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Utah: The desert that blooms

Relocating to Utah? You have reached the right place! Whether you are looking for an apartment or just want more information about the state, we can help! The state of Utah is known as the desert that blooms. First settled by the Mormons in the 1800s, the mountainous landscape seemed barren. In the middle of Utah is the great Salt Lake, a lake so salty that fish cannot inhabit it. Next to the lake are the Bonneville salt flats that are now commonly used for racing. The Rocky Mountains zig zag down the state, bordering major cities like Salt Lake, Ogden and Provo. These mountains gain travelers from all over the world since they are some of the best in the United States for skiing and snowboarding, offering plenty of powder days most years.

Cost of living in Utah is lower than the national average, and housing is very affordable. Utah has a great public transportation system, with buses traveling across routes all over the Salt Lake and Provo valleys. There is also a light rail track extending north-south across the Salt Lake Valley. Work is currently in progress to extend the light rail system all the way down to Provo.

Let us help you learn more about Utah. We have photos of popular Utah hot spots and attractions, as well as local business reviews and a question and answer section. What do you want to know about the Beehive State?

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