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Some Top Rated Neighborhoods In Dayton, OH

Early poets hailing from Dayton called it "the gem of Ohio" because of its beautiful country and its smart development. It's easy to see that the city, hailing about 140,000 residents, is a great place for families or anyone looking to find a wholesome Midwestern town. It is the hometown of the Wright brothers and known as the birthplace of aviation, with healthcare being the primary economic driver in the city. The University of Dayton brings in fresh perspectives to the town, while the calm and crime free neighborhoods outside the city are great for families.

Pheasant Hill

With excellent employment and a relatively low crime rate, Pheasant Hill would be a pleasant place to live within the Dayton city limits. Sunny weather and high graduation rates make the area a great place to raise children. The cost of living is just right and very affordable; however, the housing affordability is not quite up to speed, with median home values being 140% higher than in the rest of Dayton. It is clearly a very valued area, which is reflected in its reputation as one of the best places to live in this city. It is far enough away from the city to be far from the issues that most metropolitan areas have, but still is close enough to get to in a reasonable amount of time. It is ranked the number 1 neighborhood in Dayton, which says something right?

Patterson Park

Unlike Pheasant Hill, there are a lot of amenities close by at Patterson Park, which is a neighborhood southeast of downtown Dayton. The crime is much higher in this area and the housing prices seem to be steeper than in much of this city, but there are several parks and it is quite close to the University of Dayton, making this neighborhood an excellent place for students. And with only about 1,500 residents, it is a quiet place. However, there is little in the way of employment in this area. We recommend that singles and students look into Patterson Park, but maybe not people with families. Even with these issues, it is voted as one of the best neighborhoods in Dayton.

University Park

University Park is our final look at Dayton, Ohio. It has one of the highest scores of all the neighborhoods of Dayton, most likely because it has such great amenities and cost of living is low, but there are some serious issues with this area. Obviously by the name, University Park is where the University of Dayton is located, and its issues reflect many issues that arise in college areas. For one, the crime is higher than average; this is not the area to raise a family. Two, the employment opportunities are slim to none, and three, the housing prices are sky high. It also has one of the highest populations of any area in Dayton, with almost 10,000 people making up the neighborhood.