Cities in Oregon

Population: 4,217,737

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Largest cities in Oregon by population

Oregon Overview

Statistic Value
Population 4,217,737
Population Density 45 ppl. / sq. mi.
Median Age 39
Male To Female Ratio 0.98 : 0
Married (15yrs & older) 55.35%
Families w/ Kids under 18 41.76%
Speak English 84.92%
Speak Spanish 9%

Oregon Demographics

Statistic Value
White 85%
Black 2%
American Indian 1%
Asian 4%
Hawaiian 0%
Other Race Alone 3%
Multi Racial 4%
Hispanic Or Latino 12%

Oregon Education

Statistic Value
Completed eighth Grade 86%
Completed High School 85.39%
Bachelors Degree 40%
Masters Degree 1%
Avg. School Score 46%

Oregon Employment

Statistic Value
Median Household Income $53,270
Income Per Capita $28,822
Median Earnings Male $33,885
Median Earnings Female $24,038
Unemployment Rate 5%

Oregon State Facts

What is the largest city in Oregon?

In terms of population, Portland is the largest city in Oregon, boasting a population size of 620,589 residents. Following behind, Salem is second on the list with 161,975 people, and Eugene claims the thrid-largest city title with 161,649 people.

What are the best cities to live in Oregon?

Sherwood ranks as the top-rated city and has an impressive Livability Score of 93 and is considered the best place to live in Oregon. Following closely behind is Cedar Hills, which has a Livability Score of 90 and is considered the 2nd best place to live in Oregon. Raleigh Hills, with a Livability Score of 89, is the 3rd best city on the list.

What is the most affordable city in Oregon?

Granite, OR has a cost of living that is 43.75% less than the Oregon average and 25% lower than the National average, making it an economically attractive choice for residents.

What are the safest cities in Oregon (over 10,000 population)?

Milwaukie takes the top spot and is the safest place to live in Oregon with a crime rate that is 87.45% safer than the National average. Canby and West Linn are also very safe cities in Oregon, offering residents secure and low crime living environments

What are the states that border Oregon on the map?

Washington, Idaho, Nevada, and California are bordering states to Oregon.

What is the capital city of Oregon?

The capital city of Oregon is Salem. It has a population of 161,975 people.

What is the size of Oregon?

Oregon has a land area size of 98,379 square miles and is 2.43% water.

What is the state nickname of Oregon?

The state nickname of Oregon is "The Beaver State".

What is the population of Oregon?

The population of Oregon is 4,217,737.

What are the demographics in Oregon?

The median age in Oregon is 39.1, 55.35% of people are married, 41.76% of people have kids under the age of 18, 84.92% of people speak English and 8.92% of people speak Spanish

Oregon: Natural Beauty & Urban Sophistication

Oregon stands as a testament to the stunning diversity that characterizes America's landscapes and cultures. Often referred to as the "Beaver State," Oregon's narrative is one of contrast and harmony, where rugged coastline meets towering mountain ranges and vibrant urban centers harmonize with the serenity of natural beauty. From the vibrant arts scene of Portland to the tranquil shores of Crater Lake, Oregon's geography mirrors its eclectic identity. The state's rich history is interwoven with Native American heritage, the brave expeditions of Lewis and Clark, and the fascinating chapters of the Oregon Trail pioneers. Beyond its remarkable natural features, Oregon has embraced innovation, becoming a haven for technology enthusiasts while retaining a strong commitment to environmental preservation.

Oregon Quick Facts

Oregon became the 33rd state of the United States on February 14, 1859. The capital city of Oregon is Salem, but the largest city is Portland which has a population of 650,380. There are 241 incorporated cities in Oregon. Oregon is the 9th largest city by land area with 98,379 square miles and contains 2.43% water. Oregon is the 27th largest state by population with over 4.2 million people. The state nickname of Oregon is the "Beaver State", due to the popularity of beaver pelts when Oregon was first settled. The highest point in Oregon is Mount Hood at just over 11,000 feet. The Columbia Plateau was formed by lava millions of years ago. Mill Ends Park is the world's smallest park with just two feet of space and has just a single small tree. At 8,000 feet deep Hells Canyon is the deepest river gorge in all of North America. There are more than 18,000 registered Alpacas in Oregon as they love Oregon's wet climate. Oregon is responsible for 99% of the country's hazelnut crop and in 1989 it became the state symbol. Oregon places a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental conservation, reflected in its eco-friendly practices and policies. Oregon is home to more than 200 ghost towns. Oregon has more than 16 million acres of forest. Famous celebrities born in Oregon include Matt Groening, Ty Burrell, Phil Knight, Jane Powell, Danny Ainge, Sally Struthers and Kaitlin Olsen.

