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Missouri: The show-me state

Like most of the Midwestern states, Missouri is seen as a great place to raise a family. It is right in the center of the map and Missouri features a couple of big cities in St. Louis and Kansas City. Those are the spots that most people focus on when looking at the state, though it is worth mentioning that Springfield is also a great place to live. In general, the best hotels and most of the top attractions in the state are in St. Louis and Kansas City. From professional baseball, which is huge in Missouri, to a great selection of restaurants, Missouri is a place that gets it done from a cultural standpoint.

Missouri is one of the many states where you can really feel the force of four full seasons. You get some hot days during the summer that will make you long for the pool and you can experience a lot of snow during the winter. This is a draw for many people who are thinking of relocating to Missouri. As far as the local economy is concerned, the major centers in Missouri haven't slowed down too much. This makes it an attractive state when compared to others across the country.

Missouri is a state of opportunity and the big cities are exceedingly wealthy. If you are looking to know more about it, then you will want to get an intimate look with our reviews and our photos. We hope to answer any questions that you might have had with our question and answer section, too.

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