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      Dayton, Ohio, is a proud military community that was named after Revolutionary War hero Captain Jonathon Dayton and today is home to one of the United States Air Forces' most important bases. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Wright-Patterson field play an important role in the history of air power, and the museum that is housed on Area B of the base is one of the best places to see airplanes in the world. In addition to its contributions to flight, Dayton also has a proud history supporting the automotive industry thanks to its impressive manufacturing capabilities.

      Dayton's population is over 140,000 making it a great mid-sized Midwest city for families and young professionals. Dayton is an easy one hour drive from Cincinnati for those who are looking to get to a city that has a professional football or baseball team. Dayton is home to two major universities. The Dayton Flyers and Wright-State University both call the city home.

      Getting around Dayton is not too difficult thanks to a robust highway system and the city's Regional Transit Authority that operates a strong network of busses all around the city. Downtown Dayton is also a very friendly community for those who choose to walk or cycle as there are a large number of shops, restaurants, and bars that are clustered together for easy walking.

      Carillon Historical Park is a great attraction for those interested in checking off one-of-a-kind attractions. The aforementioned U.S. Air Force History Museum is an easy way to spend a day lost in the wonder of flight. One of the most popular shopping complexes in the city is The Green where residents can enjoy a delicious meal at The Cheesecake Factory, Maggiano's Italian Grill, or one of the countless other restaurants that call the trendy area home. In addition to great food, the shopping complex is also home to the city's largest movie theater.

      Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is the city's largest employer providing work opportunities to over 25,000 in Dayton. Premier Health and the Kettering Health Network are other large employers in the area that offer competitive wages and salaries.

      Dayton enjoys a very low cost of living making it one of the state's most attractive destinations for highly educated employees. Home prices are low and the quality of life is high thanks to a strong public school system and good tax base. Dayton is known for being a city of innovators, and this innovative spirit can be seen throughout the revitalized downtown area. For those looking to find a community that offers good living, good job opportunities, and a chance to make a difference, Dayton, Ohio, appears to check off all of the boxes.

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      Different skin color, DO NOT move here
      Pros: peaceful, calm and quiet place. Average commute time is 18 to 25 minuets within Dayton. Very low cost of living. Cons: People are usually religious (good) - they are really not exposed to diversity or advanced lifestyles (bad). Other than the Air Force Base, there are pretty much no other employers/jobs for people with academic degrees. Segregation plays a big role in this place. It’s kind of dark and scary in this place (watch the horror move “get out”, you’ll understand what I mean). People from each ethnic group are making comments about the other group. Even if they don’t make comments, and pretend to be nice, it doesn’t last long. Basically, if you’re a US born citizen lived in big cities in the United States, DO NOT move here if you are black, or asian or minorities. You will be stereotyped. There is a significant salary difference between different ethnic groups (do your research, you’ll see). Religion, low education standards, lack of exposure to diversity, have made people live in the past. So, if you ever studied global and US history in high school, expect those things to experience in real life situations. Bottom line, please don’t move here. No matter how big of a job offer you get, it’s not worth it.
      1 -13
      Run away. Far, far, away. Seriously.
      I had the grave misfortune of living in Dayton for about a year. EtHics are nearly non-existent in this town as are landlord-tenant laws and, evidently, employment laws. Perhaps, because of the economy. There is real unwillingness, almost a fear, to stand up for what is fair or right. People gouge and bill and misrepresent in ways that would be illegal in most states. Just politics and bobble heads.
      And if back biters and gossipers could fly, this place would have it's own airport. Oh, wait it does! People here think nothing of sharing information, speculative or imagined, to a degree that can ruin lives and careers. And no one seems smart enough to be ashamed of these nearly transparent shenanigans.
      I met one or two nice people. And found one nice coffee place. They were just too few and far between. There were attempts at supporting art and culture. Chain restaurants are plentiful, but pizza and take out Chinese are not really ethnic restaurants, in the truest sense.
      Community: People lie, make secret deals, lie some more, trash each other, and no one is willing to do right things lest they be next. The vibe? It's a crappy, provincial, bitter, pedantic, ugly little town with all the charm of food poisoning. I wouldn't go there on a lost bet or at gun point. I'd rather be dead. In fact, If I were buried there I'd still try to move.
      5 -9
      Dying Dayton
      Dayton, OH had a chance at becoming a great historical city centered around being the birthplace of aviation. Unofortunately for Dayton things didn't turn out so well. Businesses left and they took the wealth with them. There are many abandoned homes and factories in Dayton and there is a crime problem mainly within the inner city and the west side. I've grown up here and have lived here my whole life.

      The working middle class mainly lives in suburbs and only ventures into Dayton for work. There aren't many things to do downtown and I only go down there if I have a reason. Dayton has it's wealthy people that live in the far away suburbs such as beavercreek, centerville, kettering, yellow springs, and oakwood but other than those areas Dayton has very little to offer. Dayton has a generous amount of negroes, rednecks, arabs, muslims, and asians. I personally think that if you're not in the USAF or a college student then you really have no reason to live here other than to bask in the cheap rent of the crime infested downtown area.

      The west side of Dayton is quite dangerous and has shootings on occasion. There are many restaraunts though. The food industry is not only diverse but also plentiful. Many different restaraunts and many different choices when it comes to food.
      5 -8
      Dayton, Ohio Contrasts
      Dayton, Ohio is a town with many contrasts. I lived in the region around Dayton twice over a period of twenty years, and I always found many things to do and deplore about the Gem City.

      Visiting Dayton's museums, attractions and cultural spots is wonderful. The Dayton Art Institute enjoys a national reputation and has booked some of the hottest touring exhibitions available. The Air Force Museum, which is near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, is an aviation fan's delight. For children, the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery has fascinating interactive exhibits and live native animals. Two good universities, the University of Dayton and Wright State University, are located in Dayton.

      Dayton has its problems as a city, however. Most of the middle class people choose to live in the suburbs where the schools have better educational systems. Dayton City Schools are experiencing the type of low graduation rates with which many inner city schools struggle. West Dayton has dangerous neighborhoods that sensible people avoid at night. Sadly, Dayton is a better place to visit than to live.
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      Source: The Dayton, OH data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).