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amenities A

There are lots of amenities close to this location.
Coffee (52) B
Entertainment (96) A+
Food and Drink (153) C+
Fitness (38) C-
Groceries (46) F
Parks (295) A+
Shops (313) D-
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commute A+

Of all people who commute, 11.6% take public transportation in Buffalo.
Public Transit Stops (48)
Stops & Stations
Workers Taking Public Transit
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cost of living A+

The cost of living in Buffalo is 82/100 - which is 32% lower than New York.
Cost of Living
Goods & Services, Housing, etc.
Tax Rates
Income & Sales Tax
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crime F

Buffalo crime rates are 3,999 per 100k, which is 125% higher than New York
Property Crime
3,055 crimes per 100k
Violent Crime
943 crimes per 100k
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employment D-

The median income in Buffalo is $33,119 - which is 45% lower than New York.
Med. Household Income
Unemployment Rate
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health A+

There are many hospitals, police and fire stations.
Health & Safety (82)
Dentist, Doctor, Hospital, etc.
Air Quality
Median Air Quality
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housing A+

Buffalo home prices are $72,600 - which is 75% lower than New York
Home Price
Home Appreciation Rate
Home Affordability
2.2x (home price to income ratio)
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schools C+

The Buffalo graduation rate is 78% - which is 5% lower than New York
School Test Scores
High School Grad. Rates
Elementary Schools (74) A+
High Schools (44) A+
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ratings F

Buffalo has an overall rating of 39% from 43 reviews.
User Reviews (19)
From AreaVibes
User Surveys (24)
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An Ugly Place Filled With Ugly People 0.5 rating By Anonymous ( Sep 16, 2022) After living in this god forsaken place for a number of years, I can honestly count on the fingers of maybe one hand the number of people who hadn't screwed me over in some way. It's profoundly disturbing to me the degree to which the Buffalonians I had in my life deliberately ma ...Read More de my life worse. Even people I didn't know, complete strangers, would inexplicably hate on me or at the very least, treat me as a pariah. And then there are the people I worked for as a self employed professional who in the span of a year or two would essentially completely forget who I was and what I did for them after I left Buffalo. I offered one client my vacation time in doing new work for them that they needed, and they didn't have the decency to even respond to my generous offer. Another could only respond with a texted emoji when I took a moment to say hi and remark that I was thinking of them. Even my best friends turned out to be some of the worst friends I ever had.

When I see pictures of that place on social media, it's always the same type of potato shaped, ugly people, crowing about themselves or their ugly kids or family members. Buffalo is in the top 10 of "rudest cities" in America which is certainly no surprise to me. Self centered, intolerant, petty, aloof, and back-stabbing are all traits I became accustomed to in most Buffalonians I had friendships and working relationships with.

Even just getting work there was always a major struggle for me which was odd to me given how hard I worked and how capable I was. Maybe I lacked the special sauce that Buffalonians seem to crave as some form of extreme brown-nosing that they apparently all thrive on. In fact, I highly suspect that the original Karen is from Buffalo, believe it or not, a former friend who blindsided me shortly before I left town for good with past instances of squabbles I thought we had long since resolved. It seemed she was trolling for apologies (as Karen's tend to do) and had been obviously reliving these experiences over and over again in her mind.

If the sordid nature of the citizenry of Buffalo weren't bad enough, the weather is appalling. Winter is essentially 6 months long and marked by extended periods of zero degree weather and temperatures in the teens, as well as mass accumulations of snow. The "Northtowns" are far more bearable in terms of snow, so if anyone just has to live in Buffalo, I would recommend that area which is in fact North of the city of Buffalo, not in Buffalo itself.

Buffalo is a very blue city in a blue state, so don't even think about wearing a red baseball cap especially in the wrong neighborhood unless you really want to be assaulted. People in the rural areas tend to be more sensible, so if you don't have a "we believe" sign in your front yard in the populated areas or a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker on your car, just keep any form of political conservatism to yourself lest you be branded a "Nazi."

Traffic is easy if you can get past the terrible, inconsiderate drivers and horrific road conditions. Potholes are everywhere and have been known to actually cause front end damage on cars. They start spreading road salt as soon as the temperatures drop below 40 degrees in the fall and it continues until it starts warming up in May so if you have a car you want to keep for a while, I'd highly recommend getting it undercoated every year. One thing I miss about Buffalo (maybe the only thing) is the inexpensive undercoating at Krown. It cost me 5 times as much to have the same process completed West of the Mississippi.

The inherent misery of living in Buffalo gives rise to a number of bars and restaurants. As evidenced by the high degree of obesity there, good eateries are everywhere. If you're not eating chicken wings and beer at least every Friday night, you're doing it wrong. Beef on weck, pizza, and subs are also staple food items among the Buffalo herd. And beer, plenty of beer. There are microbreweries everywhere. It seems every cranky middle aged man has started a microbrewery in an effort to escape the drudgery of their former careers.

If you're considering moving to or moving back to Buffalo to "start over," please do yourself a favor and think about doing that somewhere else. Buffalo may be booming, but it's still just a small city with small-minded people who will gladly eat your lunch before sharing their lunch with you.

