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Best Places To Live In South Rockwood, MI

  • South Rockwood, MI
  • Your matching location
  • Population: 1,941
Nearby Areas With A High Livability Score85
  • Trenton, MI
  • 6.8 miles away (City)
  • Population: 18,426
  • Trenton has a lot of enjoyable attractions that will appeal to travelers of any age. If you're planning a vacation to the area soon, here are a few worthwhile suggestions. Elizabeth Park is one of the…[read more]
  • Allen Park, MI
  • 14.1 miles away (City)
  • Population: 27,519
  • Allen Park, MI is an excellent choice of suburbs in the downriver area of Detroit. It is home to an excellent public school system and touts itself as one of the safest places in the downriver area.…[read more]
  • Wyandotte, MI
  • 11.9 miles away (City)
  • Population: 25,225
  • I have lived in Wyandotte, Michigan for almost my entire life and I can honestly say this place just keeps getting better and better! The weather is never too extreme no matter the season, and the people…[read more]
  • Riverview, MI
  • 8.8 miles away (City)
  • Population: 12,208
  • I have fond reflections on living in Riverview Michigan. The city is a part of Wayne County. Riverview is a suburb of Detroit. It runs along the shore of the Detroit River. The city is served by a public…[read more]
  • Detroit Beach, MI
  • 9.4 miles away (City)
  • Population: 2,087
  • Woodhaven, MI
  • 5.5 miles away (City)
  • Population: 12,590
  • Woodhaven. Michigan is a great place to live. Living in Woodhaven, Michigan provides my family and I with everything that we need. The history of this town is rich. It is known as being home to the Ford…[read more]
  • Southgate, MI
  • 10.5 miles away (City)
  • Population: 29,355
  • Living in Southgate, MI has been a great experience. I have lived here for over twenty years and cannot see myself moving anywhere else. The city is beautiful; not too big and not too small. There are…[read more]
  • Westland, MI
  • 18.7 miles away (City)
  • Population: 82,218
  • Some people drive thru a city too fast and then write a review. Westland does have a nightlife, independent restaurants and good shopping. Some of the lively bars in Westland are, Malarkey's, Chatters,…[read more]
  • Flat Rock, MI
  • 2.5 miles away (City)
  • Population: 9,836
  • Garden City, MI
  • 18.6 miles away (City)
  • Population: 27,009
  • I had a great stay while living in Garden City Michigan, Detroit’s sister suburbs. I always felt secure in the city as well as neighboring areas. Crime is not an issue in the village that we have grown…[read more]
  • Dearborn Heights, MI
  • 19 miles away (City)
  • Population: 56,329
  • Dearborn Heights is one of Michigan's best kept secrets. We visited there on the way to Detroit in the summer of 2009. The city sits right on the water which gives it a peaceful calm that others cities…[read more]
  • Gibraltar, MI
  • 4.8 miles away (City)
  • Population: 4,547
  • Rockwood, MI
  • 1.7 miles away (City)
  • Population: 3,209
  • West Monroe, MI
  • 13 miles away (City)
  • Population: 3,355
  • Carleton, MI
  • 6.1 miles away (City)
  • Population: 2,352
  • Downtown, Detroit, MI
  • 22.2 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 4,983
  • Monroe, MI
  • 11.5 miles away (City)
  • Population: 20,243
  • Monroe, Michigan is located between the Detroit area and Toledo, Ohio. Monroe is a mid-size small town and residents of Monroe want it to stay that way. This city, though having a population of over…[read more]
  • Dearborn, MI
  • 17.7 miles away (City)
  • Population: 95,520
  • If your looking for a place to live that is crime ridden then Dearborn Michigan is the place for you. Want a place to go out and eat then come and move here there are hundreds of Schwarma joints at your…[read more]
  • Woodland Beach, MI
  • 8.5 miles away (City)
  • Population: 1,793
  • Stony Point, MI
  • 7.9 miles away (City)
  • Population: 1,347
  • Belleville, MI
  • 14.6 miles away (City)
  • Population: 3,896
  • Belleville is a good place to live. Belleville Lake has seven miles of shoreline and is great for water sports and fishing. The lake is a hidden Wayne County treasure. The city is located 20 miles from…[read more]
  • South Monroe, MI
  • 13.8 miles away (City)
  • Population: 6,254
  • Maybee, MI
  • 13.1 miles away (City)
  • Population: 640
  • Taylor, MI
  • 11.4 miles away (City)
  • Population: 61,716
  • I have lived in the greater Metro Detroit area for most of my adult life. I have learned to love the state of Michigan and especially the small city of Taylor. The city is full of hard working people…[read more]
