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Run from Jackson MS

I have lived in other places and all where better than Jackson MS. I have seen Jackson go down over the years and now it is not even worth talking about. The school system is messed up. The bus system is messed up. The water bill is so high and you can't never drink it, brush your teeth nor half bathe with it. Most of neighborhoods in Northwest,south and west Jackson are terrible. The police force just have to shake my head. I am finally getting my mom to move out of here.
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an embarrassment to our great country, RACIST

This city is filled with racism, horrible roads, bad education, horrible drivers, bad music scene, incurable government, bad structural issues, horrible crime, lazy mentality, a worse than mediocre mindset, stubborn stupid people, and many more things. It is not worth even going here for education only which is not half bad here. I have lived in Jackson for 3 years and have spent much time about the town. It needs to be demolished and moved. It was built on a volcano basically and there is a guarantee that your house's structural integrity will not be consistent. I am being very honest about this town and what I have experienced from living here. I gave it the benefit of a doubt for the first year, and the place all most kept me from having any positive thoughts about it. At least Detroit is known for the jazz musicians from there and has a good music scene. Jackson is a pathetic waste of material, even without any crime.
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Anybody who moves here needs to have their head examined.

You can find decent restaurants and shopping almost anywhere in the country. I was born and raised in an affluent Jackson neighborhood. Mississippi is a violent, backward state, and always has been. It's not going to change in our lifetime. Mississippi has an extremely bad reputation as a backward, violent, and poor place all over the globe. Law enforcement, healthcare, and education are all inferior in the state compared to the rest of the US. I was the victim of a number of crimes in Mississippi, and I'm lucky to have survived childhood. I'm not exaggerating at all. And don't expect to see a lot of "southern belles" in Mississippi, as most of the women are poor, fat, and ugly. What a s*hole.
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Jackson, MS - Full of Southern Charm

I grew up in the city of Jackson Mississippi, and I can't think of a better place on earth to grow up! The pace of life in Jackson is a little slower here, people take the time to say "hello" everywhere you go, and stopping to smell the flowers is not only expected but is practically required! Jackson may not have quite the cultural attractions and big city events that the larger Southern cities boast, but it does have plenty of things to do all year round. The weather in Jackson is generally nice, with four distinct seasons. The famous Southern humidity is the only thing visitors or residents may not enjoy. Visits to Jackson are best undertaken in the spring or fall - just try to avoid the heat bath that happens in a Jackson July or August. Jackson does have a minor league baseball team, several museums of note, and a charming downtown area that can be explored on foot. There are four shopping centers in the area, with the newly built Renaissance being especially beautiful and many delicious restaurants to choose from seving southern BBQ. You will find the true definition of Southern hospitality here. Expect smiles and friendly greetings at every turn. Residents of Jackson are always happy to help visitors with directions and advice, so don't be afraid to ask!
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