The History of Oregon

From indigenous cultures to the Oregon Trail, here's an overview of the state's historical journey. Oregon was first inhabited by various indigenous tribes, including the Chinook, Nez Perce, Kalapuya and Klamath. European explorers began to arrive in the region in the late 18th century. Spanish and British explorers navigated the coastline, while American fur trappers and traders ventured into the interior. In the early 19th century, the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806) embarked on a historic journey to explore the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase and reach the Pacific Ocean. The mid-19th century saw the influx of pioneers through the Oregon Trail, a wagon route that stretched from the Missouri River to the fertile valleys of Oregon. In 1848, the Oregon Territory was established, encompassing present-day Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and parts of Montana and Wyoming. The territory's population grew as more settlers arrived. As the state developed, industries like timber, fishing, and agriculture played crucial roles in its economy. The early 20th century saw the emergence of progressive movements in Oregon, with the state becoming a pioneer in initiatives like direct primary elections and women's suffrage. Oregon played a significant role in both World War I and World War II, contributing troops and resources. After World War II, the state's economy diversified, with the growth of technology, manufacturing, and trade. Today, Oregon is known for its progressive politics, natural beauty, outdoor recreation, urban culture, and tech industry presence in cities like Portland and Eugene.

The Geography of Oregon

Oregon is bordered by Washington, Idaho, Nevada and California. Oregon's coastline stretches for over 360 miles along the Pacific Ocean. It's characterized by dramatic sea cliffs, pristine sandy beaches, sea stacks, and charming coastal towns like Cannon Beach and Newport. The Cascade Range runs through the western part of Oregon, featuring volcanic peaks such as Mount Hood, Mount Jefferson, and the Three Sisters. Mount Hood, the state's highest point, is popular among outdoor enthusiasts. Carved by the Columbia River, this dramatic gorge is a breathtaking chasm of towering cliffs, waterfalls, and lush greenery. Multnomah Falls is one of its most iconic natural attractions. The eastern part of Oregon transitions into a high desert landscape, with arid plains, sagebrush and unique geological formations. Crater Lake, located within a caldera formed by a collapsed volcano, is the deepest lake in the United States and a striking natural wonder. Located in the northeastern part of the state, the Wallowa Mountains offer alpine beauty and are often referred to as the "Swiss Alps of Oregon." Oregon's geography has deeply influenced its culture, with an emphasis on outdoor activities, a strong environmental ethos, and a connection to nature.

Oregon Relocation Guide

Lots of people make the choice to live in the Pacific Northwest, and this makes sense, because it is regularly included in discussions about the best places to live in the United States. With that being said, Oregon is a state that is solid for a number of different reasons. The major cities in this state are Portland and Eugene, but Oregon does offer a nice mix of urban possibilities as well as more rural locations. Looking at a map of Oregon, you'll see that it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, which presents the state with prime beachfront. The Tramway is a great way to take in the beautiful blue waters of Wollowa Lake, as riders ascend to 4000 feet to the top of Mt. Howard.

Across the state, safety is just not an issue for most cities in Oregon. Violent crimes across the state are about 25% less in Oregon than the rest of the states. Not having to worry about serious crime, makes life that much easier. The job markets have been struck a bit, but depending upon what field you work in, there are still plenty of opportunities. Oregon cities are seen as a top notch option for relocation purposes, as it offers many different things that might appeal to people who are nearing retirement. Though the tourism industry is not a booming one, travel still comes into play for the state's economy at least a little bit.

The cost of living in some cities in Oregon is steep compared to the national average. Across the board, residents can expect to pay almost 15% more in Oregon, compared to all other cities. Housing is the biggest culprit, with costs being more than 25% higher than the average.

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