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A truly bleak place 1 rating By Anonymous ( Apr 09, 2022) My father brought us here in a hasty retreat from Manhattan in the late 60's. Even as a mere child, it only took 3 years here for depression to set in. The kids in the Catholic grade school I went to were human garbage, and the pos sociopath who bullied me became somewhat of a pa ...Read More ragon of the neighborhood. I was called "ugly" enough times in grade school that I never had the confidence to approach girls in high school. Not once. I got hired right from graduating college and rose through the ranks, having to endure slander at least 3 times, as efforts to specifically ruin my career. Even after slogging away at my craft for 6 years, proving myself with significant productivity and awards, I was literally ridiculed when I approached people I knew for work. I left Buffalo and came back 3 times, each time thinking I was doing it for love or career. Even as a firestarter in my field, I was never lauded or featured in articles, even knowing an actual local magazine publisher since college who made unsolicited promises to do so. I was mined for valuable information that I garnered through years of hard work & experience by multiple people, and once promised work in exchange that never materialized. I built & maintained long term friendships with people who hired me, and I relied on them for a livelihood, graciously (and freely) giving them my time and expertise in efforts to help them succeed and grow their businesses. I was able to buy a house and then another house, and then work gradually dwindled to a trickle to the point where I was working 3 days per month. Why? I don't know. If these friends had a problem with me, they never had the humanity to tell me what it was. And so I found myself with 30 years experience, considered the best in my field, but barely working. And so it was time to leave for good. I've been gone just over a year now, and I haven't been homesick ever, even once, and I have no desire to ever return. Read Less
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New Mayor Needed 1.5 rating By Anonymous ( Mar 31, 2022) Went to my cousin's wedding in Buffalo. It was at a Historic downtown Hotel. We stayed at a different hotel near the airport. On our drive to & from the wedding there were many signs with lots of trash around them stating, "Unlawful to Litter." I read it to my husband & he replie ...Read More d,"How about unlawful to let your buildings crumble!" Nothing attractive about that city, just plain ugly, trash everywhere, buildings boarded, broken windows etc. Read Less
It's "Buffalo" for a reason. 1 rating By Anonymous ( Oct 08, 2021) Ya know why Buffalo has such a bad reputation and universally the butt of jokes on tv shows and movies for the past 40 years? "Let's see, we need a mid sized Northeastern city that almost nobody knows about where nothing good happens and its residents are a bunch of rubes... writ ...Read More e Buffalo in there." Never mind, "good, bad, and ugly," it's just bad and ugly. Is it at least cheap to live there? It used to be, but rents and real estate are off the charts lately. Mass transit? Yes, buses, and more useful than some other cities, but the one and only subway has ONE 6.4 mile line. One. And speaking of "one," Buffalo has ONE newspaper which is notoriously inaccurate and overpriced, one major art museum, one science museum, and one stadium that isn't even IN Buffalo. Oh, but Buffalo has two pro sports teams (who can't win their way out of a paper bag), Amenities? Yes, there are more than enough places to spend your money but they closed a major mall not that long ago and a few others will probably close soon. Activities? Sure, you can go paddle a kayak around on the shipping canal downtown, or watch the dummies pretend to play roller derby on a flat concrete floor in Canalside, a favorite hangout of the hipsterati. Make sure you take lots of selfies to post on social media and ignore the fact that there are shootings almost every day now, and an impending *socialist* mayor who will surely clean up the rampant violent crime in Buffalo, LOL. That's right, decades of Democrat mayors wasn't quite suitable for the liberal majority there, they needed a full-on socialist because Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are well known beacons of order, harmony, and modernity. But hey, that's Buffalo for ya. If they can make something worse, they sure will. And the people? Well... as with the sports teams, Buffalonians tend to be all talk and no action. People will say they'll call you back, they say they'll do something with you, they'll posture like they want to start a business with you, they'll promise to hire you, but guess what? 9 times out of 10, nothing will happen. It's a drab, depressing place and its residents are similarly drab and depressing. Nobody I know who has left (at least 30 people over the past 20 years) has ever come back and I'd only return to visit graves of the glorious winners I once knew. Read Less
Buffalo, a great place to be from. 0.5 rating By Anonymous ( Jun 07, 2021) There are no words for the lack of humanity and decency inherent in the people who live in Buffalo. My long life there featured some of the most appalling treatment one could undergo short of what might be seen in a Jerry Springer marathon. I suppose you could look at Buffalo the ...Read More place and Buffalo the people separately, with Buffalo the place being just ok, and the people - being some of the worst in the country. I lived there for several decades and ONE friend actually expressed a desire to see me before I left. One. If I had even 1/10 the time I graciously gave to friends there reciprocated, I'd be the happiest man on Earth. I'm not even exaggerating when I say these people are morally bankrupt. I dated a girl for 7 months only to find out (by accident) that she was already in a relationship with a mutual friend (who instigated our dating because he thought I would help her career - which I did). I dated another girl who couldn't stop having sex with her exes, LOL. I had a long term friend who would come over to my place once a year and then whine repeatedly about how he didn't want to be there. I had another close friend who stole clients from me, one who moved away, then complained to me bitterly because I didn't congratulate him on making babies, and one who couldn't be bothered driving me to the airport the one and only time I asked. I could go on, but without paragraph breaks here, it would be too hard to read. Buffalo the place is inherently depressing which is evident in the number of bars there and the number of obese people there. I've known a large number of people who left who complained of it being a depressing place, and many who have great careers and lives only because they left. It pains me to think of the years I wasted living in Buffalo. Read Less
There are much better places to live. 1 rating By Anonymous ( May 09, 2021) Ahhh, Buffalo. Where you're either born, moved there for school, or you followed a boyfriend or girlfriend there. Oh, and let's not forget - you moved back there many years after having your azz handed to you in a major city. Make no mistake, people almost never move to (or stay ...Read More in) Buffalo unless they just have no other choice. I often wonder if I ever liked it there or when I started really hating it and I've come to realize that Buffalonians are just sh!tty people. "City of Good Neighbors?" That's a laugh, and surely a slogan some chamber of commerce marketer came up with 50 years ago. Neighbors... let's see... one guy let his dog dump every day on the alley sidewalk leading to other apartments, one ignored every friendly nod I ever offered, one got spectacularly arrested by SWAT as part of a coordinated drug raid one morning at 6am, one climbed my fence to saw a large tree branch that was overhanging into his yard, one insisted on letting his lawn guys run their giant mower in MY yard just to get the grass even on both sides of his line of dead shrubs that divided our yards, when I was a broke recent graduate, one slid into my parked car one winter and offered me like 20 bucks as compensation (and this was a medical doctor), one would bang on the apartment wall whenever I laughed too loud, and even living in the country for 3 years, I'd routinely get stuck in my friend's unplowed driveway and not her nor a single one of her 3 family members ever came out to help me. Not-once. Oh, and then there are actual friends who are really good at getting in touch when they need something, really good at forgetting you when they don't, and absolutely terrible at the whole loyalty thing. Yes, folks, these are examples of the quality of people who reside in Buffalo. Sadly, it was only after I left that I realized how abhorrent these people are. Read Less
High taxes, high crime, high unemployment. 0.5 rating By Anonymous ( Dec 25, 2020) I've lived in the Buffalo area (20 addresses) for most of the past 50 years, mostly in the city of Buffalo. I've watched it go from being a place with a dwindling population and bad winters to a city with a lot of organic growth, development and finally a growing population. Cost ...Read More of living is very low, except for housing. Rents are high and home costs are high. I just sold my middle of the road suburban house for $50K above the assessed value in fact. I would have to guess that the growing population is to blame for high housing costs. ( )

