Key findings

  • Jackson has a Livability Score of 57/100, which is considered poor
  • Jackson crime rates are 121% higher than the Mississippi average
  • Cost of living in Jackson is 6% lower than the Mississippi average
  • Jackson real estate prices are 15% lower than the Mississippi average
  • Rental prices in Jackson are 6% higher than the Mississippi average

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      Jackson, MS

      The city of Jackson has a population of more than 170,000 and is located in Mississippi. The name Jackson originated from General Andrew Jackson in his honor after his significant role in the War of New Orleans. The city occupies approximately 300 acres of land. Jackson lies on River Pearl, situated in the Jackson Prairie area of Mississippi. The presence of natural gas in the city makes it the most populated, with a higher population than the Meridian, which secured that position before the discovery of natural gas in the region. The city is known due to its massive number of famous musicians of the blues, gospel, and jazz music.

      The various apartments in Jackson are constructed to meet the different tastes and specifications shared among residents as well as potential ones. Most rental buildings can accommodate pets since they are designed in a pet-friendly manner. The housing rates in most apartments situated in Jackson are affordable in comparison with other cities in the state. Home sizes range from small to large, and the corresponding home value depends on the size. Therefore, by choosing Jackson city as your home, you are assured of getting the best housing that caters to your tastes and interests from the various options that are available in accommodation within the city.

      Public transit in the city of Jackson is facilitated by JATRAN and an ADA that operates in the entire city. The best part is that the fee is quite affordable. JATRAN works from Monday to Friday during the day. There are also more available buses to boost the transport system and ensure movement within the city is made easy and fast. Besides, there are permanent lanes for bicycle riders and pedestrians as well to ease congestion on the main roads. Therefore, by choosing Jackson City as your home, there is an assurance of securing timely traveling with no hindrance.

      Some of the most significant landmarks in the city include Mississippi State Capital, Old Capital Museum, Eudora Welty House and Garden, and Medgar Evers Home. It is rare to find a rock concert located on the top of a prehistoric volcano, a place with deep ties to the blues and international ballet, which are all common in Jackson City. All the highlighted facts above make Jackson City distinctive from other cities in Mississippi State.

      Besides, the city is a recreational center with about ten football fields, basketball courts as well as swimming pools. Jackson city has numerous universities and colleges which offer excellent education opportunities to people in all levels.

      The excellent public transport system, amazing recreational services, affordable housings, and the availability of institutions of higher learning in Jackson are just a few of the reasons why the city would be the best choice for residence.

      Top Rated Schools in Jackson

      Name Grades Students Proficiency
      Davis Magnet SchoolKG - 526687%
      Power Apac School4 - 513882%
      Bailey Middle Apac School6 - 838777%
      Northwest Middle School6 - 838864%
      Casey Elementary SchoolKG - 540362%
      Key Elementary SchoolPK - 534457%
      Mcwillie Elementary SchoolPK - 643250%
      Lester Elementary SchoolKG - 536945%
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      Jackson Reviews

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      Jackson Mississippi is disgusting
      0 0
      A Cool City
      I have lived in Jackson my whole life. There is a strong sense of community, and everyone is so nice. If you are visiting, anyone will gladly give you directions and recommendations. I do not and have not known anyone racist in all my time here. My favourite area in Jackson is Fondren, which has lots of shops and restaurants and entertainment. Fondren is very kid friendly, and a fun place to walk around. All around Jackson there are lots of cool murals, the best places to look for them are Fondren and downtown Jackson. Jackson is a unique, colourful city with lots of character.
      7 -7
      A Dreadful Place
      I cannot imagine a worse place to live than Jackson, Mississippi. A city going nowhere but down, obsessed with race and class and with nothing to do but commit crime or keep up with the wealthier Mississippi Delta phonies and climbers. Says all you need to know...someone on this page did a review of a pawn shop. Get out of Jackson. Get out of Mississippi.
      12 -5
      Capital Pawn Shop (Janice)
      So I went to capital pawn shop on hwy 80 with plans to conduct my business and leave . I amazingly got much more. Janice gave me speedy service great customer service she was very nice and patient . Although I was only there ten min she made me smile and laugh. She has a good heart great attitude and good personality all the things you need to work in retail i was please and very satisfy with my service. Thanks again Janice for making my day better.
      5 -12
      For your own safety avoid this place
      The entire state sucks, including Jackson. I used to live there. Long history of poverty, violence, racism, and corruption in government. The schools are terrible and you'll develop an accent nobody wants.
      10 -6
      Run from Jackson MS
      I have lived in other places and all where better than Jackson MS. I have seen Jackson go down over the years and now it is not even worth talking about. The school system is messed up. The bus system is messed up. The water bill is so high and you can't never drink it, brush your teeth nor half bathe with it. Most of neighborhoods in Northwest,south and west Jackson are terrible. The police force just have to shake my head. I am finally getting my mom to move out of here.
      5 -7
      an embarrassment to our great country, RACIST
      This city is filled with racism, horrible roads, bad education, horrible drivers, bad music scene, incurable government, bad structural issues, horrible crime, lazy mentality, a worse than mediocre mindset, stubborn stupid people, and many more things. It is not worth even going here for education only which is not half bad here. I have lived in Jackson for 3 years and have spent much time about the town. It needs to be demolished and moved. It was built on a volcano basically and there is a guarantee that your house's structural integrity will not be consistent. I am being very honest about this town and what I have experienced from living here. I gave it the benefit of a doubt for the first year, and the place all most kept me from having any positive thoughts about it. At least Detroit is known for the jazz musicians from there and has a good music scene. Jackson is a pathetic waste of material, even without any crime.
      4 -6
      Anybody who moves here needs to have their head examined.
      You can find decent restaurants and shopping almost anywhere in the country. I was born and raised in an affluent Jackson neighborhood. Mississippi is a violent, backward state, and always has been. It's not going to change in our lifetime. Mississippi has an extremely bad reputation as a backward, violent, and poor place all over the globe. Law enforcement, healthcare, and education are all inferior in the state compared to the rest of the US. I was the victim of a number of crimes in Mississippi, and I'm lucky to have survived childhood. I'm not exaggerating at all. And don't expect to see a lot of "southern belles" in Mississippi, as most of the women are poor, fat, and ugly. What a s*hole.
      3 -9
      Jackson, MS - Full of Southern Charm
      I grew up in the city of Jackson Mississippi, and I can't think of a better place on earth to grow up! The pace of life in Jackson is a little slower here, people take the time to say "hello" everywhere you go, and stopping to smell the flowers is not only expected but is practically required!

      Jackson may not have quite the cultural attractions and big city events that the larger Southern cities boast, but it does have plenty of things to do all year round. The weather in Jackson is generally nice, with four distinct seasons. The famous Southern humidity is the only thing visitors or residents may not enjoy. Visits to Jackson are best undertaken in the spring or fall - just try to avoid the heat bath that happens in a Jackson July or August.

      Jackson does have a minor league baseball team, several museums of note, and a charming downtown area that can be explored on foot. There are four shopping centers in the area, with the newly built Renaissance being especially beautiful and many delicious restaurants to choose from seving southern BBQ.

      You will find the true definition of Southern hospitality here. Expect smiles and friendly greetings at every turn. Residents of Jackson are always happy to help visitors with directions and advice, so don't be afraid to ask!
      8 -9
      Source: The Jackson, MS data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).