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Some Top Rated Neighborhoods In Vancouver, WA

Vancouver is a city found on the north bank of the Columbia River and is the fourth largest city in Washington. It forms part of the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area, the 23rd most major metropolitan area in the United States. Vancouver is in between the Cascade Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The city is as naturally beautiful as it is diverse. There are several things to do, and there is no other town in the Pacific Northwest offers such a combination of colorful history, charming shops, recreational activities and amenities, excellent restaurants, a bubbling wine region, affordable attractions, charming hospitality and premier events.

Fishers Creek

Fisher’s Creek, a predominately residential neighborhood is in the outer East Vancouver. The rough terrain that surrounds the Fisher’s Creek area is home to diverse native wildlife that developers are committed to protecting as the city expands. With a mix of housing styles and lot sizes characterize the Fisher’s Creek area, older single family homes and several newer subdivisions with excellent views and privacy not found in many higher density neighborhoods. Several properties on the southern border are available for rent. Fisher’s Creek Neighborhood Park has a children's playground and open space for picnics and gatherings for the residents. The Columbia River is a perfect recreational destination for local boating, fishing and wildlife fans. Good schools are another trademark of the Vancouver metro area. Most students in Fisher’s Creek neighborhood go to Fisher’s Landing Elementary School, Shahala Middle School, and Mountain View High School. Fisher's Creek gives you the best destination to take advantage of all the charm it has to offer.

Fishers Landing East

Fishers Landing East is the perfect mix of entertainment and tranquility in the exciting city of Vancouver, Washington. With several attractions to explore, this part of town will not cease to amaze you. Fishers Landing East has lively surroundings, fine restaurants, shopping malls and breathtaking attractions. People who love fishing, boating or the outdoors with finding many of the attractions perfect. Rental; houses can be found in the area which also a place that tourists are frequenting. The area is ideal for people with facilities. The amenities in the area can be accessed by car. Most people commute to work by car or carpool with neighbors.

Fairway 164th

Fairway 164th is nestled between a small triangle created by State Route 14, 164th Avenue and the Cascade East District, Fairway164th is a residential neighborhood built around the old Fairway Village Golf Course. Several housing styles can be found along the broad, curved streets and quiet cul-de-sacs that are a feature of this area. Several restaurants and local diners are scattered on the neighborhood’s eastern border of 164th Avenue and boast the unique Café Sip-N-Play, an excellent coffee shop, a rotating kid's menu and an indoor playground for children. Medical offices, a veterinary clinic. There are some service-oriented businesses in the Fairway164th neighborhood. Places residents and tourists love, include Poison Prevention Control Garden, Hidden House, William O. Douglas Wilderness, Big Al's Bowling, and General Oliver Otis Howard House.