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Best Places To Live In Garden Grove, CA

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Garden Grove, CA: This City Has It All

Garden Grove is a city in the north part of Orange County, California. The population is about 170,000 and it sits around 35 miles south of the city of Los Angeles. Of course the entirety of Orange County is heavily populated, having over 3 million people. This gives the area more of a feel of being one big metropolitan area.

Garden Grove is a great city for many reasons, including that it is incredibly safe, it has great weather, and it is close to the water. However, having these appealing prospects makes the cost of living and the cost of housing greater here than it is in a lot of other places. The cost of living is a bit higher in Garden Grove than it is in the rest of California, but is significantly higher in the cost of renting a house or an apartment. It costs more than double the national average to rent a house or apartment here. However, California state income tax is relatively low, so people can keep more of their money.

Living in Garden Grove means having a great climate the entire year. Temperature highs in the winter rarely get below the mid-60's. Highs in the summer can get into the high 80's. The best places to live in Garden Grove are the ones closest to the coast because it is easier to get to the beach and enjoy these great year-round temperatures.

Hitting the beach and going to DIsneyland are two of the most popular things for locals and tourists to do. Both of these are within a few miles from Garden Grove. People also spend a lot of time shopping and going to restaurants. In general, spending time outside is very popular. People love the sunny weather. The best places in Garden Grove to hang out outside are Garden Grove Park and Faylane Park. The city also hosts an annual Strawberry Festival that draws about a quarter of a million people every year.

Garden Grove has buses and Metrolink trains that go throughout the city and the surrounding areas in Orange Country. In general, getting around in Southern California is easiest with a car. Driving is very much a part of the culture.

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