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Laurel Lakes Community 1 rating By Anonymous ( Sep 22, 2018) I have lived in Laurel Lakes for almost 6 years, I am sad to say it has changed so much. The management and BOD are changing this from a family friendly location. The Board of directors walk around bullying the home owners and sending violations for everything, seriously anythi ...Read More ng. If you want to live in a location where your BOD is nosy and big bully's then this is the place for you. I decided that although, this is not typical of me to write a negative review especially in my neighborhood, because I would hate to affect my home values but if I can help one family find a healthy and happy place to live then it is worth it. Read Less
Beach, Pier, and Sunsets 4 rating By Anonymous ( Jul 31, 2018) Great place to live. Loved browsing the shops around 5th Avenue and frequenting the few produce markets in the area. Winters were mild, but summers could be very hot. I lived in a condo, so I had access to a huge swimming pool to cool off. The beach, pier, and sunsets top my lis ...Read More t of what makes Naples a great place to live. Read Less
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Old Rude People 1.5 rating By mikeroberts ( Nov 08, 2017) Naples is indeed a beautiful town but that's where it ends. This town is filled with old people who have the WORST, most RUDE attitudes. Believing they are entitled to anything they want or need. There is also absolutely nothing to do here as the town shuts down around 11 and the ...Read More streets are empty. Lonely town, there are so many better places in the US especially in Florida where you can live. I don't even invite my friends to visit because there is nothing to do here. No seriously, the attitude of these elder people baffles me, the trash from up north comes to FL and pollutes it. Oh and why does no one use their turn-signals when driving? Why? WHY?!????? Night life is quite boring, all old farts who are constantly angry or old men that try to prey on young pretty girls. Gated communities with absolutely 0 privacy. Almost 0 job opportunities. Read Less
Stop hating on Naples 5 rating By Shanika Davon ( Mar 25, 2017) Naples is a great city and people need to stop hating on it. The thing I love about Naples is how modern areas are becoming, how clean it is, no crime at all really, and how nice the land scape is compared to Sarasota and other cities of FL. Naples is not junky at all. Yes, there ...Read More isn't a lot of stuff to do but you can drive 15 mins to Bonita or 30 mins to Fort Myers or 1h 20 minutes to the east coast. The shopping in Naples is 10/10 and the restaurants are 10/10. There are attractions in Naples and it's ridiculous how few people are hating on Naples. It really isn't a bad place at all. I recommend visiting Naples like many other celebrities have. Read Less
Overrated and Overmarketed 2 rating By ExNaplesGal ( Mar 16, 2017) I had been a Naples resident for 13 years, having moved there from the NY metro area in 2004. I have since moved to the much more vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Boca Raton, with absolutely no regrets! Naples was a complete culture shock to me, as there is primarily a population ...Read More of very homogenous, ultra-conservative, self-righteous, Midwestern retiree transplants with whom I've found nothing in common. I had founded and operated successful business on their 5th Avenue South for 10 years, but even after several years, I never really felt "at home" living and working in this town. To me, Naples is basically a Midwestern town with palm trees and narrow-minded individuals (dare I say predjudice?). Although it appears superficially glamorous and marginally cosmopolitan, it truly has a small-town mentality and vibe (think Mayberry!). Though it is promoted as a world-class destination, in reality it is comprised of very few points of interest, no real historical value, mediocre restaurants, the gulf shore beaches which are pretty, but are about as lackluster as a lake; and general lack of culture, diversity and industry. It is a place where a fishing pier offering sunset views is considered one of their top attractions----yes, a commonplace fishing pier! Go figure! Naples is also a place where superficial upscale image is of the utmost importance, but with no real substance to back it up-----essentially an empty suit. It is basically a destination for those whose interests are limited to golf, tennis, yoga, beachgoing, dining and black-tie charitable fundraisers. Other than that, it has not much else to offer those with a penchant for world-class culture, historical points of interest, diversity, excitement, or a young, hip vibe. It is currently experiencing a major growth spurt, but with only more of the same thing-----grossly overpriced residential dwellings and overrated restaurants . . . Uh, buh-bye Naples! Read Less
Not the paradise you're lead to believe 2 rating By suzieq ( Nov 17, 2016) OverratedBoringNO JOBS/CAREERS -- Pay is low even if you get oneLosers/combination of the following.....gold diggers looking for someone to take care of them (both men and women).....dirty, old men seeking sex with granddaughters (some have money/....most don't....so be weary.... ...Read More .scammers and con artist all around.....no culture, education, active people (only tennis and golf......favorite past time of these people drinking......drinking.....drinking......gross place! Read Less
Watch out for Money grabs 1 rating By c0lt4d5 ( Jun 27, 2016) I live close to Naples, and went to visit the mall (about 1hr and a half away) get a ticket in the mail for parking violation saying my tag was expired. My tag was a few days past my birthday and within the month. Under Fl law you have 11 days past the end of month to renew witho ...Read More ut penalty. Called them and they said, We could fight it and get it taken off, but we would have to drive down to their court house. 3 hours or 45 bogus parking ticket. Talking to locals, Naples does a lot of Money grabs like this. Watch out for Parking police at the mall and local attractions! Read Less
Nice Little Town with Rude People 2.5 rating By nuni ( Dec 22, 2015) My husband and I moved to Naples about one year ago and we can't wait to move out.
Naples is town of unjustified superlatives.
The downtown is nice and well kept, the beaches are nicer than Ft. Myers beach (in my opinion only) but saying that Naples beaches are one of the best
...Read More in the world is huge overstatement. (Really Naples? What about Fiji or Maldives?). They also think that the small private airport is the Best Little Airport in the World.
Again, an overstatement! Such overstatements are not unusual around here. Buyers beware!

