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The city of Naples, FL has a population of 21,750 and a population density of 1,768 people per square mile. There are a total of 10 Naples, FL neighborhoods. The neighborhood with the highest Livability Score is Sun Terrace and the largest neighhorhood by population is Park Shore. The Naples, FL neighborhood map is a great way to see which neighborhoods have a higher Livability Score compared to those with a lower Livability Score.

Top Rated Neighborhoods In Naples, FL

With its perfect year round temperatures Naples, Florida is among one of the most visited and loved places in the United States to relocate and visit. Known for its many attractions and enriched culture, Naples Florida is truly known for its world famous beaches. As it sits right off the Gulf of Mexico experiencing an island vibe is expected and only the beginning. One of the many attractions that Naples offers is its wide range of golf courses. The elite signature sport, continues to holds very high membership standards especially for its residents. Upon entering this unique city you will notice the immaculate landscaping of properties and admired cleanliness which only comes from the pride and strict ordinances the city enforces.

Mooring-Coquina Sands

If you are looking for a gorgeous selection of luxury living, private waterfront access and close proximity to popular landmarks and attractions the moorings-coquina sands area is the place to be. These two neighborhoods are closely centered in the middle of Naples. Located between US 41 and the Gulf of Mexico these neighborhoods are in close proximity to all amenities including coffee shop and grocery stores. A famous attraction that residents enjoy is The Naples Beach Hotel and Golf course. Real estate prices in both these neighborhoods vary, ranging in the thousands and beyond. Some popular attractions include the Naples Shopping Plaza and Mooring Plaza which is in close walking distance for all residents.

Old Naples

Surrounded by Banyan tress and coconut palms the historic neighborhood of Old Naples is simply unmatched. With a mixture of old cottages and mansion style living the real estate pricing can be expensive and can range in the six figures and beyond which is well priced for this neighborhood. Since the neighborhood's culture is so enriched with popular landmarks and attractions sightseeing is a big phenomenon in the area. Many families, singles, and retirees, upon arriving visit the Old Naples Comedy Club for an intimate experience of pure bliss. Upon embarking on the 20th century homes and original landmarks like the Palm Cottage you realize the vast amount of amenities are all within close proximity. Old Naples is conveniently located south of US 41 and west of the Gordon River for all those looking to visit or relocate.

Park Shore

Many call this neighborhood a classic tropical hideaway right in the middle of Naples. Park Shore is a luxury waterfront living neighborhood. With the western exposure and exquisite sunset views the real estate in this neighborhood is going to be at the elite level which includes homes starting in the millions. With properties in this price bracket, private access to park shore beach and boat access goes without saying. You will also be in close proximity to many restaurants which include M Waterfront Grille and Village Pub which are known for their fine dining cuisine. Some of the local highlight spots include live music and world-class boutiques. Most of the amenities that residents in Park Shore enjoy are in Venetian Village.