As an insider, I'm not sure what makes Buffalo an attractive place to live. NY state is one of the highest taxed states in the country, the roads are terrible here, you can't keep a car for more than 6 or 7 years before it starts rusting out due to the obsessive use of road salt in the winter, violent crime is very high, people aren't particularly friendly, and the Buffalo school system has a 50% graduation rate. ( )

Suburbs are far better (and only slightly friendlier) than the city, but even then, there's been a rash of petty crime in Amherst in particular, where forgetting to lock your car door at night pretty much guarantees theft. Not to mention, leaving your car idling in your own driveway in the morning could mean it gets stolen. ( )
Most people who live and make a decent living here, realize they can take vacations frequently (because the cost of living is so low) to make life here more bearable. I myself am about to take a permanent vacation from Buffalo and I couldn't be happier. Read Less
Not an "Up and Coming City" 0.5 rating By justchill ( Apr 26, 2018) Buffalo has a decent night life as far as bars and attractions go, but not really different than any other medium sized city. It has plenty of options for food, but a lot of times it's over priced and not made well. You can find good dive bars, or classy restaurants. Just few and ...Read More far between. The city is absolutely littered with pot holes. The roads and bridges are terrible. Their Buffalo/Niagara city plan went underway, but only for the investors. They're "revitalizing downtown" with mini condos and yuppie apartment complexes that are absolutely over priced. I can pay for a nice 1 bedroom apartment in Denver, Colorado that is cheaper than the same deal in downtown Buffalo, New York. I would much rather live in a clean, happy, city like Denver than Buffalo at that budget. They also have waste dumps from the Love Canal companies still being discovered. Basically the whole city could potentially be littered with chemical waste spots from Love Canal companies. I have worked with the Buffalo/Niagara River clean up, and the rivers here are disgusting. The parkway system is nice, but you can tell that some of the them, such as Tift Nature Preserve, are simply old trash dumps that have been buried and revitalized into "parks". It's a city of drinkers so if you're not a night person or if you don't prefer drunk jerks yelling and keeping you up all night during the week, then this is not a city for you. There is a lot of great architecture and history in this city, but that's all it is, History. I would not say this is an up and coming city. Read Less
Backwater small town at heart 2 rating By Barton Twat ( Apr 05, 2017) Buffalo is a small city that for decades couldn't manage to wipe it's own arse. Decades of talk about doing something with the waterfront finally materialized and seems to be rolling right along even though there's still a huge swath of waterfront that's covered with condos and a ...Read More n elevated highway acting as a barrier to access. The parks system is amazing, no question. The restaurant scene is incredible, absolutely. Live music is plentiful and there are a number of art galleries and a major art museum not to mention a number of very good schools at all levels.However, there are a number of gravely serious issues that keep Buffalo from being "livable," not the least of which is crime, especially violent crime. There are shootings in Buffalo about every few weeks and assault is common. Cars are routinely broken into and rape has been known to happen in nicer parts of the city as well as petty theft being common pretty much everywhere. Buffalo is always 12th to 15th place on lists of Most Violent Cities in America. Violent crime is higher here than the state average, higher than the national average and even higher than in the city of Los Angeles (AKA the Gang Capital of America with an estimated 120,000 gang members as of 2007.) Proximity to Lake Erie makes Buffalo's micro climate a major pain in the arse with very unpredictable weather that at times can be disruptive with very sudden "lake effect" snow storms in the winter than can literally paralyze all forms of traffic. Winters are nowhere near as bad as the idiots on late night TV have made out, thanks to climate change, but people and businesses tend to not shovel their sidewalks in the city, so getting around on foot during the winter can be an unwelcome adventure. Other issues:Traffic lights are not synchronized (one, possibly two streets are synched, but that's it.) They say it takes 20 minutes to get to anywhere in Buffalo and that's not inaccurate, but you'll still go through a lot of brake pads and gas doing it because traffic is stop-and-go everywhere and people drive like re**rds here (e.g., after installing a handful of traffic circles, they eventually had to add stop signs because people kept crashing into one another.) Jobs are mostly corporate cubicle positions, retail, and manual labor.Roads are riddled with pot holes and cracks and most go many years before being resurfaced. Government in New York State is VERY top heavy and as such, taxes are very high, possibly the highest in the country. Most people here get married and make babies in their 20's, so if you're single and considering a move here, dating options will be limited unless you're ok with an older date who's already been married and divorced or can attract younger college age dates. Housing is plentiful and not expensive. As with many other cities there's been a wave of former industrial and retail space converted to residential lofts and apartments in the downtown area. There are really no "neighborhoods" downtown as would be expected, and riffraff routinely loiter around looking for trouble, not to mention there