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Best Places To Live In Pittsburgh, PA

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Pittsburgh, PA: Thriving Urban Lifestyle

Today the City of Pittsburgh sits within the second-largest metropolitan area in the State of Pennsylvania. With over 300,000 people living within its city limits, Pittsburgh offers a thriving, dynamic quality of urban life. It serves as the seat of Allegheny County. The city occupies a unique location; the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers conjoin here to form the mighty Ohio River. Formerly an industrial and steelmaking center, Pittsburgh underwent extensive renewal and revitalization during the 1980s.

Relocating to Pittsburgh could significantly change your life. This historic city boasts a diverse, well-educated population. Currently a number of high tech firms supply employment opportunities in this region. They join federal agencies, higher educational institutions, banks and law firms in contributing to Pittsburgh's economy. The city offer some memorable unique landmarks, including Point State Park near the confluence of three rivers and the massive 42-story Cathedral of Learning at Pittsburgh University.

Although the cost of living in Pittsburgh outpaces the cost of living in most other parts of Pennsylvania, residents tend to receive higher wages here, too. The price of buying or renting a home varies widely based upon the neighborhood. The size of the property and its location and condition impact sales prices. Typically, standalone houses command higher rents than apartments. Commuters in the city rely upon a well-developed public transportation system which include light rail and bus service, as well as taxi service and ridesharing. A complex infrastructure of roads, bridges and tunnels provides easy motor vehicle access to urban areas.

People moving to Pittsburgh appreciate knowing the majority of neighborhoods in this city include extensive hilly landscapes. Properties in low-lying areas usually lie within flood plains, so consider purchasing flood insurance when you buy real estate here. Residents anticipate 38" of rainfall annually (just 1" less than the national average in the USA). This area receives an average of 2'3" of snow a year. With average January temperatures falling in the 20 degree Fahrenheit range and average July temperatures well above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, expect some chilly winter days and some hot summer weather in this location.

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