Heber Springs, AR

Population: 7,169

Key findings

  • Heber Springs has a Livability Score of 54/100, which is considered poor
  • Heber Springs crime rates are 33% higher than the Arkansas average
  • Cost of living in Heber Springs is 2% lower than the Arkansas average
  • Heber Springs real estate prices are 19% higher than the Arkansas average
  • Rental prices in Heber Springs are equal to the Arkansas average

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      Visitors Beware of Heber Springs, Arkansas

      I visited Heber Springs, AR Monday August 21, 2017 and was issued a ticket for rescuing an abandoned kitten from the AR State Revenue Office in this county seat town. After physically rescuing the abandoned kitten at 10:50 AM, I then drove the 5 minutes to the local WalMart store and purchased kitten food and litter box supplies to care for it at my home in a nearby town. I parked my car in the grass in full tree shade with the windows down for circulation and believed the kitten was safe and secure for the few minutes I would be in the store. The local Animal Control Officer parked behind my car as I returned and immediately accused me of animal cruelty! The kitten had been in my possession for 40 minutes at the time he accused me.I politely explained the circumstances and in his mind I was guilty the moment he stepped out of his truck. Arkansas Animal Cruelty law leaves it totally up to the policing officer as to what is or is not animal cruelty. His personal definition was that if the ambient temperature was 90 degrees F or over it is animal cruelty to have an animal in a vehicle. I asked him to prove it was 90 degrees and he produced his iphone and proceeded to point to its screen at an angle to me 3 ft away in bright sun on the parking lot asphalt. I never saw anything on his iphone screen, let alone a temperature reading of 90 degrees.He then issued me a citation for animal cruelty with a fine of up to $1,000 and up to 1 year in jail or community service and psychiatric evaluation that I have to pay for. I voluntarily surrendered the kitten to him as I was afraid he would concoct some other violation to charge me with. I immediately contacted the National Weather Service Little Rock, AR office for the their ambient temperature records for Heber Springs and was quoted that it was 86 degrees at 11:00 AM, 87 degrees at 11:30 AM when I was accused and 88 degrees at noon after I left WalMart. In my opinion, he not only made up his own law in the circumstances but, lied to me to enforce his personal law. He abused his authority over me with a trumped up violation charge and used no common sense in issuing me a citation for trying to be a good Samaritan.I appealed in writing to 11 members of the Heber City council, the mayor and this officer’s boss and they have either ignored my requests completely or lied to me verbally when I reached them concerning this ridiculous citation. In my experience, the whole Heber Springs City government is corrupt and you visit that city at your own risk. They will make up their own laws and ticket/cite you out of pure meanness or I suspect financial greed and all city officials will even lie to keep the scam going. That is why I feel justified to warn you “Visitor Beware of Heber Springs, Arkansas” as a public service and a good Samaritan . I will never go to Heber Springs again except for my court dates and will boycott all the businesses in Heber Springs. I strongly suggest you avoid Heber Springs at all costs due to the risk of being legally attacked by this corrupt City government and forced as I am to hire an attorney and make additional trips back to Heber Springs court to defend myself.
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      Reason for reporting
      Source: The Heber Springs, AR data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).