The small downtown is charming but unless all you do is drink, shop and eat there is not much going on (great for vacationers bad for locals). The town is death most of the day and definitely after 8pm. Some say that Mercado is for younger people. We gave it a try. There is not much going on in Mercado either. More less the same as everywhere stores, restaurants and some club or two.
As mentioned in previous comments many people are rude, stack up, pretentious. For young people or couples in their 30s there isn't much to do or young people to meet. Retirees don't create white collar jobs but the service market seems to thrive. Never mind that the average pay is $10 an hour for manual labor. Hardly fair considering that one bedroom apartment goes for $1300 around here.
In summary. Unless you make good money and need to live in Naples because of your job do not move here. There are other cities that offer better value for your money. Read Less
Sin city in the city of Naples 2 rating By Jungstudio ( Jun 15, 2015) My husband and I came down from GA to Naples to enjoy a small town feel and we got it. Literally, every restaurant we experienced just pure rudeness and disrespect. I'm sure it was because of our race. Most of downtown Naples is white. We didn't think much of it until the looks ...Read More started coming. We stayed at the inn on fifth club level and the hotels was the best ever. But the guest who lived there was very rude. I over heard a old couple who was a resident of Naples ask her husband how we could afford it and the husband replied there are discounts online. Lol. They got over 50% off on there stay because they are a resident. But if we were white it would be no question why we could afford to stay there. Amazing how we still live in such a hateful world but retirement should end soon. And raciasm will be all dead. Literally. Read Less
An Introduction to Naples, Florida 4.5 rating By Anonymous ( Dec 19, 2014) My father moved to Naples, Florida, about 20 years ago, and I have enjoyed visiting him. One of Naples' biggest draws is the weather, which is typically warm and sunny. Even in the winter, the temperatures rarely get below freezing. Naples is right on the Gulf Coast and boasts ma ...Read More ny lovely beaches with white sand.

As might be expected given its location, Naples has many good seafood restaurants. Similarly, there are many marinas offering boat rides and cruises. Naples is also near the Everglades, and this natural wonder is worth at least one visit. A number of places offer airboat tours of the park. Naples' warm climate make it attractive to a wide variety of animals, including many, many bird species. My father has seen bald eagles, anhinga, egrets, ducks, and many other kinds of birds on his property. Less welcome visitors are the alligators that sometimes turn up at his favorite golf course, and Naples also has several of golf courses.