are very few stores to speak of downtown.The Buffalo PD is either very corrupt, very lazy, very inept, or possibly all three. They have a high degree of uncleared crimes on the books and can't seem to solve crimes without a trail of bread crumbs leading them to criminals. More often than not, they treat victims of crimes as criminals themselves and seem to lack any sympathy whatsoever which I could excuse if they were actually effective law enforcement. The seemingly only available ISP in the city is off the charts terrible. Spectrum, formerly Time-Warner has legendarily poor connectivity and EVERYONE complains of it. Only when you move to the suburbs is the vastly superior FIOS service available. Life in the suburbs is far, far, far safer, quieter, friendlier, convenient, and yes, also a little more boring. Amherst for example has been named the safest city in the country for many years. Currently I think it's 2nd safest. Generally speaking, when residents of the city get a little older and have kids, they move to the suburbs. I miss the vibe in the city, but I don't miss pan handlers in my face everywhere I go, paying for parking, alternate side of the street parking, parking tickets, dog sh!t and garbage everywhere, and the crime.I moved away many years ago and as with most others who have, I moved back. For the past 8 years I've have thought daily about suicide and now find myself at an un hirable age and more than likely stuck here amongst people I hate with 7 months long soul crushing winters. Read Less
This is a place for people who have given up on dying. 0.5 rating By Harrison Punches ( Jul 17, 2016) I use to cry in this city. Then I realized I lived in a place where even that didn't matter. Life is without meaning. When I wake up there is no sky, just black; I can feel the blackness growing within me. The only good thing about this gastly location of hell is that is close to ...Read More o a giant waterfall, of which you can commit suicide. I think my family work like that. Dying, that could be nice? I don't even know anymore. What do I want? I have to go now, and finish: To completion. Read Less
Buffalo is still the same city I left 10 years ago 0 rating By Formerbuffalony ( May 03, 2016) I relocated back to Buffalo to be closer to my parents. I took a job at a locally based company full of buffalonians who never left. I had lived in Florida and worked for two fortune 250 companies. I was very excited to be back in WNY. However that excitedness ended fairly quickl ...Read More y. I had never professionally worked in Buffalo and I thought it would be the same as anywhere else. Boy was I wrong. Don't get me wrong everywhere had politics. But the workplaces here were political to the point you have a hard time working through it. As I was working people began to assume that I was arrogant and uppity because I had ideas and thoughts brought from major companies. This was allegedly why I was hired. When I started making suggestions I was told we don't do that or you can't change anything. My coworkers who were all buffalo flunkies were extremely rude. I would ask for something and be ignored or told I'm hovering waiting for them to get off Facebook. The economy here is also awful. It's not getting any better. Thank god I'm moving back to Florida which I consider my home. Do not move to buffalo. You will regret it. Read Less
Gave Buffalo A Chance, Still A Horrible, Clueless City 1 rating By MikeR ( Apr 04, 2016) This place is so lame and ridiculous that it doesn't even deserve to be rated. There is a malaise here that permeates everything, pulverizing it into mediocrity that is accepted as "good" or better. Obviously, the people here have not seen better to know any better, so to them th ...Read More e mediocrity here is seemingly much better than what it really is, and is told to visitors as such. Then the visitors from a better place (which is most places outside of the Buffalo area) see the recommendation for themselves and ar very disappointed. The people here are "nice" but not "friendly," and consistently do bad things and the wrong things with no accountability. One time I asked a local lady for directions. She gave them to me. This being Buffalo I asked if she's sure. She then said no. Rather than "disappoint" you, these "nice" people will tell you the wrong thing so as to be "friendly." Turns out her directions were wrong, and so glad I double-checked before taking them. Always double or triple check anything that you are told here. This incompetence permeates the city which is why the sports teams, education, news programming and just about everything else here is so bad. The good news is there is vast room for improvement. The really bad news about Buffalo especially, is that the people here are very resistant to change because "it's been done this (wrong) way for generations" and there is zero accountability for mistakes, so the same people keep making the same mistakes and don't even realize that they are doing so many things wrong. A shame because there is such potential here but it has to start all over again with the right people (outsiders) in place, and ensure that it is done their way only. Buffalo was also voted "The Rudest City In America." Google this and read the survey. I agree, and for that reason have given up on this place totally. A lot of this is not so much "in your face" as purposely passive-aggressive. That's why you shouldn't listen to anything here from anyone and not take Buffalo seriously at all. Things are much better here if you just avoid and ignore this city as best you can until you can get out. Read Less
The negative reputation is true 0.5 rating By Shyhalu ( Jan 13, 2016) I've been here for 2 months, I assure you the place is as bad as its reputation and the people tend to be far worse.

