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Best Places To Live In Big Lake, MN

  • Big Lake, MN
  • Your matching location
  • Population: 10,393
  • I call Big Lake, Minnesota home and am so glad that I get to raise my family here. This area is located close to Big Lake and Mitchell Lake. This small community is within an hour drive time of the city
Nearby Areas With A High Livability Score82
  • Champlin, MN
  • 20.9 miles away (City)
  • Population: 23,929
  • I enthusiastically welcomed living in Champlin Minnesota, the hometown place for hometown people. The town is a large suburb of Minneapolis and is in Hennepin County. Champlin runs along the famous
  • Rogers, MN
  • 13.6 miles away (City)
  • Population: 12,284
  • I love playing golf every week while living in Rogers Minnesota. The weather is perfect for golf in the summer time however it is hard to play in winter. The schools in Rogers are excellent. The staff,
  • Albertville, MN
  • 8.3 miles away (City)
  • Population: 7,286
  • Osseo, MN
  • 22.8 miles away (City)
  • Population: 2,612
  • Elk River, MN
  • 8.6 miles away (City)
  • Population: 23,743
  • I lived in Elk River for nearly two years and I have nothing but good things to say about the town. Elk River is a perfectly located small town of around 22,000 people. It is right in between larger
  • Ramsey, MN
  • 15.2 miles away (City)
  • Population: 25,329
  • Living in Ramsey is ok in some ways, but lacking in others. The enjoyable part of it is that it is a small, peaceful city that isn't too busy or hectic. It's well suited for older generations or people
  • Becker, MN
  • 7.6 miles away (City)
  • Population: 4,677
  • Hanover, MN
  • 13.3 miles away (City)
  • Population: 3,064
  • Dayton, MN
  • 13 miles away (City)
  • Population: 5,031
  • Waverly, MN
  • 22.1 miles away (City)
  • Population: 1,446
  • Rockford, MN
  • 17.3 miles away (City)
  • Population: 4,229
  • Annandale, MN
  • 19.2 miles away (City)
  • Population: 3,298
  • Buffalo, MN
  • 12.8 miles away (City)
  • Population: 15,927
  • Buffalo, Minnesota is located just a few hours west/northwest of Minneapolis. Buffalo is home to good public schools, and is a safe community thanks to a competent and fair police force. The housing
  • Maple Lake, MN
  • 15 miles away (City)
  • Population: 2,119
  • St. Michael, MN
  • 10.2 miles away (City)
  • Population: 17,045
  • St. Michael, MN is one of those idyllic small towns where everybody knows everybody. Its motto is “a great place to grow” and it definitely lives up to its billing. I am a current resident there, and I
  • Sauk Rapids, MN
  • 26.5 miles away (City)
  • Population: 13,334
  • St. Rapids, Minnesota used to be a small town that over time grew into a large town. It has a unique Midwestern atmosphere that I embrace. The downtime area is where most of the excitement takes place.
  • Montrose, MN
  • 20.9 miles away (City)
  • Population: 3,046
  • Monticello, MN
  • 4.1 miles away (City)
  • Population: 13,214
  • My family and I live in Monticello, Minnesota and we absolutely love living in Monticello, Minnesota. This community is a small town and everyone seems to know everybody. If you have a flat tire on the
  • Maple Grove, MN
  • 23.3 miles away (City)
  • Population: 66,969
  • I moved to the Twin Cities when I was 22, and it didn't take me long to realize I'd made a mistake. Oh, they were nice enough - the scenery was gorgeous, and there was always plenty to do - but coming
  • Corcoran, MN
  • 18.2 miles away (City)
  • Population: 5,572
  • Greenfield, MN
  • 17.4 miles away (City)
  • Population: 2,888
  • Loretto, MN
  • 20.6 miles away (City)
  • Population: 672
  • Big Lake CDP, MN
  • 0 miles away (City)
  • Population: 375
  • People kill themselves walking in front of trains at gas stations lighting their homes on fire and shooting them selves in the front yards very clicky town I would recommend looking
  • Anoka, MN
  • 19.2 miles away (City)
  • Population: 17,325
  • Anoka, Minnesota is a suburb of Minneapolis located to the north of the city. Anoka is the ideal suburban community with a mixture of family-friendliness and a welcoming spirit that leaves residents
  • Zimmerman, MN
  • 9.8 miles away (City)
  • Population: 5,330
  • Clearwater, MN
  • 15.4 miles away (City)
  • Population: 1,743
  • Clear Lake, MN
  • 14.6 miles away (City)
  • Population: 554
  • Princeton, MN
  • 17.2 miles away (City)
  • Population: 4,785
  • St. Francis, MN
  • 17.7 miles away (City)
  • Population: 7,377
  • Otsego, MN
  • 8 miles away (City)
  • Population: 15,065
  • Otsego, Minnesota is located an hour or so northwest of the twin cities region. It boasts an excellent public school system with a low student to teacher ratio. The housing in the area is excellent, with
  • Nowthen, MN
  • 13.6 miles away (City)
  • Population: 4,562
  • Brooklyn Park, MN
  • 25 miles away (City)
  • Population: 78,823
  • Brooklyn Park, MN is a beautiful place to live. I have lived here for over 20 years. What keeps me living here is the beautiful "country like" feeling of the community. I enjoy the relaxing atmosphere
  • Silver Creek, MN
  • 12.1 miles away (City)
  • Population: 261
  • Howard Lake, MN
  • 25.3 miles away (City)
  • Population: 2,102

Listed above are the best places to live in Big Lake, MN for 2018. The list of best places is compiled using the AreaVibes Livability Score which is calculated from a score out of 100 and based on various categories. These categories include: amenities, cost of living, crime rates, education, employment, housing and weather. Displayed first is the matching location - Big Lake, MN, followed by the best places to live near Big Lake, MN, sorted by Livability Score.

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