Bentonville, AR

Population: 42,499

Key findings

  • Bentonville has a Livability Score of 92/100, which is considered exceptional
  • Bentonville crime rates are 45% lower than the Arkansas average
  • Cost of living in Bentonville is 8% higher than the Arkansas average
  • Bentonville real estate prices are 61% higher than the Arkansas average
  • Rental prices in Bentonville are 21% higher than the Arkansas average

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      Idyllic is the word.
      I lived here for 6 months from winter to late summer and I have to say, it's gotta be a pretty amazing place to live if you have a family. If you're into mountain biking, it's equally amazing as there are trails literally everywhere. I'm not a fan of the gravely soil there, but you could spent a day riding different trails and never get bored. The people are a bit snooty, and the oppressive heat in the summer is a bit hard to take (mid to high 90's every day). It barely cools down at night and the cicadas are deafening 24/7 in July and August. Walmart's presence is very noticeable and their "Finding NWA" social engineering exercise is sure to alter the population somewhat and wokeify the area. Drivers are laid back for the most part, but they tend to not use turn signals and they almost never pull forward into an intersection while waiting to make a left turn. Crime has been on the rise lately with almost daily complaints of thefts online. There's so much new construction going on here that I have to think the place will be barely noticeable in 5 years.
      6 0
      A Growing City
      Bentonville is at once a small, welcoming city and at the same time a growing and changing area. It feels less Southern and more Midwestern, in many ways. Very friendly but not in a phony, Mississippi Delta sort of way. Many amenities make it a great place to visit, and, I would imagine, a great place to call home. 21c Museum Hotel is a first-rate, very modern hipster-ish hotel and a bit over the top in its "wokeness". 21c Hotel notwithstanding, my sense is Bentonville's citizens are quietly open-minded and not overly political in nature. Good. There are many restaurants in the Square and beyond that could work in most any city far larger than Bentonville. Walmart is consolidating its headquarters in Bentonville to one main campus, as opposed to the current layout of buildings all across town, so it will be interesting to see the effect of that consolidation on the city. Crystal Bridges Museum of Art is excellent. I never tire of it as they have different exhibits as well as a permanent collection, and the land around it is very inviting.
      9 -3
      Bentonville, AR a Family-Friendly City
      Bentonville is a great place to raise a family with the cost of living being low and there are jobs aplenty! This city is great for those who do not want a big city feel but still want some of the accommodations that a city has to offer and a population of just over 40,000. Bentonville's weather is pretty fantastic, although the summers can be fairly hot. That is not something that I mind though!

      There is plenty to do in and around Bentonville. If you are into the outdoors then there is plenty of fishing, hiking, canoeing, and hunting in the area just outside of the city. You will certainly have no shortage of things to do in Bentonville.

      There are quite a few jobs to be had in Bentonville, with the city being the location for the headquarters of Walmart. There are many jobs to be had with that company and others. The low cost of living and low crime rate makes it a great place me to raise my family.
      11 -2
      Source: The Bentonville, AR data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).