Surrounding areas (while absolutely beautiful) seem to be full of boomers and older gen xers, with that dishonest arrogant boomer mentality.
You know, that 1950s
...Read More era Hate Your Neighbor But Smile Anyway mentality. That fake friendliness, that "I'll only help if its not a burden" penny pinching coupon clipping cheap Made In China nonsense.

My first landlord literally debated himself over a 50 cent price difference for cheap utensils. That is how bad it is.
I found out he was renting the place illegally to me, ended up going around his family's back to do it and tried to keep my existence a secret.

Randomly texts me not to come home and to stay at work...when I have 4 thousand dollars of video/audio equipment in the home and have only known him for a month....seriously....Ended up illegally barring me from the home and forcing me to sleep overnight in my car..during a weekday no less. I packed my stuff and got out the next day.

And now? He blames me just disappearing (After telling him repeatedly I'm leaving the next day), calls me dishonest, blames me for him deciding to not tell his family and get their permission to rent, and randomly texts me insults to the point where I probably need to get a restraining order.

This is probably the surrounding are in a nutshell. "I'm your friend, but not really".

Want a Pizza? Be prepared for 75% of the restaurants here to serve you the cheapest stuff they could find and charge you the highest price you can get.
Something that reminds you of what your school served for lunch, frozen pizzas are ten times better.
There area few good restaurants that still serve quality food, but they struggle because the residents here grew up on that processed garbage and turn their nose at good new york style or good chicago style pizza.
Half the places are dirty or have rude workers, deliver late food, etc. Just check out some google/yelp reviews, ignore the ego driven ignorance of some of the posters there.

Its still the 1950s here. Made In China and cheap garbage.

The streets are in horrible condition, avoiding potholes is almost impossible. I already have to probably fix up my car because of it.

The buildings are awful, rent is cheap because no one wants to live here or stay here. Granted, there are a lot of college students for the university, but when they are done they are normally gone from the area.

I currently rent an apartment for near 600 a month, its an old building with 2 foreclosed neighbors. Its full of drafts, wind blows right through here. No sealing on the windows/doors so heating is ridiculous...and this is one of the better places.

Everything about it is cheap, me and my roommate joke that the entire place is a cheap half ***ed job, and the sad part is that its right. The carpeting wasn't even done right, its not wall to wall when you can pull it up from the wall.

That kind of sums up buffalo, half ***ed job. From the restaurants, to maintenance, to housing. The surrounding areas were much better with exception to food services....4 restaurants near where I worked

Working here is even more horrendous...and the crime? Holy **** they are not kidding.
If you are a woman, do not travel alone or without a few friends/males. Not trying to be a sexist, but you need protection. Its not a question of "if", but a matter of "when" you will have someone attempt to rape you.

Same with going out in general, you need to be really careful, muggings are daily here. 1 month ago we had 3 murders 2 streets from where I work. Someguy literally walked up to a car stopped at a red light and shot a broad daylight.

A lot of the younger people here are dumb as **** and have even worse habits. They are extremely lazy, are slobbish, dirty, etc...half of them can not hold down jobs. I say this as a millennial, one of those "younger" people.

My last roommates were complete inconsiderate morons, from crossing exposed live wiring to blasting music on max right next to my room. Guy managed to lose his job, got his car towed because he parked it in front of a fire hydrant IRRC, managed to get his girlfriend (Also living here, also a compulsive liar) pregnant, and is now couch surfing because they had to bail on the lease. This is all with them being the messiest people I've ever seen with absolutely no regard to the fact they are living in someone else's home...with other people.

