Most Affordable Neighborhoods In Mesa, AZ

Looking for a fresh start in a new Mesa neighborhood that is actually affordable? Fortunately, there are some neighborhoods that still offer affordable cost of living. Listed below are the most affordable neighborhoods in Mesa for 2021, ranked by their cost of living index. The cost of living index includes various items such as: goods and services, groceries, utilities, real estate and rental rates. For reference, the national average for cost of living is 100.

Population 61,951
Cost of Living Index 89 vs 95
7% lower than Mesa
Population 69,184
Cost of Living Index 92 vs 95
3% lower than Mesa
Population 72,445
Cost of Living Index 93 vs 95
3% lower than Mesa
Population 108,201
Cost of Living Index 97 vs 95
2% higher than Mesa
Population 65,790
Cost of Living Index 98 vs 95
3% higher than Mesa
Population 87,776
Cost of Living Index 101 vs 95
6% higher than Mesa