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Best Places To Live In La Porte, TX

  • La Porte, TX
  • Your matching location
  • Population: 34,922
  • I never realized how much I loved living in La Porte, Texas, until Hurricane Harvey came to visit in 2017. It was then that I realized that I loved living in this coastal community because of the way…[read more]

Nearby Areas With A High Livability Score96
  • Seabrook, TX
  • 7.3 miles away (City)
  • Population: 13,038
  • It could be better, I have a cousin that lives in Lake Jackson and it says it's way better to live there, and I honestly agree. The mall is huge and so many places to go out to eat. Plus It's right next…[read more]
  • Taylor Lake Village, TX
  • 6.4 miles away (City)
  • Population: 3,662
  • League City, TX
  • 12.7 miles away (City)
  • Population: 94,976
  • I have lived in League City for about 20 years now. The amazing thing about League City is that it has remained almost the same as when the large explosion of growth happened in the Houston area. The…[read more]
  • El Lago, TX
  • 6.6 miles away (City)
  • Population: 2,778
  • Deer Park, TX
  • 4.3 miles away (City)
  • Population: 33,517
  • This place gives you a vibe of a small town and suburban Americana, marinated with backwards-thinking trump supporters and racist police department. As the previous posts have mentioned, the police in DP…[read more]
  • Friendswood, TX
  • 14.3 miles away (City)
  • Population: 38,272
  • We moved Friendswood eight years ago just in time for our son to start 7th grade at Friendswood Junior High. Growing up in the area, I had always heard about Friendswood ISD being a great district for…[read more]
  • Clear Lake Shores, TX
  • 8.4 miles away (City)
  • Population: 1,458
  • Pearland, TX
  • 15.9 miles away (City)
  • Population: 106,238
  • I lived in Pearland, Texas since before the great influx of building and urban sprawl. This was fueled during the hot subprime market, and the entire place changed immediately. People that lived here…[read more]
  • Shoreacres, TX
  • 3.7 miles away (City)
  • Population: 1,759
  • Hillcrest, TX
  • 21.7 miles away (City)
  • Population: 833
  • Santa Fe, TX
  • 19.6 miles away (City)
  • Population: 12,839
  • I absolutely love the simple life that I am living in Santa Fe, Texas. Santa Fe is a small town and has a population of less than 13,000. When you take a drive, or walk down the streets of the local…[read more]
  • Nassau Bay, TX
  • 8.8 miles away (City)
  • Population: 4,091
  • Pasadina, Houston, TX
  • 8.6 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 143,203
  • When I moved to Pasadina, Houston, TX I did so for work. I really didn't know anything about the area. As a result, it was a relatively blind move but one that proved to be quite fruitful. One of the…[read more]
  • Baytown, TX
  • 8.2 miles away (City)
  • Population: 75,310
  • My husband and I spent three days visiting Baytown, Texas in April 2010. This was a great time to visit, because the weather was warm, but not overly hot. We stayed at the Best Western Baytown Inn…[read more]
  • Kemah, TX
  • 9.8 miles away (City)
  • Population: 2,098
  • Morgan's Point, TX
  • 2.7 miles away (City)
  • Population: 319
  • Brookside Village, TX
  • 17 miles away (City)
  • Population: 1,706
  • Pasadena, TX
  • 9.7 miles away (City)
  • Population: 153,286
  • I moved to the area nine years ago. The bad things about Pasadena, TX include the extremely high crime, lack of police support, traffic, bad drivers, uninsured drivers, road rage, flooding, and the air…[read more]
  • South Houston, TX
  • 10.8 miles away (City)
  • Population: 17,474
  • When my son and his wife asked me to relocate to South Houston, I thought it would be a good move and full of opportunities, after all, Houston is a big city with lots of money. When I first arrived, I…[read more]
  • Manvel, TX
  • 22.8 miles away (City)
  • Population: 7,402
  • Jacinto City, TX
  • 13.4 miles away (City)
  • Population: 10,753
  • It's really wonderful living in Jacinto City, Texas and I wouldn't want to call any place else my home! We have lived here for 18 years, have pretty much raised our kids here as there's a great school…[read more]
  • Midtown, Houston, TX
  • 20.2 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 6,409
  • Alvin, TX
  • 19.7 miles away (City)
  • Population: 25,500
  • Living in Alvin is good and bad. We have a lot of restaurants scattered around, but just a handful of grocery stores so if you cook at home, you might have to make a drive. There is a lot of shopping if…[read more]
  • Dickinson, TX
