleges in its city limits, and the student population has continued to increase for the past few years.

Lowell's economy is mostly centered around manufacturing and education. Many individuals are employed by the University of Massachusetts, Lowell and Middlesex Community College. The service industry has also seen lots of growth throughout the years, along with the need to please the growing population. Any type of worker could easily find a place in the Lowell economy.

For those interested in relocating or starting a family, Lowell has an excellent public school system and the literacy rate is very high. The high schools offer many AP courses compared to other school systems in the United States and that is a very appealing trait for many families. Lowell also has plenty of parks, including Shedd Park and Lowell Heritage State Park, which are excellent for families and individuals alike. People who are more interested in shopping can find options at the Meadow Brook Center and Middlesex Plaza Shopping Center. There is certainly something for everyone, regardless of your interests.

Public transportation is readily available in Lowell, with a rail and busing system. Many students opt for this system while others choose to travel by car. Biking is also an option for those looking to exercise or be environmentally friendly, and it is a popular choice for many college students. Regardless of your choice, you should have no problem getting around the city.

The cost of living in Lowell is fairly high, with rent costing over $1,500 per month. This is combatted somewhat by the minimum wage, which is well above the federal rate, however you would be better off if you have a high paying job or savings to keep up with the costs. Other necessities such as groceries are about average in terms of price thanks to local supermarkets and many people don't have any problem living comfortably in Lowell.

Lowell is a rapidly expanding city with a rich history. It has remained true to its industrial roots and continued to innovate throughout the past few decades. As the student and overall population grows, the city will continue its prosperous growth and the beautiful scenery is reason enough to visit the area. If you are thinking of moving here, you will likely be met with open arms and feel at home right away.


Flaggy Meadows Playground
Alumni Field
Highland Playground
Fort Hill Park
City Hall Historic District


Brush Art Gallery
Western Avenue Studios
Merrimack Repatory Theatre
Onyx Room Performance Space
Lowell Memorial Auditorium

Food & Drink

Athenian Corner
Pho 88
China Buffet
Chuck E. Cheese's
New Great Taste
Drive to Work

1% lower than the US average

Take Public Transit

1% lower than the US average

Walk to Work

3% higher than the US average


Lowell General - Saints Campus
Lowell General Hospital


CVS Pharmacy
Rite Aid


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