Naples also boasts a small zoo, the Naples Zoo at the Caribbean Gardens. Its claim to fame is probably the Monkey Cruise, in which tourists ride motorboats past the islands where the zoo's monkeys live. It also, unsurprisingly, has an alligator exhibit. Alligator feeding time is another popular attraction.

As pleasant as Naples is, it does have its downsides. Chief among them is the expense of living there. The cost of living in Naples is 67% percent greater than the Florida average and 68.9% greater than the national average. The average home in Naples costs $739,500 as opposed to $170,800 in other parts of Florida and $181,400 in the rest of the U.S. The median age in Naples is 64, so it is probably not the best place for either a happening night life or a lot of services for children. Read Less
From Bust to Growth 1.5 rating By Happily Leaving ( Aug 21, 2014) Those who followed Naples during the real estate bubble burst know that Naples went through some tough times during the 2008 real estate crash. That created two types of people who I believe live in Naples. Those who paid too much for their property before the bust, and those w ...Read More ho took advantage after. For some reason, this beautiful place has more people who are unhappy, unfriendly and rude than anywhere I have been or lived. There are of course, exceptions. I love my neighborhood that is non gated, family oriented and very friendly. If the rest of Naples acted that way, I would not be so happy to leave.
There is about to be a new building boom in Naples. There are many new housing complexes going in. Before considering moving here, I would suggest a long visit and when you walk that skinny beach, ask yourself as I did, what happens when even more people try to share this?
Naples is beautiful, no dobut. Paradise? Absolutely! It's a shame so many people can live here in the midst of it and be so antagonistic. I guess they can't be happy anywhere.
I will say that if you have children, this is a great place for them to learn and for a town this size it seems to have lots for little ones to do.
But, as stated, this is a review, an opinion. What matters most is what works for you. Only you would know if Naples is a place to buy a home. Just make sure to realize many who live here don't check their bloated egos as they cross the Florida border. Read Less
Clean, Safe and Some of the Best Beaches in the World! 5 rating By naplesnative ( Dec 31, 2012) I've lived all over the U.S. and the world and still consider Naples, FL to be one of the best places to live, period.

We don't have strip clubs or the big night life of Miami. We don't have touristy signs for seafood on every corner like Key West.

What we do have are some of t
...Read More he most beautiful beaches in the world (free I may add), clean streets, good schools (most in Collier County are A+ rated) and gorgeous weather.

For those like "thatsalaugh" my question to you is, what is your city's livability rating? Perhaps you see what you are looking for. Your experience living in Naples one summer with your girlfriend could never give you the perspective I have after growing up here, leaving and then returning to raise my family. I wish I could have shown you the Naples I know and love.

Naples, FL has so much to offer beyond shopping and dining. The Philharmonic Center of the Arts offers programs for children to adults. Naples is also one of the healthier cities in the Nation. Many people walk the beach every day for exercise and we have an amazing organic restaurant called Food & Thought that is packed for lunch and dinner every day of the year.

Naples is clean, pristine and one of the best places to live on earth! Visit and decide for yourself. Read Less
"People just want to be in Naples". 5 rating By Agnes Tabor, REALTOR ( Oct 21, 2012) Everyone coming to Naples will at some time find themselves in Old Naples. This appears to be the hub of Naples activities. from 5th Ave. south where you will find many restaurants, boutiques, and fine art shops. To the seasonal activities such as the Naples Art fairs, ...Read More classic and Jazz concerts at Cambier Park, unique classic car exhibits and the various holiday Activities.

In Old Naples you will still find many old vintage homes along with all the newer Key West and Mediterranean type architecture. New construction is very strong in Old Naples; single-family homes and attached villas are among the favorites. Many homes and condos in the area have undergone extensive renovations. You will find boating communities immediately adjacent to Old Naples.

If you live or are staying in Old Naples you can walk to all of these activities. You'll find yourself close to Naples Pier and our beautiful white sandy beaches. Also close by, you will find our 3rd Street Historical district where you will find the oldest house in Naples, Palm Cottage (built 1895), http://www.napleshistoricalsociety.org/palm-cottage.htm.

One question I am asked many times is why Naples and the old Naples area? My response is always, "people just want to be here", they want to live here they want to visit but "they just want to be here". Read Less

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