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Best Places To Live In Norfolk, VA

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Norfolk, VA: Live The Excitment!

Norfolk, a mid-sized city in southeastern Virginia, lies between the Elizabeth River and the Chesapeake Bay. The city has a population of over 245,000 inhabitants, making it the second most populous city in Virginia. Norfolk is part of the Hampton Roads Metropolitan Area that includes the cities of Hampton, Newport News, and Virginia Beach. The city is a family-friendly town with great amenities, close to the excitement of Virginia Beach. The Chrysler Museum of Art and the Virginia Zoo are just a few examples of the fun attractions that make this city such a great place to raise children.

The United States Navy dominates Norfolk's economic scene. Defense contractors also employ a great deal of the region's work force. Other employers include major shipping lines operating out of the Port of Virginia. Employment opportunities can also be found in neighboring cities such as Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Hampton.

Hampton Roads Transit operates a light rail that connects Norfolk to other Hampton Roads communities. A ferry service transports passengers from the Waterside District in downtown Norfolk to two different locations in nearby Portsmouth. Buses service the entire Hampton Roads area including Norfolk.

Norfolk's subtropical climate brings hot, humid summers and cool but not cold winters with a moderate amount of occasional snowfall. Summer afternoon thunderstorms occur on a regular basis and briefly bring down the humidity. The average annual high temperature is 68 degrees. The city's average annual low temperature is a balmy 51 degrees. Norfolk has glorious, crisp fall days and sunny, warm spring afternoons that are sheer joys to experience.

The cost of housing is significantly cheaper in Norfolk than in Washington, DC or San Diego, CA. Housing expenditures are lower in Norfolk than in nearby Virginia Beach. You'll spend approximately the same amount for housing in Hampton and Norfolk. Your transportation budget will decrease if you're moving from Chicago, IL, Seattle, WA, or Miami, FL. Virginia Beach, Hampton, and Norfolk have similar transportation costs.

With so many great housing options in Norfolk, we know it can be difficult to make a decision about finding the best places to live. We're here to help. We've done some research and come up with a list of the best places to live in Norfolk. You can customize your search for the best places in Norfolk using the filters provided on our website. What factors are most important to you when it comes to finding the right place to live? Choose from filters including search radius, weather, crime, housing, employment, education and crime. You can even set a specific housing budget for your search.