Baker City, OR

Population: 9,757

Key findings

  • Baker City has a Livability Score of 69/100, which is considered average
  • Baker City crime rates are 18% higher than the Oregon average
  • Cost of living in Baker City is 24% lower than the Oregon average
  • Baker City real estate prices are 51% lower than the Oregon average
  • Rental prices in Baker City are 34% lower than the Oregon average

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      Top Rated Schools in Baker City

      Name Grades Students Proficiency
      Baker Early College9 - 1216981%
      Baker High School9 - 1249965%
      Eagle Cap Innovative High School9 - 122750%
      Keating Elementary SchoolKG - 62250%
      Brooklyn Primary SchoolKG - 346550%
      Baker Middle School7 - 824545%
      Baker Web AcademyKG - 1253242%
      South Baker Intermediate School4 - 631436%
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      As long as your one of the good ol boys.....

      There is a REALITY about every town that the high and mighty vacationer/B&B owner wont tell you, so if you plan to actually live here and not just spend the weekend while skiing and then go back to your Portland condo, then read on.
      If you don't mind drug addicts having a melt down in the park, grocery store, or downtown side walk, and if you don't mind having your house broken into by the local teenagers and drug addicts, and if you don't mind sky high prices on EVERYTHING, and if you don't mind frigid winter temps 8 months out of the year and scorching heat the rest of the time then your likely going to love it in Baker City. If you have children make sure your first aid kit is easily accessible because unless your one of the problem your child will get beat up at the park, at school, and on the bike path.
      The entertainment within 40 miles consists of a movie theater which is awesome, and a whole lot of BARS where you can easily locate most of the good ol boys in town. Shopping consists of a couple of grocery stores ALL owned by the same people so zero competition to keep prices even sort of in check. You can drive to Boise (100 miles) eat a nice lunch out, get groceries and supplies, pay tax on supplies and still come out ahead of shopping in town AND you dont have to deal with the barefoot and filthy other shoppers in town. There are trinket shops down town for tourists and a couple of "new" clothing stores which smell like the goodwill and do not have much variety or consistent inventory.
      So if you decide to stay, and then have an issue of any kind with anything......keep in mind the good ol boy system is solidly in place in this town and even laws do not seem to change that. Very clickish, very difficult to get in, even the Y will notify the click of events which fill up in hours before the regular folks get a chance so if you like to participate or keep your kids busy make sure to get in the click or classes will be full before you even hear about them. We thought this would be a great place to raise children and tried for 5 years but after seeing our children consistantly be bullied and injured with zero assistance from school officials we are moving on. If you really want to know how the system works, ask how many school teachers children attend school outside the district where they live or teach or attend private school. You might be surprised. In the five years we have been here there have been 4 child suicides, 4 "accidental" child deaths, and an endless number of children placed into foster care. Its a very unfortunate place for children to wind up, use caution.
      • 8 -2
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      Source: The Baker City, OR data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).