  • 14.9 miles away (City)
  • Population: 19,583
  • The time that I spent living in Dickinson Texas was wonderful and well spent. The town is domiciled in the Houston area. Dickinson is the home to a massive number of schools. There are more than 12, with…[read more]
  • Crosby, TX
  • 17.1 miles away (City)
  • Population: 2,647
  • Highlands, TX
  • 10.1 miles away (City)
  • Population: 7,386
  • Webster, TX
  • 10.2 miles away (City)
  • Population: 11,041
  • Living in Webster, TX, Was a great experience for my family and I. We were able to experience a lot while we lived here for the short time. We were able to see a lot and do a lot because this city is…[read more]
  • Texas City, TX
  • 21.5 miles away (City)
  • Population: 46,811
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  • Cove, TX
  • 17.5 miles away (City)
  • Population: 299
  • Mont Belvieu, TX
  • 16.4 miles away (City)
  • Population: 4,892
  • Cloverleaf, TX
  • 11.2 miles away (City)
  • Population: 23,505
  • I love living in Cloverleaf, it's a wicked fun city. It's very close to Houston and even if you don't venture into the bigger city, there is still a lot to do right in Cloverleaf. I like to visit the New…[read more]
  • Channelview, TX
  • 9.5 miles away (City)
  • Population: 40,534
  • One of the things I’ve always loved about living in Channelview is that it’s one of those cities that only the locals tend to know about. It’s a typical suburb but it’s fairly small, which is really nice…[read more]
  • San Leon, TX
  • 14 miles away (City)
  • Population: 4,987
  • Galena Park, TX
  • 12.4 miles away (City)
  • Population: 11,119
  • I love living in the city of Chicago because of its diverse cuisine and culture, its unique cityscape, its efficient transportation system and its comfortable climate. There is so much to do in the city…[read more]
  • East End, Houston, TX
  • 16.6 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 87,359
  • I moved to East End Houston TX hen I was 13 years old and my time has been well spent. For ever 10 years I've enjoyed numerous different attractions, Nightlife, shopping and restaurants. The well built…[read more]
  • Bacliff, TX
  • 11.7 miles away (City)
  • Population: 9,004
  • Sheldon, TX
  • 14.2 miles away (City)
  • Population: 1,417
  • North, Houston, TX
  • 22.4 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 119,685
  • I've lived in North Houston for five years now, and I love every moment of it. Hailing from Los Angeles, I've swapped one big city for another, gaining in the process. Residing in the Woodlands has given…[read more]
  • Aldine, TX
  • 26 miles away (City)
  • Population: 14,867
  • I am a lifelong resident of Adeline, Texas and let me tell you, I could be offered carte blanche to live anywhere else in this country and I would stay right where I am! I love living in Adeline. I went…[read more]
  • Southeast, Houston, TX
  • 15.9 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 261,757
  • Downtown, Houston, TX
  • 19.6 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 10,089
  • Old River-Winfree, TX
  • 19.6 miles away (City)
  • Population: 1,861
  • Barrett, TX
  • 13.7 miles away (City)
  • Population: 4,737
  • Northeast, Houston, TX
  • 17.3 miles away (Neighborhood)
  • Population: 129,659
  • Beach City, TX
  • 13.1 miles away (City)
  • Population: 2,518

Listed above are the best places to live in La Porte, TX for 2020. The list of best places is compiled using the AreaVibes Livability Score which is calculated from a score out of 100 and based on various categories. These categories include: amenities, cost of living, crime rates, education, employment, housing and weather. Displayed first is the matching location - La Porte, TX, followed by the best places to live near La Porte, TX, sorted by Livability Score.

To customize the list of best places to live in and around La Porte, TX, you are able to first select the search radius, which is the maximum distance you'd like to search for nearby cities or neighborhoods. Next, you can choose to display cities only, neighborhoods only or both cities and neighborhoods. The population dropdown will allow you to customize the size of the cities that you would like to appear in the list. You can then set the importance of each category based on what's most important to you. Finally, you can set your home/rent budget based on what you're comfortable spending on housing or rent. Once your search preferences have been set, you will have your personalized list of the best places to live in La Porte, TX.

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