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The city of Buffalo, NY has a population of 255,805 and a population density of 6,335 people per square mile. There are a total of 52 Buffalo, NY neighborhoods. The neighborhood with the highest Livability Score is Cold Spring and the largest neighhorhood by population is Front Park. The Buffalo, NY neighborhood map is a great way to see which neighborhoods have a higher Livability Score compared to those with a lower Livability Score.

Top Rated Neighborhoods In Buffalo, NY

Buffalo is the second most populous city in New York State. It is in western New York State on the shores Lake Erie near the Niagara River. Buffalo is home to many public and private art galleries such as the Burchfield Penney Art Center and the Albright Knox Art Gallery. Both these galleries have collections of contemporary and modern art. Buffalo also hosts two major league sport teams the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills. The city has more than twenty parks that can be accessed from many parts of the city. Transportation wise, Buffalo residents have access to an international airport, several interstates and a metro rail.


Albright is a neighborhood located to the North of Buffalo. It is bound by Lake Hoyt to the North, Elmwood Avenue to the West, Lafayette Avenue to the South and Delaware Avenue to the East. The infamous Forest Lawn Cemetery is located within Albright. Houses in Albright are on average more expensive than the rest of Buffalo. However rents are within reach of most people at an average rent of about $900. Albright is split 50-50 between renters and home owners. Albright is one of the safest neighborhoods in New York State as the crime rate is only two percent above the National Average. Most of the Albright residents are employed with an unemployment rate of 2.1 percent. The average household income in Albright is about $60,000 which is well above the National average.

Park Meadow

Park Meadow is located to the North of Buffalo. It is north of Albright as Lake Hoyt is found to its south. The Buffalo Zoo neighbors Park Meadow to the south east. Lake Meadows is not as diverse as the rest of New York as 79 percent of its population is of Caucasian descent. Only 13 percent of its population is Asian or African American. Park Meadow’s median age is higher than that of Buffalo as many retirees have chosen to settle there. Park Meadow is home to famous art galleries such as the Burchfield Penney Art Center and the Japanese Museum Cherry Blossoms. The Nichols Flickinger Performing Arts Center is also located in Park Meadow.

Starin Central

Starin Central neighborhood is located to the northeast of Buffalo to the east of Park Meadow. Housing at Starin Central is more affordable than that at Park Meadows and Albright. Starin Central has an employment rate that’s 58 percent lower than the national median. Most people in Starin are employed in the education, transportation, health and social services industries. Starin Central is diverse with an African American population of 24 percent and an Asian population of 3 percent. There are numerous entertainment options in Starin Central such as the Cone Five Gallery and the UB Anderson Gallery. The Robert Rich Senior All High Stadium is also located in Starin Central. Nature lovers will appreciate taking walks in scenic parks such as Minnesota Linear Park, Burke’s Green, McCarthy Park, Templeton Park and Shoshone Playground. The University of Buffalo is also located in Starin Central.