Corvallis, OR

Population: 55,766 livability score shield

Key findings

  • Corvallis has a Livability Score of 70/100, which is considered excellent
  • Corvallis crime rates are 12% higher than the Oregon average
  • Cost of living in Corvallis is 3% higher than the Oregon average
  • Corvallis real estate prices are 12% higher than the Oregon average
  • Rental prices in Corvallis are 4% lower than the Oregon average

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      Cute town but no jobs...would not recommend unless you make 3 figures
      Getting a job here is impossible... you need to read, write english, pass a background check, have a valid OR drivers license and a degree. If you are thinking of coming here to get a free house, assistance for your kids, you won't get it here. Rent is VERY expensive, as is housing. Wages are extremely LOW. No jobs for illegals/under the table...if you're thinking it will match California, you are wrong.
      5 -10
      Small minded, mean spirited, privelaged, ignorant
      This area reminds me of when I was living in a rural farm community of 335 people near Fargo, North Dakota, in the 90's. These 'twin cities' of Albany an Corvallis, OR, each have over 50,000 people but they feel like a "hicksville", wanna be suburbia, not in a good way. These towns are really like one big town because if u live in one, you work in the other or vice versa. Everything feels run down, dirty and outdated, the ideas and people too! There is no community, just competition, back stabbing and negativity. Local businesses come and go fast! The corporate chains remain and expand. All housing and many businesses are owned by out of staters and local mgmt. are homogenized bullies with no say. Cost of living is insane, all rented out to OSU students, nothing decent for single families. Wages are significantly low compared to cost of living which has risen 20+% in just 3 years! Live in Colorado or N.California for the same $$$ and skip the a* holes, all the mud and mold! People seem to hate each other here and insulting one another freely is S.O.P., especially strangers or if you are not white. Nothin' subtle about their racism! People just tell you, "I don't like Asians/Mexicans' name it. People here are very arrogant, but I've seen no reason why... lots of educated people who can't recite the alphabet or change a light bulb. Dr. Seuss designed the roads and signage here; crooked, inaccurate and indecipherable. The deadliest highway in the state lies between Corvallis and Albany. Few decent restaurants-no healthy food- all bar/brewery food, bugers, steaks and fried things. I wouldn't eat out here anyway with such lax food safety training laws compared to other states, many businesses lying about food sources and grossly under-trained staff (I am a Chef and worked at 5 food businesses and a grocery store). Covallis gets minor props only for some decent teachers and varied class options at my daughter's high school and the natural beauty, wild mushrooms and berries found at the parks and natural areas/trails located outside the city.
      7 -12
      Corvallis Oregon living
      Sounds great! It sounds so biased by against whites, it must be safe. In fact it rated an A on crime. I guess that is ok.
      4 -9
      High rent and no jobs
      This place is awful. Expect to pay high prices for rent. There are no jobs unless you are part of the university, hewlett-packard, or the hospital. I'm still trying to understand why people love the place so much. I think you have to be white and already have a secure job lined up. Otherwise, expect the worst. Your savings will be wiped out in an instant. All whites and no culture. Food sucks. Nothing to do. The Goodwill is the highlight of the town. I guess it's great if you're from money, love biking, and love homogeny.
      6 -14
      Suck it Cornvalley.
      Well this is a nice place. Nice in a super white milktoast boring kind of way. Pretentious is the one word I can use to describe it here. But I am extra jaded because I work for the government. Where to start? Sure it is bikeable, which you will need because the bus only runs every 30minutes. It is close to awesome nature but so is all of Oregon. Yes, it is the "most educated city in America" and boy they dont let you forget it. People work their useless PHD on petunia diseases every chance they can to ensure you know they are intellectually superior. Never mind their air of white privelage and entitlement. But sure they want you to think they are all super tolerant and open minded liberals because they regularly attend OCF. They will say things like, "Well I had a black friend in college, so I really sympathize the Africam American struggle." Insert a healthy dose of white guilt. When I moved here somebody actually said to me, "South Corvallis is where the mexicans live, but don't worry they will leave you alone if you leave them alone." Now let's talk about the food, if bad overpriced pub food is what you want in spades, well Corvallis has it. Garlic tots, chillie tots, truffle tots, cajun tots ..m we got'em. Creative tasty interesting cuisine? Or good ethnic food? Not so much cause we are a bunch of pasty boring white people. Now let's talk about the government, I work there, and they are most sinical, discontented, and self serving people I have ever worked with. The less they can do the better. Many good people do work there but the leadership is terrible. Corvallis is great if you want to fullfill some green liberal fantasy while funded by all the money you made in Southern Cal and remain very comfortable while you play activist. Dateing here, forget it. Find a job here? Sure if you want to be underpaid, and overworked for your level of education. Now lets talk about housing prices. They suck. Sure if you move from LA or NY it is great, but compared to Oregon it sucks. Stay in LA and NY you are wrecking Oregon.
      6 -10
      Really Bad Environment: really racist, not for smart college-going stu
      I really didn't like it here. One of the most horrible places to live. Citizens are both cruel and stupid. I didn't like it here at all. College is tough too; the instructors are really racist and tend to bring in religion in the classroom to make a point. Very bigoted town and everyone is constantly fighting to make ends meet, apparently. No one listens to complaints so it makes everything very difficult. I tend to feel very persecuted and often times what I gathered is it is partially due to racism and religion. Other times they are just so screwed up that there's nothing you can do. Bad group of people, bad people in the city, and poor talent pool, from what I can tell, so you won't find any support anywhere.
      5 -9
      Visiting Corvallis
      In June 2014, my good female friend, her nice dog, and I visited Corvallis. During the trip the people in Oregon were very nice to all of us from Ontario to Corvallis to South of Portland back to eastern Oregon. The Cascade mountains east of Corvallis are beautiful, roads on the trip were well maintained. Corvallis, the Willamette River and the parts of Oregon we saw were beautiful
      People in Corvallis were mostly, not all, helpful and dog friendly. It has nice areas to walk around with a dog. Corvallis area seemed pretty calm and laid back, but this visit was at the end of an Oregon State University (OSU) quarter. A few of the college students can be at times a bother.
      Prices on food were high at the grocery stores I went too. Chain restaurants seemed to have the same prices as where my friend and I are from. It seemed that rental costs could be above average along with lodging cost (hotel or motel). The motel we stayed at Albany was pet friendly, but charged and extra $10 per night for a dog.
      I have been informed that jobs can be hard to find in Corvallis as in other parts of Oregon. The Labor Department unemployment rates support this.
      My friend's son is a student at OSU which is a beautiful campus. Students that do not have a lot of money had to have several roommates to afford housing in Corvallis which can make the living situation harder. OSU does have student housing at about the same prices, but not crowded.
      There is a free bus system in Corvallis, but times it runs can be limited to mostly during the day. I saw a bus on the OSU campus that was headed to Portland, and I read about bus service at reasonable prices to Albany and Eugene.
      There is so much outdoor activities to do within reasonable driving distance, including fishing, camping, the coast, skiing and so much more. That is why I rate iCorvallis high in attractions, if you are into outdoor activities.
      If you visit Corvallis, recommend checking out and reserving a motel or hotel room way ahead of time in the area and not the day before during OSU commencement week.

