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Mississippi: The true heart of the south

There are many good things about the state of Mississippi that should be highlighted for those people who are looking to visit or relocate. When you look at a map of the state, you will see some of the biggest cities are Jackson, Oxford, Starkville, and then the coastal areas. Places like Biloxi and Gulfport have the best hotels and resorts, since they are the centers for travel in the state. Mississippi has the Gulf of Mexico to boast, as well as a liberal agenda on gambling. There are casinos all over the state, most notably in the coastal locations and in the north in Tunica.

Mississippi is a very safe state in most of its areas. One thing to note is that the schools there have struggled some, but there are still good options for those people who are willing to look hard enough. The job market has been hurting for the last few years, but that is more a function of the economy than anything else. Under normal circumstances, people can find work in the Mississippi, especially with its highly lucrative tourism industry powering everything. One item that redeems the state significantly is its low cost of living, even in the bigger cities.

All in all, when you are looking into Mississippi, you will want to know about the best local businesses and you'll want answers to local questions, as well. We provide those things, along with photos of the state's best areas and information on things to do in Mississippi.

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