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The city of Mesa, AZ has a population of 508,918 and a population density of 3,667 people per square mile. There are a total of 6 Mesa, AZ neighborhoods. The neighborhood with the highest Livability Score is Southwest and the largest neighhorhood by population is Southeast. The Mesa, AZ neighborhood map is a great way to see which neighborhoods have a higher Livability Score compared to those with a lower Livability Score.

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The vibrant city of Mesa, located in Maricopa County of the U.S State of Arizona, is a suburb which is located about 20 miles away from the resort city of Phoenix. It can also be stated as the central city of the East Valley section of the Metropolitan Area of Phoenix. With Apache Junction on the east of it and Tempe on the West, as well as Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community on the North and Chandler and Gilbert on the South, this city can be broadly divided into the Northeast, Central and Southeast neighborhoods. This city is a traveler's dream and is obviously the place where families would like to settle in.


The Northeast neighborhood of Mesa, Arizona is hailed for being the most liveable place in the city itself. It ranked graciously when it was coming to the ‘liveable places' locations in the whole of Arizona, thus, making it the candy land for people desiring to set up a family in this new location. The rate of graduated individuals is higher than most of the neighborhoods in and around the city and so are the income per capita. This place is surrounded by not only luxurious living options but also houses fitness parlors, spas and various such amenities that would make this neighborhood the most viable option for families. Plus, to put the cherry on top, the Northeast section of Mesa, also, has a low cost of living. The weather here is not too harsh, and thus, this truly is the paradise getaway that is worth the money and the exasperation gathered, from the hustle and bustle of life.


Northeast of Mesa neighborhood cannot only steal the thunder, for the Central part can give quite the competition when it comes to the livability. The low cost of living is a constant when it comes to the city of Mesa, thus making it a viable option for people struggling to make ends meet or at least trying to not make it too hard on them. The amenities are a class apart, for one will never be deprived of the things they desire. This place is packed with eateries which serve scrumptious food and even museums to keep one interested in the place. From unique theaters with food joints to regional parks, the central neighborhood is not the one to disappoint those who might wander off around in this neighborhood. Yet, to speak loosely, this is the place for the singles and the families to flourish to seek ways to engage them within the neighborhood and also find a safe haven, at the same time.


The Southeast neighborhood is the student's delight. With a very high graduation rate in this neighborhood, it is evident that this is where education has hit the most. Although it lacks a little on the part of the amenities and what to do with the spare time, it mostly makes up by providing a very low cost of living. This makes it viable for people desiring an economical lifestyle. The sunny weather and the relatively low crime rate, all contributes to making this place suitable for a healthy family environment. The statistic is inclined towards showing that there is a high income per capita and this is everything that the wanderer's heart desires. It is relative, and a lose term when it is being said that there is a certain lack of the amenities. One can always have a good time in a food joint or enjoy a drink, here and there.