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Best Places To Live In Mississippi 2024

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Mississippi: Strong National and Historical Pride

What do Elvis, Muppets creator Jim Hansen and actor James Earl Jones have in common? They’re all from the great state of Mississippi. The residents are not the state’s only claim to fame. Mississippi boasts strong national and historical pride, deep faith, southern hospitality, beautiful outdoor spaces and a mild climate with long summers and short winters.

Mississippi is bordered on two sides by water, sitting alongside the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, the shoreline attracts visitors every year to its white sandy beaches, coastal forest and marsh habitat. With such a beautiful setting, hunting, fishing and camping are favorite pastimes of many residents. As if the great outdoors were not attractive enough, Mississippi also has a lower cost of living than the U.S. average, many historical and cultural sites and dozens of charming towns and bustling cities, each with their own charm.

Madison is one such town. Here, residents earn a higher than state average household income and enjoy lower unemployment than the national average. This community has a small-town charm, and several family-friendly attractions. The Madison Square Center for the Arts helps residents harness their own creativity and enjoy the creativity of others. Simmons Arboretum and the Strawberry Patch Park each offer walking trails, and native plants. In addition, Strawberry Patch Park has public sports complexes, playground equipment and picnic tables. While residents don't need to leave home to find entertainment, Madison is close to Jackson: a major metropolitan area.

On the other hand, Ridgeland, Mississippi is quickly becoming the place to be. The town’s population is growing quickly thanks - in part - to its lower unemployment and cost of living than the national average. Ridgeland is on the beautiful Natchez Trace and has many relaxing biking and hiking trails. Residents may be found kayaking or sailing on the water, shopping in one of the many modern, trendy open-air markets or enjoying the beautiful southern weather at a patio café.

If small town values are more your speed, Brandon may be the home you’re looking for. This is a quiet community with low crime. This may be because residents take great pride treating everyone as a neighbor. Residents come together frequently to improve the community and enjoy each other’s company. A deep sense of history and pride permeate the community. Historical sites include The Tatum House, The Cedars, The Magnolias and more. Not surprisingly, many of the attractions in Brandon center around family including the Shiloh Splash Park and Winner’s Circle Park. As an added bonus, rent and home prices are lower than the national average too.

So, if you don’t mind humidity - think of it as a daily sauna treatment - enjoy the great outdoors, are interested in art and history or like the low cost of living, check out some of the best places to live in Mississippi. Using AreaVibes, you’ll have the opportunity to compare cities, cost of living, available homes and rentals and more so you can find the best place to live in Mississippi.