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The "Windy City". Immortalized by poet Carl Sandburg. The Midwest's most celebrated metropolis. And an area filled with cultural, recreational, and business opportunities, not to mention some of America's best schools. There are many reasons to appreciate and take advantage of all that America's third largest city has to offer. But the city wouldn't have the reputation that it does if it wasn't a great place to live as well. Read on to learn more about some of the neighborhoods that make Chicago worth calling home.

Lincoln Park

One of the city's iconic neighborhoods, Lincoln Park is a great blend of all that the city has to offer-business, education, the arts, public areas, historic neighborhoods, and a vibrant nightlife. Located on the city's famous North Side, the neighborhood abuts DePaul University, which means a lively college crowd, and all of the restaurants, clubs, and cultural opportunities that come with it. There is indeed a park here which offers a free zoo and many other nature and outdoor opportunities. In addition to Lincoln Park itself, a number of smaller parks are nearby. Lakefront access and swimming and boating opportunities are here. A number of retailers, many of them upscale, can be found here as well. Excellent schools, including one of the country's best public high schools, are located in Lincoln Park. A very nice area for young families and professionals, this is also one of Chicago's more expensive neighborhoods. Apartments range between $1,000-$6,000 depending on size and amenities. Homes average around $500,000.

Lake View

Named one of Money Magazine's "Best Big City Neighborhoods To Live In" in 2010, Lake View is a series of smaller neighborhoods bordered on one side by Lake Michigan, and on the other by roadways West Diversey Parkway, West Irving Park Road, and North Ravenswood Avenue. The neighborhood borders Lincoln Park, contains the iconic Wrigley Field, and hosts several nationally known LGBTQ events. Lake View is noted for its many hospitals and medical centers. The area has a very rich theater history, and has more than 30 theaters and public performance spaces. Lake View's Boystown neighborhood has many boutiques, retail shops and restaurants, and is famous for its colorful nightclubs. Schools in the Lake View neighborhood are all public. Lake View accommodates a wide range of residents, from families, to singles, to senior citizens. Real estate costs are very affordable for big city living. Apartments range between $700 - $3,000 here, and homes average between $225,000, dependent on size and community.

Near North Side

Located north and east of the Chicago River, this neighborhood comprises the northernmost part of the city's downtown area, and is the oldest part of Chicago itself. The Near North Side is a series of neighborhoods that represent residential areas, businesses, historic districts, and cultural areas. It has a number of restaurants, and a booming theater district, including the famous improvisational comedy troupe Second City. Most of the city's museums are located here, as are campuses belonging to Loyola and Northwestern universities. The Near North Side is a good neighborhood in particular for young professionals, with apartments ranging between $1,400 - $9,500 depending on size and amenities, and homes here averaging $400,000 depending on size and community.