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Oklahoma: A tornado every month

Oklahoma! Where the wind comes rushing down the plains! Just thinking about Oklahoma brings up images of Conestoga wagons, land-thirsty settlers, and roaming buffalo. But just what is modern-day Oklahoma like? Most people who live in Oklahoma either live in Tulsa or in Oklahoma City. So, if your job is relocating you to Oklahoma, you will more than likely live near one of these two cities. There are many events and attractions and great places to travel in Oklahoma. The Woolaroc museum and wildlife preserve will teach you about the history of oil in Oklahoma, animals native to the plains, and the Native American tribes of Oklahoma. Closer to the Texas border, Turner Falls is a sprawling natural swimming area with stunning waterfalls throughout.

Oklahoma has one of the fastest growing economies in the entire nation. In both per capita income growth and gross domestic product growth, the state of Oklahoma has some of the very highest rates. Oklahoma is major producer of natural gas, oil, and agriculture, and most available jobs in Oklahoma will be either in these areas or in biotechnology, aviation, energy, or telecommunications. Also, cost of living is the lowest in the country in Oklahoma. Finally, Oklahoma is located right in the center of Tornado Alley, an area of the nation especially prone to severe weather. An average of 54 tornados hit the state every year.

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