Cities in Nevada

Population: 3,080,156

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Nevada: More Than Just Bright Lights

Headed to the entertainment capital of the world to relocate? The great state of Nevada offers more than luxe hotels, casinos and all-you-can eat buffets. Nevada is most famous (or shall we say infamous) for the city of Las Vegas, a 24 hour neon hub of activity. After all, people travel across the world to get access to the legalized gambling, simple and quick marriage and divorce proceedings, events and attractions and legalized active brothels of Las Vegas. However, in addition to a booming tourism industry, there are many people who live and work in non-entertainment related fields in Las Vegas, as well as in other parts of Nevada.

From the Mojave Desert in the southern part of Nevada to the Great Basin in the north, Nevada is a desert. In fact it is the most arid state in the Union. Since most of the rest of the state is basically unihabitable, much of Nevada (around 86%) is owned and used by the federal government for military and research purposes. Besides Vegas, cities such as Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Laughlin are also major tourist areas that employ a lot of people. There is an especially high number of resort and entertainment venues in Nevada, and this is because the state does not charge corporate income tax. Additionally, Nevada does not charge personal income tax. Outside of these resort cities, most jobs are in the cattle and mining industries.

Cities in Nevada (on average) have a slightly higher than average crime rate, when compared to the national average. Larger cities like Las Vegas and Reno could be contributing to the increased rates as both cities have crime rates that are higher than average. If crime is a key factor in your decision, take a look Henderson, which has much lower than average crime rates.