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Norman is a very nice community 4 rating By Anonymous ( May 16, 2021) I have lived all over the US and extended stays in foreign countries. If you had told me earlier in life I would end up in Oklahoma I would have scoffed. I spent 5 years in Norman working in OKC and earning advanced degree at OU. I left to follow career advancement including CA ( ...Read More for the 3rd time...sigh). I decided to return and make this my last stop in life. I’m glad I did. OU is a wonderful school (I’ve attended two other flagship state universities). OU’s presence obviously looms large, enriching the community in myriad ways. The politics are moderate, unlike the rest of the state which is permeated with fanatical, ignorant, nut jobs. Ignore them. Norman cares about its community, passing bonds to improve its water system, library, animal shelter, schools, sidewalks, and much more. It has an excellent bus system and paratransit service for disabled. Education K-12 is first rate. There are diverse grocery stores with choices for everyone. All the shopping needed in big new development along I-35. People are generally friendly. If you want to prowl around late night OKC is 20 minutes away. I hope the absurd oversupply of marijuana shops will dwindle. I noticed they are everywhere since returning. Read Less
It is Oklahoma 0.5 rating By Anonymous ( Oct 25, 2019) Moved here a year ago and it's awful neighbors call the police constantly everyone nosy it's a mental health capital the docs here got people walking around medicated up like zombies you cant have a dog if it barks when it plays in yard and trains all the time weird hours lots of ...Read More drug addicts and people up and down the alleys all night but cops dont get called on them anyway beware of norman beware of Oklahoma want to stay out of trouble stay out of Oklahoma Read Less
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Norman, OK - A Great First Impression of Oklahoma! 4 rating By Anonymous ( Jul 06, 2010) I have never visited Oklahoma before which is why I was unsure what to expect in late 2009 when my wife and I went to visit friends in Norman, OK. Luckily we left with an outstanding first impression of positive thoughts of Norman.

Norman is a great city with plenty of things to
...Read More do and attractions to see. My favorite thing was the Westwood Park which is an excellent entertainment center featuring an 18 hole golf course, state of the art Tennis are and a really great water park. It makes a good stop for the family, the casual golfer or just about anyone else!

The city of Norman has other great attractions to offer than just Westwood Park. Some of the other things included a great bike trail, the Veteran's Memorial and of course an outstanding mall to get some shopping done! There are some decent restaurant options in Norman but I stuck to the national chains which seemed to be the best bet! Nightlife in Norman isn't amazing but there are a few clubs and bars that have a full crowd on the weekends. I would recommend making a weekend stay or more in Norman to enjoy the great scenery and entertainment. Read Less

Norman, OK

Oklahoma is known for a couple of things, and when most people think about the state, they think about the wing sweeping down the plains and the Sooners streaking down the field to score a touchdown. People who choose to call Norman home can see plenty of both of these things as the city is home to the University of Oklahoma and wide open spaces like Lake Thunderbird. With a population that is over 100,000, the size of the city almost doubles on a Saturday afternoon in the fall when Memorial Stadium is packed with rabid Sooner fans.

If you are not into football, the University also has an amazing fine arts program that puts on presentations throughout the year. The Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum should be a mandatory first stop for anyone who is new to the state or the city since it will help you get acclimated to all things Oklahoma in a hurry. Norman is an attractive area for families to call home since home prices are extremely affordable and the local education system is among the best in the entire state. Norman schools are typically recognized for their excellence educational opportunities.

Some of the most popular areas of Norman include: University, Little Axe, Campus Corner and Miller. As you can tell, this is first and foremost a college town, and the University of Oklahoma campus is one of the best areas in the city to go for an evening stroll when the temperatures start to drop. While there are a lot of students who are attending the university throughout the year, it is still extremely easy to get a reservation at one of the city's top dining establishments. Traffic is very light in the city, and there are even public transit options available through the city's EMBARK transportation system. While Oklahoma City offers a more robust network of routes, Norman's relatively small size makes it easy to get around the city.

Speaking of Oklahoma City, many people hop on I-35 to commute to the city each day for work as it is only a 15 - 20 minute drive. Oklahoma City is one of the places that locals in Norman go when they are looking for big city living and nightlife options.

Living in a college town offers a unique experience for parents and children since a college education is something that is on a child's mind from a young age. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why Norman has such a strong education system and is such a popular place to call home for young doctors and lawyers. Owning a home in Norman offers an affordable lifestyle with access to great shopping and entertainment.


Little River State Park
Oliver Wildlife Preserve
Little River Wildlife Managment Area
Headington Park
Boyd R. Gunning Park


Nancy O’Brian Center for the Performing Arts
Sooner Theatre
AMC Robinson Crossing 6
Regal Spotlight 14

Food & Drink

Happy Family
The Clubhouse Grill
New York Pizza & Pasta
Drive to Work

4% higher than the US average

Take Public Transit

4% lower than the US average

Walk to Work

equal to the US average


Griffin Memorial Hospital
Robinson Medical Plaza
Norman Regional Healthplex
Norman Regional HealthPlex
Norman Regional Hospital


Central Pharmacy
Walmart Pharmacy
Walgreens Pharmacy
CVS Pharmacy
CVS Pharmacy


Wise Eye Associates
Perinatal Center Oklahoma
Goddard Health Center

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