This is essentially a lot of people here, Cheap and dishonest. Maybe not everyone, but enough people for me to be saying this within 2 months of living here.

As far as companies in the are ago? They are even more dishonest. Place I was working for (Hint, mail delivery) heavily practices the lovely "Let's promise them a full time job, then not hire them when its done, despite them putting in a lot of free overtime". Absolutely mindblowing with the dishonesty, especially when they have an aging workforce that is retiring/quitting left and right.

The atmosphere wasn't much *** coffee in a cheap *** coffee machine that had to be 10 years old.

Don't come here, even if they pay you for relocation. You will basically learn what it was like to be a boomer growing up. Cheap garbage at high prices, half ***sed jobs, lack of quality, morons around you, dishonest landlords, rampant crime, etc. Top it all off with NY tax.

I always wondered why my father was so miserable while I grew up, now I know. Read Less
Don't Ever Come To Buffalo, Especially From Major Cities! 1.5 rating By MikeR ( Nov 25, 2015) I moved here for a job and was told that Buffalo is a "friendly" city. Not so. The people here in general resent outsiders who they feel, rightly or wrongly, look down on them because they are from Buffalo. If Buffalo could annex itself and live in its own little bubble, it would ...Read More . Here are some of the ridiculous things I have heard here widely - from young, old, and in general. "We don't like people from New York City because you make fun of us, think we're only about snow and chicken wings, don't even know that there is a western New York, and we have to pay higher state taxes because of you." When I just smile (despite thinking "how stupid!") and say "Well, as long as you're paying for all the things in New York City you might as well go there and visit," the response is usually a stern look with a comment that they have never been to NYC and would never visit there. As for "western New York," these are the only people who call it that. New York is primarily a north-south state like Florida or California (hence the expression "upstate"). You don't hear people saying they're from "western Florida" or "western California". Duh. I left that job quickly because it sucked, empty promises. Good thing I negotiated for a New York City salary to even come there (don't let companies here looking for talent outside the city "snow" you by telling you how much lower the cost of living is here -- your big-city salary is the premium they need to pay you to even take the chance of coming to this place!). Many people from this area have not been to New York City, nearby Toronto, even more nearby Niagara Falls, or other states or countries. They are generally very provincial and often don't like others in their area who did not go to the same high school. They are also overly suspicious of why you're in Buffalo if you're not from here.

There is general stupidity, incompetence, unprofessionalism and rudeness. Google "Buffalo, NY - Rudest City In America" and read the independent survey results for yourself! The "rudeness" is not just per the above, for example, but a lot of passive-aggressiveness in that people will smile to your face, tell you they will do something, then not do it. And there is little to no accountability ("I screwed up, oh well"). This permeates the city. A local news station here, TWC News, is a total joke. No kidding: 15 minutes of weather, 7-8 minutes of sports (bad teams!) including high school teams, and several more minutes of "fluffy-stuff who-cares non-news each 60 minutes. Barf! Poorly done and allowed to continue that way. Little on the economy, national or international issues, or even the real Buffalo which is mush, mush worse than what they portray (the chamber of commerce must have final approval of the broadcast). The station should be called WTF.

Here are the best things about Buffalo according to other outsiders like me and the few intelligent people here: 1) proximity to Niagara Falls. Go there to meet intelligent, interesting tourists from all over and skip Buffalo entirely. 2) the food is pretty good, but the prices are creeping up making it less of a value. 3) the low cost of living, BUT beware, you get what you pay for. Lots of inferior service, bad service, incompetent service, snow, frigid cold, wind, and dreariness unless you can "avoid and ignore Buffalo" by doing personalized projects not including the people here, visiting elsewhere, and cherry-picking the very few decent places to go and things to do. Most people here have not seen better to know better, so when they recommend doing something that's "great" it's probably mediocre at best compared to a more itinerant or bigger city person's point of view. The people here are very charitable, I give them that, but in general this is a poor and downtrodden city. The good news is it has potential, but the bad news is that potential has never been realized in the last hundred years and probably won't be given the current state of affairs (out of state educational superintendents have come and gone quickly from here - run!).

I found the following strategy to work well here: complain as needed immediately and directly to the management, NOT the frontline people who are generally shallow. You have half a chance that the "smartest person in the room" here knows what to do, has heard the complaint before, and doesn't want to lose your business in this bleak economy. Secondly, walk out of restaurants, etc. when the service is too slow, and if asked why, explain that you're used to faster, better service and won't be returning. Maybe if enough people speak up things will get better. Third, do not assume that what you are told is accurate. That goes for directions, recommendations, and more. Double and triple-check this information. LOTS of wrong information. People here would rather be "helpful" and "nice" even if they don't know what they're talking about. That's another thing: locals will tell you how the city is revitalizing with lots of new people moving in. LOL. What's really happening is they built a boardwalk and put a few shops, restaurants and hotels downtown called Canalside, which is really nothing with nothing. The governor dropped off a billion dollars to the city, made a quick speech, waved, and basically said let me get the hell out of here fast, not to be seen again. As for the new population, that's the government putting refugees here from Burma, West Africa, and other countries who have nowhere else to go. I spoke to several of these people and asked why they selected Buffalo (having never been in cold weather or seen snow). They just laughed and said that this is where the government told them they could go - not New York City, LA, San Fran, Chicago or Miami as requested. They do not like it here in Buffalo (except for the low cost of living) and have to stay here a year before they can leave. That's just what they do for the most part. Then the replenishment begins again. Replenishment of the regular American folks who "got stuck here" (I hear that a lot) and of students, especially from New York City and Long Island, who come up here to go to college and then leave asap (some stay a bit, but then leave).

