Near North Side, Chicago, IL

Population: 83,049

Key findings

  • Near North Side has a Livability Score of 63/100, which is considered below average
  • Near North Side crime rates are 57% higher than the Chicago average
  • Cost of living in Near North Side is 26% higher than the Chicago average
  • Near North Side real estate prices are 93% higher than the Chicago average
  • Rental prices in Near North Side are 57% higher than the Chicago average

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      North Side, Chicago

      I was petrified when we got a transfer to Chicago. Coming from small town America, this was a big change. The Windy City is quite large. It is divided into many mature neighborhoods, one of which is considered the North Side. The Northern section of town is considered to be the area that lies both north and east of the Chicago River. With 77 communities in all, Chicago can be difficult to navigate. Of all of Chicago, this area has the largest population, the most skyscrapers and the largest square footage of all the suburbs.

      The North area has always been known for the section that the rich and affluent congregate. The home prices are elevated and posh and there are hardly any middle class sections. The Magnificent Mile is here, as well as the famous Navy Pier. Because of these attractions, it brings in both good and bad tourist. However, a day with nothing to do just doesn't seem to happen around here.

      One of the neat parts of town is McCormickville. This area runs between Rush and Erie Street. Named after the McCormich Family, mansions were built for this family in this section in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Michigan Avenue Bridge also has a famous history. It was here that the permanent settlement known as "Eschecagou" was established. It was built by Jean Baptiste Point du Sable. Pioneer Court marks this area.

      Chicago is well known for shopping, and this area of town is no different. However, the stores on this end of town do tend to be a bit pricier. One could obtain the same thing on the South end of town cheaper. There are some eclectic shops in the downtown section and neat gadgets a plenty. Food, well there is the most amazing eateries in the country here. Again, it's Chicago so expect bigger and better.

      The people here are not warm and welcoming. In fact, I found them to be a bit reserved. They are not rude, but don't expect to make friends right away. There are hospitals and medical centers on every corner, and there is always something to do. Night life is exceptional and the close proximity to the downtown area just makes it all even better. Now that we have been here for more than 10 years, there's no place like home.
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      Source: The Near North Side, Chicago, IL data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).