  • Brush Park, Detroit, MI
  • 22.8 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 1,746
  • Wayne, MI
  • 16.1 miles away (City)
  • Population: 17,143
  • Wayne, Michigan is a western suburb of Detroit located between Canton and Inkster. It was once a more bustling and vibrant town full of promise. However, Wayne took a direct hit when the auto industry in…[read more]
  • Corktown, Detroit, MI
  • 21.4 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 592
  • Melvindale, MI
  • 15.8 miles away (City)
  • Population: 10,437
  • It's a sad day when you have to admit that the best thing about the town you live in is the nearby entertainment. When there's nothing to recommend an entire town, well, one might want to think twice…[read more]
  • Hubbard-Richard, Detroit, MI
  • 20.5 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 2,229
  • Lincoln Park, MI
  • 13.5 miles away (City)
  • Population: 37,155
  • My community of Lincoln, Missouri is an absolutely heavenly place to call home. With two major lakes right here in Lincoln within miles of each other, recreational opportunities abound. If you are into…[read more]
  • Lafayette Park, Detroit, MI
  • 22.9 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 5,574
  • Boynton, Detroit, MI
  • 15.6 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 6,897
  • Jefferies, Detroit, MI
  • 22.2 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 1,361
  • West Side Industrial, Detroit, MI
  • 21.2 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 399
  • Ypsilanti, MI
  • 22 miles away (City)
  • Population: 20,577
  • I can't say much good about this constantly struggling city. I grew up here, it never had anything to offer kids or families. Most of my friends died by the gun, overdose, or are still in prison if that…[read more]
  • Eliza Howell, Detroit, MI
  • 19.7 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 839
  • Luna Pier, MI
  • 19.8 miles away (City)
  • Population: 1,395
  • I noticed in the score we received, we received a F for amenities, upon checking I discovered it was because of lack of parks. I would disagree with this score do to the fact the city maintains five…[read more]
  • Millenium Village, Detroit, MI
  • 21.1 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 1,211
  • Briggs, Detroit, MI
  • 21.6 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 1,635
  • Midtown, Detroit, MI
  • 22.6 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 8,324
  • Elmwood Park, Detroit, MI
  • 23.5 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 6,871
  • Oakwood Heights, Detroit, MI
  • 16.7 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 164
  • Southwest Detroit, Detroit, MI
  • 19.9 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 14,928
  • Core City, Detroit, MI
  • 21.7 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 3,511
  • Romulus, MI
  • 12.3 miles away (City)
  • Population: 23,457
  • Romulus is a small city near Detroit that I lived in and was eager to leave. The area has very few opportunities in terms of work and education and overall, is not a very good city to choose to live in.…[read more]
  • Springwells, Detroit, MI
  • 18.5 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 13,397
  • Michigan-Martin, Detroit, MI
  • 19.9 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 1,002
  • Carbon Works, Detroit, MI
  • 17.4 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 615
  • Warrendale, Detroit, MI
  • 19.7 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 17,417
  • This area was predominately Polish immigrants and city fire and police until around the early 1990s, as now grown children moved to the suburbs and their aging parents passed away. Summer festivals and…[read more]
  • Detroit, MI
  • 22 miles away (City)
  • Population: 683,443
  • So I am born and raised in Detroit, been here all of my life. But it is no longer the cool city it once was. With bad Mayors, bad leaders in general, bad economy, and the recessions, Detroit has suffered…[read more]

Listed above are the best places to live in South Rockwood, MI for 2020. The list of best places is compiled using the AreaVibes Livability Score which is calculated from a score out of 100 and based on various categories. These categories include: amenities, cost of living, crime rates, education, employment, housing and weather. Displayed first is the matching location - South Rockwood, MI, followed by the best places to live near South Rockwood, MI, sorted by Livability Score.

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