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Arkansas: Home to over 50 state parks!

Arkansas, located in the deep south of the United States, is a humid, fertile state covered in thick forests. Home to the low-lying Ozark mountains and over 52 state parks, you are sure to really enjoy nature in Arkansas. If you travel to Arkansas, you can hunt for turkeys, deer, or ducks, dig up crystals, tour Civil War sites, or visit some of the state's many cave systems. There are plenty of great restaurants, hotels, and events and attractions throughout the state of Arkansas.

Or maybe you are considering moving to Arkansas. The good news is that cost of living is substantially lower than the national average in Arkansas. Housing prices are low and there are a variety of jobs available. Since the 70s, several global businesses have moved their headquarters to Arkansas. These companies include Wal-Mart, J.B. Hunt and Tyson Foods. However, crime rates are higher in Arkansas than in other states. As far as weather goes, Arkansas has a very hot and humid climate, and it is rare for it to snow in Arkansas. Since the state is relatively close to the Gulf of Mexico, the state stays rather warm year round. Arkansas also regularly has severe weather. On average, the state will have 60 days of thunderstorms every year, and tornadoes are not an uncommon.

So if you want a plan a family vacation to the Ozarks or are planning to move to Arkansas for a job, we can help you find out everything you need to know about "the natural state." Check out our questions and answer section, or look at the reviews of local businesses in Arkansas. Whatever you want to know, we can help!

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