In general, bypass Buffalo. Go to a better place. Stay in your better place. Don't believe the hype or bull about Buffalo. The Buffalo Bills football team and Buffalo Sabres hockey team (which you'll hear endlessly about) are emblematic of Buffalo - basically losers with a rabid fan base hoping that some day things will get better, but don't (the Bills are currently the team in all four major sports that have the longest playoff drought, 20 years and there are only four other teams in their division, by far defying the law of averages!). Hope this helps. Reminder to go online for that study about Buffalo being the rudest city. I agree! Read Less
3 Years In Buffalo, NY 3 rating By Anonymous ( Nov 17, 2014) I moved to Buffalo about three years ago. I don't know if it's because I haven't been here that long or because I don't like living in a big city, but I could change a few things about the area. The people I have met seem to be so rude. I am used to people speaking to you when yo ...Read More u walk by, but the people who live here seem like they have so many better things to do with their time.

There are small restaurants in Buffalo, but there really isn't a lot of room to sit down and enjoy a meal. The cooks act like all they want to do is get the food out, and the managers don't really take the time to get to know you. It's all about the money here, and it's something that should be changed. One place I do like going to is Delaware Park. It's a peaceful place to go after a long day at work. The best time to go is at sunset so that you can see the light glistening off of the buildings in the distance. It's gorgeous when there's snow on the ground as well because there is a lot of open space. The Buffalo Zoo is another place I like to visit. There are so many animals here that I wouldn't expect at a zoo in a city. It's a great place for children as there are activities offered through the year. Try to arrive early so that you can walk through the entire zoo, or you will leave without seeing something beautiful or an animal that you like. Read Less
The Most Underestimated City in the US! 4 rating By wynterstail ( May 24, 2013) Born and raised in Buffalo/Kenmore and I miss it every day. Fantastic neighborhoods (check out Elmwood Avenue, but even better, Hertel Avenue!), Delaware/Elmwood/Bidwell area, Delaware Park (an Olmstead Park), the Buffalo Zoo, the waterfront. GREAT and affordable housing. Vibra ...Read More nt ethnic communities alive and well. The Central Terminal Restoration Project should get national attention Canada is literally in your back yard--I worked downtown and we frequently hopped over for lunch. Big college town--University of Buffalo, the largest university in the SUNY system--has two campuses; also Buffalo State College, Medaille, Damon, Canisus. NFL Buffalo Bills. Surrounded by charming small villages like East Aurora and Lewiston. Only thing that could make it better is JOBS. Read Less
Buffalo Shines as the City of Good Neighbors 4.5 rating By Anonymous ( Nov 25, 2011) I traveled to Buffalo several years ago and it has been on my mind to make a return. I love its historical connection to the Erie Canal, something that has always fascinated me, and how it was a major hub of transportation at one point via boat or raiload. Even though it may no l ...Read More onger be the trade center it once was, there are still a host of sites from its colorful past, numerous shops, and opportunities for fine dining. It's educational resources are first rate and I almost moved to Buffalo for my masters degree. Buffalo State University and the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus are two institutions of higher learning with a solid reputation.

Traveling to Buffalo gave me a taste of being on Lake Erie and it was convenient to go to Niagara Falls as well seeing as it was within a reasonable distance. My stay at the Mansion on Delaware, recently inducted into Historic Hotels of America, was amazing. I was pampered with what felt like the royal treatment and amenities beyond belief. I popped into the Allegro Cafe, a focal point to the visual and performing arts community, and enjoyed a taste of local music and artwork while sipping my coffee and indulging in a pastry.

Buffalo appeals to me because it is rich in history. The Wilcox Mansion, where President Roosevelt was sworn into office after President McKinley's assassination, captures my imagination and transports me back in time. I was disappointed to find that employment opportunities are not competitive in the city. Unfortunately, Buffalo has been hit hard by the economy and jobs as well as residents are relocating. I hope to see a reversal in fortunes because it is still one of my favorite places to visit. While there, I was treated as a neighbor. Read Less
Buffalo, NY - Famous for Chicken Wings but Not Much Else! 3.5 rating By AV Jon ( Nov 09, 2010) I've been to Buffalo on several occasions for various different reasons. I've always had a reason to go to Buffalo, having said that, I'm not sure Buffalo would ever be a top travel destination. If you ever do end up in Buffalo, for whatever reason, here's a quick guide that will ...Read More help you get through your trip.

#1 Chicken wings: Chicken wings were born in Buffalo ie. Buffalo Wings. If you do anything on your trip to Buffalo, have wings. No matter what people say about Buffalo, their wings are the best! Go to Anchor Bar (1047 Main St) or Coles (1104 Elmwood Ave), they are two of my favorites.

