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  • Schofield Barracks has a Livability Score of 68/100, which is considered average
  • Schofield Barracks crime rates are 100% lower than the Hawaii average
  • Cost of living in Schofield Barracks is 1% higher than the Hawaii average

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Schofield Barracks Hawaii: Army Headquarters 3.5 rating By Anonymous ( May 14, 2018) I enjoyed my stay while living in Schofield Barracks Hawaii, the Command Headquarters for the United States Army Hawaii. The city is located in Honolulu and is near Wahiawa. The town is gorgeous. It is has a strong military presence. The town was named after Commanding General, L ...Read More ieutenant General John McAllister Schofield, of the United States Army. The area is vast, it scales over 17,000 acres of military dedicated space. Schofield Barracks is extremely tropical, it has great schools, crime is non-existent, and there are ample amenities available.

Schofield Barracks was constructed for battle purposes. It was purposed for the defense of Pearl Harbor. So there is an abundance of military personnel and government retirees. Job sources can be scarce if it is not military related. There is no criminal activity there and the cost of living is somewhat steep. Best areas in Schofield Barracks Hawaii surround the barracks. There is so much to do on post. It is its own city. There is shopping, dining, entertainment, taverns, and other venues. Read Less
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25% lower than the US average

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5% lower than the US average

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22% higher than the US average

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