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Louisiana: More than glitz and glamour

When you start talking about the state of Louisiana, a few major cities always have to come up in the conversation. One of those is New Orleans and it is the most prominent on any map that you might look at. In terms of the best restaurants and hotels in the state, New Orleans has the most to offer. Places like Baton Rouge and Shreveport are not terribly far behind, though. The local businesses in the major cities depend a lot on tourism, which is helped by the draw of New Orleans. With attractions like Bourbon Street and JazzFest to help, the city has a knack for attracting people to the state.

Cost of living is exceedingly low in all of Louisiana, which is a prime reason why many people choose it for their relocation purposes. These folks move here because even in New Orleans, you can find a nice place to live for cheap. The primary housing options are either single family homes with plenty of space or townhomes, as you get closer to the center of the cities. Crime is not such a big problem in any of the Louisiana cities, which plays in its favor for folks considering long term relocation. The weather is very hot during most of the year, so that is something to be prepared for initially.

All in all, Louisiana is a great state, and finding out more information on it is something you should be looking to do. Make this happen by checking out our resources, including some of the reviews of local hot spots, as well as answer pages for commonly asked questions about the state.

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