Cities in Hawaii

Population: 1,415,872

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Hawaii: Aloha!

Whether you are hoping to travel to Hawaii for a tropical green Christmas or you are hoping to make this island paradise your permanent home, Hawaii truly is a piece of paradise! If you took a look at a map of Hawaii, you'd notice that the state is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, farther away from any other landmass than any other island on the earth. The chain of islands consists of four main islands; Hawaii, Oahu, Maui and Kauai. Oahu, the most popular destination for tourists, boasts hundreds of hotels and restaraunts, as well as countless fun attractions from longboard surfing and luaus to snorkeling and hiking. Of course, the weather in all cities in Hawaii is absolutely wonderful.

Since it is tropical, it does rain a lot, but showers generally only last fifteen minutes to a few hours before the sun returns. Winters are cooler, thanks to Ocean currents coming in from Alaska, but overall the climate is very mild. Cost of living is high in most cities in Hawaii, since most everything from building materials to food must be imported from the mainland. However, most jobs are aware of these extra costs and have to pay more in salary so that you can afford to work and live there.

No matter your reason for going to these rainbow-filled islands, we can help you get all the information you need. View photos for extra enticement to save up that Christmas bonus money or read reviews from actual residents to help find the best cities in Hawaii!