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Best Places To Live In Utah 2024

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Utah: Beehive State

Utah is a state that has gotten the spotlight recently over its religious activities. Three out of five people are Mormons. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has its global headquarters in Salt Lake City, the state’s capital. This has a direct influence on the culture and lifestyle of the residents. You can find some of the best places in Utah to live, work and play. The state is especially appealing if you love working hard and enjoying some incredible outdoor adventure.

The state offers expansive and gorgeous mountains, five national parks, ski resorts, hiking trails and a state park among other popular destinations. However, be prepared to tighten your belt and earn your keep in the beehive state.

Located to the southwest of the US, Utah is a landlocked state. It borders Colorado on the east side, Nevada on the west, Idaho on the northern side, Arizona on the southern side, Wyoming on the northeast, and New Mexico on the southeast corner. The majority of the population has settled along the Wasatch Front, a metropolis stretch which runs from Nephi to Brigham City in the north-central region of the state.

Salt Lake City is not only the administrative capital but also the largest city and the industrial and commercial hub for the state. Out of twenty-nine counties, Salt Lake County is the most populous in the state with over a million residents. It is also home to five cities besides Salt Lake City. These include West Valley City, West Jordan, Sandy, and Taylorsville.

If you are searching for some of the best places to live in Utah, then Salt Lake City should be on top of your list. The city offers an unparalleled urban lifestyle like no other in the state. Additionally, the city hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002. Utah comes in at the fourth position in overall health and well-being in the US. It reports the highest total birth rate and the youngest population in a US state. The state is home to the world-famous Sundance Film Festival held in January and the fifth best basketball team on the western circuit, the Utah Jazz.

Utah enjoys a semi-arid climate. Cooler winters, hot summer days and cool nights shielded from cold wind and storms by the gorgeous mountains to the east and north of the state. The climate stays relatively comfortable. Lots of sunny days, moderate rains, very few thunderstorms, and tornadoes typical of the western region of the US. Utah’s snow is described as the greatest in the world. It is light, smooth, and fluffy. It has attracted some of the best investments in the skiing resorts industry.

Utah enjoys a variety of recreation activities mainly due to the expansive outdoors. From scenic views to watch while canoe-fishing for warm water fish to dune-racing in the drastic desert regions, from skiing to hiking and sightseeing in the lovely alpines, there is no shortage of outdoor adventure. You can even take a tour of the agricultural belt along the Utah Valley and sample the amazing fresh produce and dairy products.

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