South Lawndale, Chicago, IL

Population: 73,519

Key findings

  • South Lawndale has a Livability Score of 66/100, which is considered below average
  • South Lawndale crime rates are 36% lower than the Chicago average
  • Cost of living in South Lawndale is 11% lower than the Chicago average
  • South Lawndale real estate prices are 39% lower than the Chicago average
  • Rental prices in South Lawndale are 24% lower than the Chicago average

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      South Lawndale - Living in Little Village

      Before moving to the suburbs right outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I spent a few months in the 'Little Village' of Chicago. This is a well-rounded and very cultural part of Chicago, with its majority ethnicity is Mexican or Spanish.

      If you like living in a very 'hustle and bustle' kind of neighborhood, with all of its risk that it entails, I would highly recommend this one. I love how all of the buildings have a little bit of their own history packed into them, as well as the towns history altogether! It's got a very traditional feel and a non-uniform market for real estate. The cost of living here, is one most desirable for those seeking a busy community.

      The neighborhood is great for shopping, eating and even going out on any given night! One of the things I would miss most if I moved to a less busy community. The others being how I had everything so conveniently within walking distance of my apartment.

      There are plenty of grocery stores for shopping close to home if you don't have transportation. As well as plenty of dining options if you're more apt to go out more often than you would cook! One of my favorites was Macrochasa Cyber Cafe on West 26th Street. The best that mornings have to offer in the Little Village!

      One of the reasons I moved to a suburban area outside of Philadelphia, is because I would not like to move back into the middle of such a busy, communal city. To me, it is not worth the move. If you're young and careful and all the right opportunities just can't pass themselves up, then it might be ideal. But if you're planning long term, or wanting to start a family in a neighborhood with a great atmosphere, this would not be the one.

      The crime in this area was just too great for my liking. The police departments were very well organized and very well respected, but there was just too much crime for such a small area, for my mind not to become worried every now and then. Now, this is something that is very much expected from such a busy city, and in its own beauty, being in such a large city is a great thing. But in my case, it's not!
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      Source: The South Lawndale, Chicago, IL data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).