#2 Shopping: Buffalo has some great shopping and there's always a good deal to be had. The Galeria Mall (One Walden Galleria) offers a great selection of stores and outlets.

#3 Elmwood Ave: There's a great stretch of restaurants, shops and bars along Elmwood Ave that's worth checking out. For a moment you feel as though you're in another city. Just don't stray too far west.

Overall, I can't recommend Buffalo as my #1 destination, however, as I write this review about Buffalo, I am reminded that there are still enough attractions and good eats to get you through a day or two if you ever do end up in Buffalo.
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Vibrant and Historic Buffalo, New York 4 rating By Anonymous ( Apr 30, 2010) I've often traveled to Buffalo as a resident of Central New York for various reasons, and each time I've gone something new has surprised and delighted me. Many people think of Buffalo as the metropolitan hub of New York away from New York city, a center to many industries near t ...Read More he Erie Canal, or just the home of those infamously delicious chicken wings. If you are looking for a wing joint, try the Anchor Bar or Duff's, they are both delicious!

Buffalo is, in fact, a city with a lot of things to offer. Shopping, museums, impressive architecture, restaurants, attractions and fascinating history pervade almost every area of the city in one way or another. It's true that one should learn what areas aren't very tourist friendly, especially after dark, but Buffalo is fairly easy to navigate and friendly, helpful citizens are always ready to point a visitor in the right direction. Most big cities don't have this kind of open atmosphere, but it's easily found in Buffalo. Read Less

Buffalo Awards

Buffalo, NY

Buffalo is one of New York's largest cities, and it is of course the birthplace of the world famous buffalo wing. Known as the City of Good Neighbors, the residents of Buffalo are some of the warmest and welcoming people in the country. With a population of over 250,000, Buffalo is home to a professional football franchise and a professional hockey franchise. The Bills were America's lovable losers throughout the 1990s as the franchise went to a record four-straight Super Bowls, but could not bring home the sport's biggest title. The city is resilient, however; and they still cheer on the team each and every Sunday during the fall.

Buffalo is located less than two hours from Toronto, and the Canadian border is a quick drive for those who live in the city. As such, it should not come as a surprise that the city does more international trade than any other in America. Speaking of employment, Erie County is one of the area's largest employers. Wegmans and Tops are large shopping centers that are also employing a large number of Buffalo's residents. Home prices in the area are very affordable for the New York market, and those looking to buy a home will have several nice areas to choose from. University Heights, Allentown, and Larkinville are just a few of the neighborhoods that are consistently mentioned for the high quality of life that they provide to those who own or rent a home.

Traffic in Buffalo is surprisingly light, especially in comparison to New York City and the Boroughs. Interstate 190 is the main freeway that provides transportation options to get around the city. Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority operates a large public transit system that is utilized by thousands of people each day. One of the top attractions in the area is the Frank Lloyd Wright Martin House. This architectural marvel is a great representation of the brilliant architect's work. Canalside is one of the city's top places for dining, entertainment, and shopping. It is also a great place to take a stroll on a beautiful summer's evening. The Albright-Knox Art Gallery is the city's top cultural attraction, and the museum hosts a number of interesting exhibits throughout the year that let you keep coming back to this attraction.

Buffalo offers its residents a high quality of life at affordable prices. The city's public school system is highly regarded thanks to the care that they show for their students. The city has always had a passion for innovation, as is indicated by the fact that they were the first to provide their residents with electric streetlights back in the 1880s. Buffalo is a great place to call home.

A Amenities

Are there many local amenities in Buffalo? Yes, there are lots of amenities close to this location.


Wende Park
Unknown Name
Sycamore & Beckwith Monument
Willert Park
Unknown Name
Kaminski Park
Unknown Name
Unknown Name


Jefferson Street Heritage Gallery
Nash House Museum
Town Ballroom
Buffalo Place
AMC Market Arcade 8
K Art Gallery
The Andrews Theater
Alleyway Theatre

Food & Drink

Ullrich's Tavern
Spotted Octopus Brewing Co.
Patrick’s Rooftop Bar
w xyz bar
Cathode Ray

A Commute

Is public transit available in Buffalo? Of all people who commute, 11.6% take public transportation in Buffalo.
Drive to Work

9% lower than the US average

Take Public Transit

6% higher than the US average

Walk to Work

3% higher than the US average

A+ Health & Safety

Is Buffalo a healthy and safe place to live? Yes, there are many hospitals, police and fire stations.


John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital
Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus
Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
Buffalo General Hospital
Mercy Hospital of Buffalo
Erie County Medical Center
Sisters of Charity Hospital
Buffalo VA Medical Center


CVS Pharmacy
Rite Aid
CVS Pharmacy
Rite Aid
CVS Pharmacy
Parker Pharmacy
CVS Pharmacy


Neighborhood Health Center
Urban Family Health Care
Lenahan Dermatology
Health Revolutions Chiropractic
Siedlecki Cataract & Vision Care
Brain and Spine Center
Steven R. Caprow, DC
Main Primary Care

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