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Los Angeles, California is a city that is great for pretty much everyone. Whether you want to raise your family or you are just starting out then this is a great city. Los Angeles has many things to offer, which include everything from restaurants to entertainment options! If you are hungry you can head over to Chego or if you want to find some entertainment you can go to The Hive Gallery & Studios. If you wanted to buy, average home prices hover around $600,000 while renting would set you back at least $1,200 per month. Even with the high housing prices, the city does have something for everyone!


Westwood is a great neighborhood for couples or for families. There are a lot of middle aged people so they will probably be raising families. There are many amenities that are close to this neighborhood. There are grocery stores, libraries, and shopping areas in this vicinity. In addition to these amenities, there are many attractions that are very close to this neighborhood. A few of the attractions that are offered include: The Getty Center, Universal Studios Hollywood, and the Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits. The cost to buy or rent differs quite a bit around this neighborhood. For example, average home prices come in around $1,000,000 or $1,635 for a rental. Even though these prices might seem high, it's some of the cheaper amounts that you could pay. There are quite a few restaurants in the neighborhood. These restaurants include: Jersey Mike's Subs, Dyllan's Deli, and Fat Sal's Deli. Some entertainment options are: the Westwood Village Theatre and Guiti Art Gallery.

West Los Angeles

The next neighborhood that we are going to go over is West Los Angeles. This is a good neighborhood for people who either have adult children or who have children that are in their teenage years. It has many people who are around 40 so they would have older children. This neighborhood has quite a few amenities available. Some of those are: coffee shops, parks, and shopping. They also have entertainment that includes: Gourmet Detective and Daniel Weinberg Gallery. Another thing that this neighborhood has is attractions. Some of the biggest ones are: the Griffith Observatory and Venice Beach. The cost to buy or rent has a few different ranges. Average home prices start around $1,100,000 and rent comes in at around $1,300. Buying might be a little more expensive compared to others but renting is a little cheaper. This neighborhood is home to about 20 different restaurants. A few of those are: Thai Moon, Wetzel's Pretzels, and Water Grill.

Studio City

The final neighborhood we are going to go over is Studio City. This neighborhood is good for older couples with adult children or children in their teenage years. Since most people are about 42 years old, most won't have young children. There are many amenities available including fitness centers and libraries. Some of the attractions close to this neighborhood include: the Hollywood Sign and IRIS by Cirque du Soleil. In this area, average home prices start at around $1,100,000 while renting will cost you about $1,500. Similar to the other neighborhoods, this one has lots of nearby restaurants. A few of those are: Marmalade Cafe, Crave Cafe, and Hanami Sushi. A few entertainment options that this neighborhood has are: Confessions of a Late Bloomer and Wilson Sign Art.