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Great place to live

I wanted to write this because I really disagree with the F for weather. The summers here are wonderful - sunny and average 70s during the day and 50's at night, great for camping. No humidity at all and the air quality is fantastic. The sky is the bluest I've ever seen its so unpolluted. Expect snow in the winters (right now I'm looking at a couple of feet but it came right at Christmas time!)- however its beautiful snow and lots to do if you like to ski and snow shoe. Even when the temps are low in the winter the sun warms it up so you can wear lighter winter clothes. We learned quickly don't wear long underwear skiing! They groom trails here so you can get out and have fun. So many trails and hot springs, we haven't come close to seeing them all.We're from Illinois so we left behind ticks (everytime we went outside we'd come back with a tick or two), humidity and corn fields and pollen. I've never even seen a snake here although I have seen several bears while out on a trail but they're "good" bears and run from you.There is a Walmart now and its a super center but I wish there were also a few more "real" shops like Kohls around. Places that aren't geared towards the tourists. I miss Aldis for inexpensive groceries and it would be wonderful to have a 3d movie theater here. You have to drive to Durango (1hr and 20 minutes or so) if you want 3d movie action. Great medical center here, very good doctors and some nice restaurants and places to stay. Its expensive to live here and you don't get the bang for your buck for housing. You pay for the view basically but the view is spectacular and if you love the outdoors, if you love healthy minded friendly people, wildlife on your front yard and the best views around then Pagosa Springs is the place for you.
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