Jonesboro, AR

Population: 72,638

Key findings

  • Jonesboro has a Livability Score of 64/100, which is considered below average
  • Jonesboro crime rates are 32% higher than the Arkansas average
  • Cost of living in Jonesboro is 6% higher than the Arkansas average
  • Jonesboro real estate prices are 24% higher than the Arkansas average
  • Rental prices in Jonesboro are 2% higher than the Arkansas average

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      Less Cost of Living
      Living cost is less in Jonesboro Ar. Wages compared to cost of living, I can save bit.Best of lands like farmlands, owns food processing industries. So nice getting quality food at less price.Thanks,Nathan,J&B Movers Jonesboro AR
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      People likes moving to Jonesboro.
      Why everyone scared of moving to jonesboro? Jonesboro is good enough living place for family. There are many now moving to jonesboro and lot of moving companies are doing services over there. Its natural like every place. Some good and bad is there at all places.
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      NO. Don't move here ever. The previous review was a lie!
      I have no idea what the previous person was talking about. I had to make a profile just so I could set the truth free. This place is awful. There is nothing here but restaurants. We have little to no crime, subpar schools (filled with teacher who could care less about their students), shopping is alright, but nothing else. If you're bored on a Friday night and want to do something, you better have a movie you wanted to see or risk going bowling. That's it. Nothing else to do here. The Electric Cowboy as mentioned above closed down and I've never even heard of the other one and I've lived here my whole life. Everything that opens here closes down within a year. I've visited every other state except for Alaska and Hawaii and let me tell you, this has got to be the worst place I've ever been in my whole life. DO NOT MOVE TO JONESBORO!!!!!
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      Jonesboro, AR - No Better Place
      I lived in Jonesboro, AR for my whole life, and there is no place that I would rather live. This city has all of the benefits of a larger metropolitan area, but there are none of the crime issues that plague the biggest cities. There is also a palpable sense of community. The small town feel is one of my favorite things about Jonesboro. There is a true sense of Southern hospitality. Friendly people are found all over the city and are happy to help their neighbors. There are also numerous opportunities for entertainment and shopping. Small nightclubs host some of the greatest musicians and entertainers on a regular basis.

      The clubs in the city are some of my favorite. I enjoy heading to the Sideline Bar and Grill or to the Electric Cowboy when I want to enjoy an evening on the town. Restaurants are also available, and I like to dine at Demo's Barbecue and Smokehouse when I want to enjoy the best Southern Barbecue. The Dragon City Chinese Restaurant is another great place to enjoy dinner, and they offer a taste of the finest Asian cuisine.

      One of the only negative things that I would say about Jonesboro is that there are not the opportunities for shopping that are found in other major cities. We do have a number of malls and independent retailers, but I usually prefer to do my shopping on the Internet, as there is a larger selection of clothes and housewares.

      On the whole, I would say that Jonesboro, Arkansas is a great place to live. We may not have the exciting night life that is found in New York or Los Angeles, but there is a sense of community in Jonesboro that is notably absent in these cities.
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      Source: The Jonesboro, AR data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).