      Good Luck
      2 -3
      Stay away if you value your sanity!
      Having lived here 20 years ago, and returned last year, we have seen many change and not for the good, all we can say is for shame, this once nice to place to visit and live has been turned into a cesspool, not talking about dirt here, more like noise pollution, everywhere you go there are idiots with so much heavy bass in the vehicles it's like an earthquake, thumping day and night, ruining quality of life, personal vehicles with exhausts that sound like commercial vehicles and shouldn't, crime has gone up, used to be the worse crime was bicycle theft, now it's burglaries and there are so many domestic disputes it's sad, the skate park is often frequented by dererlicts as is downtown itself. People are living on top of each other and there is really little regard for the next person's right to peace and quiet, you can't even go to a park anymore and be able to hear just the birds or the wind blowing. It' very sad what's happened to this home of OSU, we are leaving here at the end of the month and will not be looking, back, if you value your sanity think twice about even visiting here! Sorry to say this, but Corvallis is no longer the jewel it once was now it just plain sucks, the life out of you!
      7 -2
      The OSU Beaver's Is a Place For a Family
      I had the great privilege of attending school in Corvallis, Oregon a few years ago. And that's what it is. It's simply a college town with awesome outdoor adventures at its feet and a ton of nice college kids and local families. Corvallis is absolutely beautiful. It contains the Oregon beauty people love and and grants you that relaxed outdoor feeling year round. Corvallis is a nice community but doesn't have anything too great to make it worth wanting to visit and yet it's a fine community to call home.

      First of all, if you like hiking or being outdoors you'll love Corvallis for that. Within minutes you can literally be on a new hiking trail or even make your own. And there are great parks to visit as well with kids toys, picnic tables and more. And best of all they are hardly ever crowded. This is a plus for people with children. You can get away by yourself as the crowds are few and far in-between.

      And if you get anxious for a change of pace you are only 90 minutes from the amazing Oregon coast and the big city of Portland. Getting there is really only possible by car as there is not a great public transportation system. And the closest large airport is in Eugene or Portland. Traffic is minimal unless it's during the school year on a game day. If it's a weekend, watch out on days that the Beaver's play for Oregon State, the university that calls its home there. There are many hip food chains as well as many home grown cafe's to enjoy. Corvallis is a nice community but doesn't have anything too great to make it worth wanting to visit or live in.

      When college students head home in the summer the town dies down a little bit but it feels nice year round. It is friendly and laid back. Schools are good as well. Shopping isn't great although they keep adding more and more chain stores so you have more choices than before. Fall in Corvallis is gorgeous. The leaves that change colors remind you that you are in the heart of the Willamette Valley. Corvallis is a nice place to raise a family and enjoy the outdoors. While there is nothing that stands out about it, it is a solid community that seems to keep that American feel.
      2 -1
      Source: The Corvallis, OR data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).