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  • Canoga Park has a Livability Score of 56/100, which is considered poor
  • Canoga Park crime rates are 9% higher than the Los Angeles average
  • Cost of living in Canoga Park is 8% lower than the Los Angeles average

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Find Space and Community in Sunny Canoga Park, California 3.5 rating By Anonymous ( Jun 06, 2014) Far less expensive than nearby Hollywood, or downtown Los Angeles, Canoga Park, California is a wonderful place to live for those who flock to Southern California for its beautiful weather and the glamorous pull of the bustling movie industry.

After graduating from college in s
...Read More unny but rainy Central Florida, I moved to Canoga Park to pursue my dreams of finding success in the entertainment capital of the world. When I first flew to Los Angeles to begin my house hunting search and make preparations for my move, I quickly realized that with a cost of living that is 27% greater than the national average, moving to the heart of the city would be impossible. The neighboring San Fernando valley immediately presented itself as an appealing alternative in many ways.

I had other concerns aside from cost. Safety was a huge worry for me, as this would be my first time living alone as well as my first time living in a big city. I knew that nothing would be completely safe, but I really wanted to feel comfortable. Canoga Park is safer than 54.8% of the neighborhoods in Los Angeles, and has a very stable housing market. I also found the area to feel far more spacious. After I moved to Canoga Park, I loved visiting the Westfield Topanga mall because it was so large, had ample free parking, and glorious air conditioning.

The park that is about a half of a mile away from the mall became my go to spot for a run while I was training for both my first half marathon and marathon. I found a real sense of community while I was living in Canoga Park. I quickly became friends with neighbors while out walking my six moth old puppy, and would even stop with fellow dog owners for breakfast at The Village Cafe on Vanowen Street. Ample nearby amenities such as libraries, gyms, and theaters always kept me entertained, though I didn't enjoy much of the city's nightlife.

I moved from Canoga Park because of the terrible traffic and commute. My life and work led me to the center of Hollywood, and sitting in traffic for three hours round-trip every day became a source of anxiety. I would recommend Canoga Park to newcomers of the area, young families, and older couples. Read Less
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Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area
Arroyo Seco Park
Cabrillo Beach Park
Costello Recreation Center
Crestwood Hills Park


Drudis-Biada Art Gallery And Fine Arts Building
Mullin Family Studio And Art Gallery
Korean Cultural Center
German Cultural Center
Julie Rico Gallery

Food & Drink

Big Wang's
Cafe Etc.
Pizza Hut
Tofu Village
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3% lower than the US average

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1% higher than the US average

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equal to the US average


Barlow Respiratory Hospital
Mattel Children's Hospital
Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital
Neurological Rehabilitation & Research Unit
Kedren Community Health Center


CVS Pharmacy
Rite Aid
Rite Aid
CVS Pharmacy
CVS Pharmacy


Tarzana Medical Urgent Care
Steven Spielberg Pediatrics Research Center
Temple Medical Center
T. Yamashita, M.D., Diplomate of Ophthalmogy
Gorman Dental

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