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Oregon: Perfect mix of urban and rural

Lots of people make the choice to live in the Pacific Northwest, and this makes sense, because it is regularly included in discussions about the best places to live in the United States. With that being said, Oregon is a state that is solid for a number of different reasons. The major cities in this state are Portland and Eugene, and Oregon offers a nice mix of urban possibilities as well as more rural locations. There, you have the Pacific Ocean, as well as many other unique attractions including the Wallowa Lake Tramway. The Tramway is a great way to take in the beautiful blue waters of Wollowa Lake, as riders ascend to 4000 feet to the top of Mt. Howard.

All over the Northwest, safety is just not an issue for residents. Not having to worry about crime, makes life that much easier. The job markets have been struck a bit, but depending upon what field you work in, there are still plenty of opportunities. Oregon is seen as a top notch state for relocation purposes, as it offers many different things that might appeal to people who are nearing retirement. Though the tourism industry is not a booming one, travel still comes into play for the state's economy at least a little bit.

We can help you get know the larger areas in Oregon, as well as the neighborhoods a little bit better. Whether it is Eugene, Portland, or some other city, we have local business reviews to contribute, as well as pictures that can help you get a feel for what Oregon life is like.

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