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Best Places To Live In Louisiana 2024

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Louisiana: The Southern State

Louisiana in the southern United States is neighbored by Texas and Mississippi and sits on the Gulf of Mexico. This southern state enjoys a warm subtropical climate with long summers and short, mild winters. While Louisiana might not boast the sandy coastal beaches of California or Florida, the state still has lots to love, including many attractions and a lower than average cost of living.

On the banks of the Mississippi, Baton Rouge is Louisiana’s charming capital. Named the capital in 1846, it lost the title for a time to New Orleans, but by 1882, Baton Rouge was named the permanent capital. A major industrial port city, Baton Rouge has a strong economy and is a great home for small business owners and job-seekers. Also home to the popular Louisiana State University, students thrive in this vibrant city.

Though its time as the capital city was short-lived, New Orleans is still a popular place to call home. Like Baton Rouge, the city is bustling with a healthy tourism industry. New Orleans sits on beautiful Lake Pontchartrain and it's just across this lake that one of the most beautiful beaches in the state is found in Fontainebleau State Park. New Orleans - like much of the state - is a wonderful mixture of novelty and history. Throughout the city, visitors and residents can discover quirky sites, celebrate at festivals and fairs, ride street cars and enjoy historic architecture. For those who enjoy an evening out, New Orleans is the place to be for a vibrant nightlife scene.

While Lake Charles doesn’t have a sandy beach like Lake Pontchartrain, it does have a beautiful lakeside park. Prien Lake Park has a boat launch, pavilions for picnicking and a splash pad for cooling off. If this city sounds like a great place to raise a family, that’s because it is. Lake Charles has a suburban feel, but still boasts parks, nature trails, museums and galleries perfect for family outings. Those who still like a bit of the nightlife, however, are not left out as Lake Charles is home to several casinos and lounges as well.

Speaking of great places, Lafayette is a favorite for people from all walks of life. With no shortage of things to do, residents of Lafayette rarely face boredom. One might spend a day in one of the many museums such as the Lafayette Science Museum or Children’s Museum of Acadiana. Or, residents may choose to go on a Cajun Swamp tour, spend an afternoon eating their way through the amazing French and Cajun cuisine, go fishing and boating or travel back in time at Vermillionville.

Louisiana’s present is just as colorful as its past. With a population of over four-and-a-half million residents, this state is a great home for nature lovers, outdoorsmen, foodies, revelers, sports fans, business owners, history buffs and people from all other walks of life. Learn more about Louisiana's eclectic culture and southern charm and to find the best places to live in Louisiana with AreaVibes.